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Coup in New Zealand

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Finally, the mainstream media is reporting that a coup is underway in New Zealand – by the Maori tribal elite.

Admittedly that observation was penned by former Labour Minister and ACT Party leader Richard Prebble in an opinion piece for the Herald – but the newspaper published it and RadioNZ reported it.

The on-line Herald headline read, “Three Waters is a coup — an attack on democracy”.

That bold and compelling headline, however, didn’t last. It was changed to remove the words “a coup” and now reads: “Three Waters is an attack on democracy”.

The obvious question is why?

A clue comes from an article written last year by political journalist Andrea Vance, about Jacinda Ardern’s PR machine: “The Government’s iron grip on the control of information has tightened. At every level, the Government manipulates the flow of information.”

She then explained, “And the prime minister’s office makes sure its audience is captured, starting the week and cementing the agenda with a conference call with political editors.”

So, did a member of the Prime Minister’s Office contact the Herald and ask them to change the headline?

The Prime Minister has recently attempted to discredit her critics as “keyboard warriors”. But she can’t dismiss Richard Prebble that lightly. As a former member of Labour’s Cabinet, he has a unique political insight and his views carry weight.

Richard explains that New Zealand is a “liberal democracy”, and as such, “individual rights and freedoms are officially recognised and protected… by the rule of law.” Governments are therefore “accountable to the people by a system of one person, one vote”.

That means, “Liberal democracy is incompatible with co-government by tribes.”

Richard believes that while there is some logic to the use of co-governance as a pragmatic solution to Treaty claims for the ownership of public assets such as national parks, there is none for Three Waters: “applying it to assets which iwi have no claim to is confiscation… It is ratepayers – Maori and non-Maori – who paid for the pipes, dams, stormwater drains and sewage plants.”

He concludes, “The Government’s Three Waters legislation is a coup. It is replacing liberal democracy with co-government with iwi.”

In fact, it can be argued that Three Waters is much more than co-governance.

The way the Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta has structured the legislation – ostensibly to fulfil the fictitious Treaty “partnership” obligations of central government – iwi will gain ultimate control of water services at every level: from the Water Regulator – through the Maori Advisory Board; to Regional Representation Groups – giving iwi a disproportionate 50 percent control and veto rights; to Water Entity Boards – requiring members with “expertise in accessing matauranga Maori, tikanga Maori and Te Ao Maori knowledge”; to local Te Mana o te Wai directives to Water Entity Boards – that can be issued by any iwi member on any aspect of water services.

Kaipara Mayor Dr Jason Smith, who was a member of Minister Mahuta’s working group described Three Waters as “a Trojan Horse for ending democratic rights”. And, after extensive investigation, journalist Graham Adams has concluded it is a “giant stitch-up” – “a coup hiding in plain sight”.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a coup d’état as “a sudden and great change in the government carried out violently or illegally by the ruling power.”

If ‘violently’ is interpreted as ‘forcefully’, this certainly describes the situation New Zealand now finds itself in.

The iwi elite driving the takeover are seeking tribal rule by 2040. The plan to achieve this goal – He Puapua – was mapped out by the Government in 2019, under the guise of enacting the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Knowing how explosive this agenda was, Jacinda Ardern kept it hidden – so well hidden that even her Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters knew nothing about it. Nor was it mentioned in Labour’s 2020 Election Manifesto – she only revealed it after winning the election.

But as the 1986 Royal Commission into New Zealand’s Electoral System warned, “Our Governments have great powers and great responsibilities. Their exercise of those powers and fulfilment of those responsibilities is legitimate only because it arises from the consent of the people.”

By failing to gain the consent of voters for her plan for tribal rule, Jacinda Ardern has no mandate for her He Puapua co-governance agenda – it is illegitimate.

The Government’s Office for Maori Crown Relations clarifies on their website where this tribal ‘partnership’ agenda is leading: “Maori decide and the Crown assists in implementing the decision made by Maori. The Crown’s role is as enabler and implementer not decision-maker.

Hiding in plain sight, this Government website confirms that the ultimate goal of this so-called ‘co-governance’ partnership agenda is tribal rule.

To understand the mechanisms being used, we need to look back to 2019 when Jacinda Ardern boasted to the Bill Gates Foundation about how she was implementing the radical objectives of the United Nations: “My Government is doing something not many other countries have tried. We have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy-making in a way that we hope will drive system-level actions… It is about fundamentally changing how we make decisions and allocate resources…”

In another address that same year to the World Economic Forum, she explained her reforms were designed to lead to permanent change: “One of the biggest threats we have … are political cycles. This needs to be something that we embed in our national cycles, in our political cycles, and in our actions and it needs to endure beyond us as individuals.”

Using this same approach, the Prime Minister is embedding tribal rule into our regulatory and legislative framework. Enabling iwi to control health required new legislation to abolish the country’s 20 health boards; and giving them control of water involves a bill to confiscate water infrastructure and services from all 67 councils.

When it came to the Public Service, new legislation was also needed with the PM’s tribal rule provisions included in the Public Service Legislation Bill that was passed into law just before the 2020 election – again, hiding in plain sight.

The Public Service Commission’s Factsheet 3 outlines the requirements. Under the new Act, The Public Service Commissioner and Chief Executives are accountable to their Minister for “strengthening the Crown’s relationship with Maori”. This means not only ensuring staff ‘engage’ appropriately with Maori, but also that a Maori World View dominates the way they operate – including using the Maori language, adopting Maori customs, and applying the Treaty “day-to-day”.

And when it comes to employment decisions, they are required to “recognise the need for greater involvement of Maori in the Public Service”.

Back in 2018, when the Office for Maori Crown Relations was being established, iwi leaders demanded status in official Government decision-making. Through the appointment of specialist iwi advisors in key state sector agencies, their influence is now widespread. As a result, Maori supremacists are not only changing the culture of the public service and other government agencies, but of the country itself.

The 2021 Annual Report of the Office for Maori Crown Relations confirms the mission of their 180 staff “is all about embedding the Treaty into policy and lifting capability across the Crown… In practical terms, we get involved across the full range of the government’s reform agenda. We help agencies consider the Treaty in policy design and implementation… Maori rights and interests are built into the design.”

Among the many ‘training’ resources available on their website, one explains their goal is “a significant culture change across the public service.” Another suggests hiring more Maori, paying them more, and providing “paid leave to fulfil iwi responsibilities.” Yet another requires staff to “demonstrate a commitment to tikanga Maori, speak te reo, and participate in kapa hake groups.” An overarching requirement is indoctrination in ‘institutional racism’ and the ‘impact of colonisation’.

To assess the competency of public sector agencies in supporting “the Maori-Crown relationship” a survey has been devised which questions staff over such things as whether “I feel confident in my ability to: introduce myself in te reo; converse in te reo; pronounce te reo words correctly; or sing two waiata from memory.”

It asks whether they would be confident to “work in partnership and share decision-making with a Maori group”, and it also seeks their feedback on whether their agency “may inadvertently disadvantage Maori.”

By encouraging public service staff to provide feedback on the progress of their agencies in adopting the Prime Minister’s tribal rule agenda, implementing a Maori World View is now dominating the government sector.

With increasing pressure on the Public Services Commissioner and Chief Executives to deliver on the objectives of the iwi elite, is it any wonder that real service delivery and performance is in decline? Has it all gone so far, that policy development has now reached the point where, for instance, the Government’s inadequate response to the country’s critical workforce shortage is, in fact, being influenced by the opposition of iwi leaders to immigration?

Tribal control is now replacing our Kiwi culture within the heart of Government by ensuring Maori rights and interests dominate the agenda. And it doesn’t just stop with the core public service either. In the best totalitarian tradition, everyone in ‘official’ positions is being targeted including teachers, school trustees, doctors, nurses, firefighters, Police, military, and local authority employees.

The scale and speed of this cultural takeover is breath-taking, and its effect is the reshaping of  democracy as we know it. 

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is Professor Elizabeth Rata, the Director of Knowledge in Education at Auckland University, who outlined the threat posed by this tribal coup in a recent address entitled “In Defence of Democracy”:

“I want to talk about democracy – about what it is we are in danger of losing and what we need to do to retain our nation’s remarkable 170 year legacy of democratic governance…

“The question we must ask is this: How has a small group of individuals, both Maori and non-Maori, managed to install a racialised ideology into our democracy? 

“The corporate tribes have already acquired considerable governance entitlements – the next and final step is tribal sovereignty.  It’s a coup d’etat in all but name, accomplished not by force but by ideology – enabled by a compliant media.

“Given the enormous success of retribalism is it too late to reclaim New Zealand from the relentless march to blood and soil ethno-nationalism?

“That depends upon our willingness to understand, value, and restore democracy.”

Professor Rata paints a bleak picture of the future – unless New Zealanders wake up and fight back.

The reality is that because ordinary Kiwis are allowing it to happen, as a country, we are sleepwalking our way to apartheid – in our case the tyranny of a minority over a majority.   

But, just as Jacinda Ardern embedded her racist tribal rule agenda throughout our statutory framework, so too it can all be repealed.

As Professor Rata has recommended, removing all references to the Treaty and its principles from legislation and public institutions – including universities – is the key.

We also need to do more to remind New Zealanders that the principles of democracy should not be tampered with nor altered to suit the selfish power-hungry motives of an aggressive minority.

Fortunately, people like Richard Prebble, Jason Smith, Graham Adams, and Elizabeth Rata are calling out the transformational change Jacinda Ardern promised for what it is – a coup against democracy. 

Generations before us have fought and died for the democracy New Zealand had, before she became our Prime Minister.

We owe it to them, and to our future generations, to take a stand and defend our democracy against this attack.

Our collective goal must be to save New Zealand – and our democratic Kiwi way of life – and in this mission, we cannot allow ourselves to fail!

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*Do you believe all references to the Treaty and its principles should be removed from all legislation and public institutions as a priority by the next government?

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This woman should be forcefully be removed from office Peter
Absolutely, the treaty has long had its day, otherwise we will head down a non democratic path and be divided by race, (which we are well on the way ) Bryan
A new law needs to be passed within the first 100 days of what will hopefully be a National/ACT coalition. Warren
The treaty is a fundamentally simple document the meaning of which has been badly distorted and falsified beyond recognition. It is now simply used as a cudgel by the Government and Iwi to suppress opposition (and even awareness) of racist, apartheid policy and has long since outlived it’s usefulness. All NZ citizens have the right to vote, own and sell property, equal protection under the law (at least up until recently) and are supposedly governed by a foreign sovereign, which is all the original treated guaranteed. The treaty no longer has any value and needs to be scrapped. It doesn’t serve the interests of all New Zealanders, in fact it’s new (and false) interpretations disenfranchise most of us. We should have woken up to this when treaty negotiations were conducted illegally behind closed doors, and further when all beneficiaries of such negotiations were a tiny minority of Maori elite. The treaty is a meaningless document now, and it’s only value is as an example of how a poorly constructed instrument of peace can wind up doing more harm than good. Jasmine
For Gods sake wake up NZ Michael
The rectification of the ‘false flag’ event, of 1835, has to be recognised, the founding document of NZ, is The Declaration of Independence ! not the obsolete treaty.! David
Absolutely remove it – it is a real concern what this govt is doing to our country Denise
Time we all took a stand! Liz
If it’s not removed it is supporting apartheid Neil
Yes of course. But in general the rot is fast spreading and feels out of control. We need common sense and wisdom to progress as one people. Violence creeps ever closer. Is this what we really want ? The seeds of discontent have been well sown so will it be a rich harvest for Ardern and the blood-suckers. I fear the end result will be very sad for this country . For God’s sake wake up New Zealand. Treason in wartime was swiftly dealt with so why not now- also !? John
I cannot believe that maori elite are practicing the racism they preach against. Wake up NZ before it’s too late. Noel
I have believed for 3 years now that we New Zealanders have been in danger of succumbing to Maori racism. I cannot believe the speed that this has been happening. We need to stand firm now and have a vote of no confidence in the current government before it is too late. Noel
The sooner the better before its too late Selwyn
Yes definitely. So too with all references to “race”. Mark
I’m sick of all this treaty crap Laurie
If the takeover by Maori continues,i would hazard a guess the fallout wont be pretty,and i say bring it on. Clarrie
Definitely. Valerie
It is not allowing our country to continue to grow Reg
This is NZ run by Maori Elite – once again I ask, why have you not started a petition to get rid of Maori seats – this was the recommendation from the select committee on MMP – Maori elite have held the balance of power for too long!! Our democracy is at stake. Mike
Absolutely & also abolish the Maori electorates & all undemocratic, race based based political & institutional appointments. What is going on here is not just a slow burning Fiji style coup, but a UN, WEF backed, Mao Zedong like cultural revolution. Unfortunately, none of our opposition parties are prepared to focus on putting a stop this ethno-nationalistic revolution. So I guess it’s up to us, the angry kiwi majority, to stand up, be counted, & launch a people power fight back. M.J.O
Totally racist and undemocratic Peter
The Treaty is a complete and utter fraud, anyone with common sense, can work that out….. So why do we tolerate this NONSENSE?? David
Absolutely WAKE UP NZ!! Stephen
Are people really beginning to wake up to what is happening. Don Brash tried to,alert the populous some years ago and was hounded for being racist etc. The sooner NZ comes to its senses and determines that all citizens are equal under the law and have equal rights regardless of race maybe the country can move onwards and upwards. All this divisive legislation and underhand government manoeuvring will surely result in mass emigration and a downward spiral for all those remaining of whatever ethnicity.. I worry for my grandchildren’s future. Brian
Definitely. In fact is the pathway evil in its intent. Certainly divisive and dangerous. Maurice
Yes I’m sick of the Treaty Moira
So long as we have Maori parliamentary seats and politicians like Ardern who want wedge issues like the Maorification of New Zealand to advance her idea of the marxist utopia for us, then this situation will continue. Monica
We need to have a referendum on 3Waters and if New Zealand should change it’s name. The next election would be a great time. malcolm
Everyone should be treated equally Dave
It is time to stand up and insist that handover to Maori interests stop. Bring back democracy. Fraser
This call is urgent! John
I work in an industry that sees daily registrations of government department with predominantly Maori names. No sub reference to the English version. Tribal rule is real and is being implemented at a great rate by stealth one government department at a time. Ann
Yes, absolutely they should be removed otherwise all we have is a marxist apartheid state. How lovely for NZ A once democratically stable country being systematically turned into the hell hole of the Pacific. How the powers that think they be can sleep at night beggars belief. So much for all those wonderful leaders who worked tirelessly throughout the world to remove colour bias and here we having it actively imposed on us. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela would be ashamed of what Ardern and co are doing. Ashamed. Carolyn
Absolutely Ken
Absolutely Peter
Absolutely and immediately!! Mike
Any and all references to “partnership” said to originate in the “Treaty” are lies. Not mistakes, not genuine misunderstandings. They are outright lies, designed to hand over the governance (co-governance being merely the first step) of this country to an unelected, self-serving tribal body who name themselves an “elite”. If that name does not tell you what is in store for the rest of us when they succeed, then I don’t know what will! Please read and understand the “Treaty” and you cannot fail to agree. TOBY
He Puapua should be dumped all law changes this Govt has made re maori to be repealed. Why arent NZers fightingfor their democracy.? I cant understand their apathy!!! Gillian
We are New Zealanders. We certainly don’t need segregation.. I vote on the Tai Tokerau Roll. Denis
Anything else is scary stuff! Chandra
I was chairman for a local school BOT and the school was being over-run by a small group promoting separatism and Maori dominance, The BOT re-wrote the school constitution eliminating all racial preference. A small group of families left the school and relationships immediately changed back to the ‘old school’ harmony and have continued since. Trevor
Yes, and more. If democracy is not restored there will be, eventually, a civil war. Marion
Definitely, the treaty was never a partnership. Mike
We talk about the future but are being led down the path of injustice and back to a time when Maori fought amongst them selves and the last standing opposition was then silenced. So much for progressed Gary
Absolutely, they are based upon wrong interpretation of intent of the treaty David
Race based policies are dividing NZ like I have never seen before yet no one is addressing the victomised culture that holds so many Maori back from achievements in a multicultural country. Paul
It remains an important document in that it ceded sovereignty to the British monarch. The only ‘principle’ it expounds is equality before the law – British law. Barend
Will we have 2 kings, one for the south Island, and one for the north Island. Just a thought, as an example under co-gov, the meat companies will have to be co-owned, but they can only be supplied livestock from co-owned farms, farms that are not co-owned unless owned outright by iwi will not be able to sell their livestock, those farmers go broke, this belief system will apply to all industries and business in New Zealand, should we sell up and leave now? Sven
And declare New Zealand a nation free of all race-based legislation. Roger
It is an out of date document and should have no,place in our democracy. Bev
Just one damn thing after another…chuck the treaty in the trash can. Christopher
go back to what it used to be: one person, one vote. Give us back our “democratie” as we know it. Paula
Maori ceded power and sovereignty to the crown. End of story. Never was a “partnership”, never will be. Peter
absolutely wake up you kiwis Alan
This situation is very serious now, and we must all make our opposition to it known publicly even before the next election. Like a huge juggernaut, it will be very hard to reverse – but we must do it collectively at every possible opportunity. Marg
It’s the foundation upon which we were able to introduce English law into NZ Les
Absolutely Murray
Please wake up the silent and apathetic New Zealanders. The country is being taken over before our very eyes Ray
Yes you are right unless we stand up against it the country is in trouble Barry
keep the treaty as a historical paper but not allow it to be used by a bunch of greedy parasites who have been given freedom and encouragement by a loony bunch of white brown nosing and corrupt politicians who should all be charged with treason, this includes the ones in the previous national govt. But I doubt if any party has the guts to do this now or in the future so New Zealand is now on the fast track to destruction and civil war. Richard
All this nonsense is eroding our country’s productivity, finances & standing on the world stage. A new ‘system’ will bankrupt our country. My father fought to save NZ & risked his life during WW 2. These ideological, naive politicians lead by a flinsy person who has never had a proper job nor life experience will make NZ very vulnerable to world events. The general public are being lead to ‘Slaughter’. We need honest media coverage. Judithz
Tribalism and democracy are incompatible. We can’t have both. If we wish to keep New Zealand as a liberal democratic nation then, as we derive our citizen rights from the nation-state, so we have a duty to ensure that the nation-state which awards those rights, remains democratic and able to do so. Jane
Absolutely, do it today along with all the rest of the woke bs which is out there now. One New Zealand, One Flag, ONE people. Stop it all before we are ruined. Sadly it might even now be too late but we have to try – NOW Flip
The treaty is an agreement made outside the Crown recognising the diversity of New Zealanders and provides protection in this case to Maori rights. These rights I believe are for all New Zealanders no matter their ethnicity. We are one nation with equal rights and opportunity Tony
This must be stopped at all levels of this country is to survive… Watch the queues at the airports get longer and last person standing put the lights out Jock
It should be the priority of the next Govt to remove all references to ensure that ALL citizens have equal rights in a truly democratic country. Pamela
The Treaty is a simplistic document which can be written on an A4 sheet of paper. Written simply so Maoris could understand it. If Lawyers were to write it, it would be a book. The Principals of the Treaty were written by Jeffery Palmer many Years back to interpret what he thought it should read. And so changes were being made! Also where the heck did Partnership come from: It is a Treaty and a Treaty is not a partnership. As it is so maligned today the sooner we leave it in the annals of history and carry on as one Nation , not two, the better. Eric
Treaty well past its useby date Nev
There will be times when a reference to the Treaty is appropriate, but not as the over-riding basis of the legislation. COLIN
To restore democracy Dick
Without doubt. I have recognised since the early-mid 1970’s that the ToW was the greatest threat to New Zealands democratic future. And now, here we are…..WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND!!! Sharen
I have always said that ALL racist legislation should be repealed, the Waitangi Tribunal abolished and the maori electoral seats eliminated. Any political party or independent who does not agree with the removal of the legislation is not worth even considering. There should also be introduced a recall system for incompetence, corruption, or dishonesty of any kind (including nepotism). A ninety day hold on legislation to allow for Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda and the position of Governor General should be given more teeth to enable the dismissal of a government for any action prejudicial to sovereignty, democracy, or equality. If we had these conditions now this labour cult would be done and dusted at least five times. Terry 
Absolutely YES! I don’t understand how so many New Zealanders appear to condone the replacement of Democracy with racist Tribal Rule. As reported on the radio today: one reason so many want to learn the Maori language is so they know what Government or local body department they are complaining to! Bruce
‘Aotearoa (NEW ZEALAND!) is said to be one of the least corrupt motus (COUNTRIES!) in the world. If that is so, the rest of the world must be in a frightful state. This abject Labour Government needs to go out on its posterior right now, and take the Gormless Greens and Racist Tea Party Maoris with them. But we will only replace them with Negative National. Come on you bunch, what are the principles in the treaty, and how can you nave a partnership if ewe are one people? There were people here before the arrival of Maori. The lead of one of these people got up to address the racist Waitangi Tribunal and was told to sit down and shut up because she was extinct! What brazen impudence! The Maori people are fine. There is seemingly a small bunch of people, perhaps two or three thousand, whom I call Triballistics, Tribal because they do not want to be New Zealanders, and ballistic because they go ballistic if they do not get what they want, and would consist of Pakeha (including politicians) as well as Maori. Kevan
We really need a political party with BULLS to to implement this and remove all reference to the so called Treaty and declare it nel and void as it was broken by the Maori land wars in 1860’s. A less than two A4 pages made up the Treaty document but basically stated that the “NZ Aborigines cede to Her Majesty Queen of England absolutely and without reservation all rights and powers of sovereighnty. ” No mention of partnerships etc, etc and so on. Geoff
It needs to be sorted quickly Trev.
We live in NEW ZEALAND not maori land Geoffrey
The original sovereignty structure envisaged under the Treaty sought peaceful co-existance under the Crown. The unlawful Treaty attributes now claimed by Maori have no foundation and must be resisted through Referendum and captured under appropriate legislation ASAP. The present aggressive insistence of Government, Civil Service and media outlets adopting Aotearoa Te Reo without English referencing also needs urgent reigning in. Peter
Without a doubt The treaty is has no weight in todays society It’s a bit like saying the rules imposed by Oliver Cromwell on the the English people should have been preserved and functioning today, fat chance of that. Imagine woman today being stopped and there make up being scrubbed off their faces as it was then. The way it was, isn’t as it is today, for good reason. We’re forever evolving. Colonialism was a gift taken up by many Maori The recent treaty settlements allowed further advancement and have seemingly been successful The treaty has long passed its use by date. In todays society there are two types of Maori those that got on with commerce and those who were born into the gravy train, bureaucrat’s delving in to meaningless deeds of agreement that have loss there relevance with the passing of time For a truely inclusive society all reference to race, the treaty should be removed from legislation. Poverty, ill health, homelessness, poor education is universal and not defined by race. It does not discriminate There maybe, or is a predominance of hardship within curtain groups but those hardships apply equally through out society To discriminate in favour an one group is divisive Bruce
Yes! One person, one vote. The elected government is completely accountable to the Kiwis that voted for it. Rodger
Not ALL references Trevor
Most definitely. WHERE ARE OUR REAL LEADERS WHO SUPPORT DEMOCRACY ? This damned “treaty” is being twisted and wrongly used to mean damn near anything for this underhand Maori caucus aided by the unskilled Greens. Somehow the true facts as to what is going on under the public radar MUST BE BROUGHT OUT INTO THE OPEN. This plan for tribal rule MUST BE DEFEATED or New Zealand will be a divided MESS!!!!! Graeme
Top priority to remove all of and try and restore democracy to New Zealand Leo
I feel we are a multi cultural country . Annamaria
If only national would come out strongly on this particular issue David
Absolutely. we must regain our democracy Gregor
Getting too complicated and undemocratic Maxwell
Been a huge ‘cash cow’ for the wealthy maori elites. Now that people are becoming AWAKE, to the TREATY SCAM, and the false flag, event of 1835, the BS, needs to end, and soon!! David
do it cedric
How do we charge Jacinda with treason? Because that is what she, and her government, is guilty of. Ann
past it’s use by date and has become divisive we should be one country not 2 as we are heading robin
To save this country from the racist coup currently being advanced/enacted by this government and self promoted “elite Maori’, a new incoming government in 2023 needs to remove all reference to the “so called treaty partnership” and indeed remove all existing laws which provide advantages for one person over another based on ethnicity. We are supposed to be one people for goodness sake, and to even consider introducing what can only be described as apartheid in the 2020’s is just absolute stupidity and will only end in grief for all concerned if implemented. Roy
To my mind N.Z. has gone from a democracy to a dictatorship. Logan
It’s about time we all moved on together. Sick of the separatism Susan
and sooner the better !!!! Mark
Better would be a vote of no confidence and remove this traitorous imposter from her seat. Chris
If all references to the Treaty and its principles are not removed from the legislation and public institutions as a priority of the next government, then a lot of New Zealanders will vote with their feet and leave NZ, which is already happening now. Then where will the elitist Maori be? Someone has to work to support these fat cats. I wonder who it will be. Currently I see so much money squandered by this government on unaccountable institutions and see absolutely no benefit to ordinary kiwis. So until this changes I don’t see a bright future when it could be so different. Anita
Definitely get rid of every bit of it . A minority group should definitely not have so much say absolutely disgusting. Barbara
When will taxpayers wake up and recognise they are funding this calculated systematic deconstruction of our hard earned democracy. Peter 
It’s time to organise huge public demonstrations against the destruction of New Zealand. This country has to wake up. Patrick
There is no room for apartheid in New Zealand. Surely we have all lived here long enough to work together for the good of our country. It is disgusting the sneakiness, dishonesty and control this so called open and transparent government voted in by people who got sucked in by the sheep in wolves clothing. They are doing nothing but destroying the foundations our country was built on by a minority who stole the land from those here before them. This has got to stop and must be stopped before it%u2019s too late. Wake up New Zealand! Heather
THE Treaty served its purpose the day it was signed in 1840, Maori became British SUBJECTS. The very same as the rest of us. Lionel
Most definitely Mick
Our household is just so f…..g fed up with the deconstruction of a once beautiful country. The election box is calling, louder and louder, by the day Martyn
Yes. This treaty partnership idea is a fraud against the people of NZ. Neil
What is happening is a disgrace and I can’t understand why more people can’t see what is happening Jim
This is not what the treaty of Waitangi promised New Zealands. It promised we are all entitled to the exact same sovereignty as each other, All equal under the law. This coup will. Cause a civil war a d it won’t be pretty. Rosanna
All legislation dating back to 1987 is affected, and no thanks to Geoffrey Palmer for sneaking a clause into the 1985 legislation that started this process to remove democracy from the New Zealand political system. Chris
Where is our NZ Democracy how can you have a true Democracy when 10% of the people are telling 90% how to run this Country.!!! Ross
We do not accept Tribalism as a system 0f Government . We have embraced a Democratic system of One Person One Vote for 170 years. Tribalism and Democracy are incompatible. Alain
It has gone way over the top. Lyn
It needs to be dialled back, it has got ridiculous.  Dan
The Treaty had three simple paragraphs to it. Maori are NOT the Original People here as our History records. So any agreement that Maori have with the U N is legally null invoid. The words ‘Criminal Insanity’ springs to mind with what is going on now. It also smacks of a Version of the N W O agenda. God defend New Zealand. Geoff
yes 100pct David
I queried the reference in an Aged Concern volunteer form in the early 2000’s and was met with basically it’s there, we have to have it included, just accept it. Val
If this Govt is returned next elections Sri lanka will look like a picnic in the park !! Richard
The sooner the better Pam
We must hold on to our democracy above all other matters.Thankyou ! Russell
The Queen with never go into partnership with any country. We are a sovereign nation Christine
Absolutely. The treaty has long since passes it’s use by date. Neville
This needs to be done immediately. Dave
It is what the wise early chiefs wanted. A change from tribalism to modern democracy and away from the fighting and killing of one another. Barry
Treaty is null and void Terry
I believe that reference to the Treaty has been used fraudulently to manipulate our eroding democracy for the benefit of a few and should be stopped. Sheryl
and the sooner the better!!! John
1009% in agreement We should also publish a factual history of original Mori Ori Settlement being the only indigenous people of N.Z John
Would hope that progress to halt the death of our democracy could be made even before the next election Maxine
What can I say to the highjacking of our democracy and the people of NZ by a minority people based on race. South Africa 40 years ago. Andrew
Absolutely! Marianne
AT the rate ‘we’ are going…there will be NO ‘we’….it will be a totally apartheid country and government run by the ardern and mahuta creatures….and then? God help New Zealand because no one else will… Naine
For the greater good of the Team of 5 million. One person one vote, we need to restore our democracy Alan
Not only those sections that relate to the Treaty and its undefined ‘Principals but also every Regulation and Act that provides for a division of the nation according to race. Michael
The first priority is to get rid of this communistic racist government. How that is to be achieved with so many Micky Mouse parties splitting the vote is another problem. The country is truly stuffed. There is no rule of law and there are no consequences for even the most serious of crimes. Sob stories about disadvantaged upbringings and drunken parents etc etc will get them off every time. Time for Helen Clark to come out of the background too, she is pulling a lot of strings in my view. No doubt Jacinda’s reward will be the post in the U.N. she so badly wants. God Defend New Zealand. Bruce
This race to Tribal Sovereignty by Jacinda Ardern is similar to what Adolf Hitler proposed with his Thousand Year Reich. That failed and so will Ardern’s Dream. Colin
The treaty when signed gave them all the rights of a British citizen not automatic rights as an indigenous person to Rule without the perimeters of democracy. Natalie
I think NZ has honoured any obligations that the treaty has demanded. The Maori industry is now worth billions, funded by ordinary tax-payers, and it’s well past the time to close the fiscal envelope, and abolish the treaty for all time. It has become a millstone around the necks of us all, apart from the Maori elite, who are growing very rich and powerful because of their continual reference to the treaty. Rosemary
To do nothing will see the demise of democracy in New Zealand as we know it. Ian
No brainer. Mark
Surely the people will wake up and remove this disgraceful, traitorous Govt from power in 2023. Mary
The distortions of our recorded history to eliminate the true cultural history of Maori is shameful.and destructive. David
Im sick of all this maori crap Jonathan
I cannot understand the reasoning our government has in giving so much control to a minority. Are they trying to encourage anarchy, or a revolution? Rob
The Treaty is outdated reparations have been made not only financially but also land has been returned. It is time to stop blaming generations after generations for what happened. Mary-Ann
The Treaty of Waitangi has served its purpose, to stop the Stoneage tribes (Maori) from slaughtering each other and bringing are tolerable degree of law and order to a primative race that had none. Ced
Yes, most definitely Trevor
I acknowledge the LITTLE WOOD treaty not this current one. this is a fraudulent document and if kiwis really knew the history of the Treaty and the fraudualent translation by previous government (Palmer) then they will realize a grave criminal injustice has been committed. The Little wood Treaty clearly states all new zealand citiznes are ONE! angela
Unfortunately we need to treat fire with fire.NZer’s better nature has been taken advantage of. Doug
This coup cannot be allowed…all racist laws etc that have been passed into law must be rescinded Peter
Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely, yes! Jacky
Absolutely, they should have never been embedded in legislation to begin with it is an absolute outrage! Jeffrey
Treaty compliance is a two way street, who holds the Iwi to account when they don’t adhere to the principles of the “Treaty” Alec
The last 2 years of this government sadly proves that this should happen ASAP NZ is meant to be a democracy Dianne
Next election still leaves way too much time for our Comrade Leader to entrench the Maori coup. More & more often we hear NZ being called Aotearoa; that will be her ‘crowning glory’ I’m sure. She has her eyes firmly sited on a lucrative UN spot. I’ve been in Burwood hospital spinal unit & CHCH Hsp for 12 weeks now after an unstable neck fracture and have been horrified to see the rundown of the health system from my nursing days. Not only the direct hands on care supply shortages and unequal distribution of High value items like power wheelchairs but information confusion where signage is in Te Reo only. Our apathy has led to Dictatorship. Are we going to continue to ALLOW this to happen? Thanks to NZCPR for being vocal – get others to take out membership as knowledge is the First step in bringing about change – PLEASE DO THIS carol
Dependence on Treaty Principles is totally undemocratic and varies widely according to whatever suits the minor party. Graham
definitely. This takeover must be stopped.. Peter
100% An while we’re at it, this country needs a proper constitution that enshrines democracy and our rights. Mark
everything that works against democracy should be addressed . It should be stopped as soon as it is recognized. Harvey
We must fight back against this attack on democracy Dave
And repeal of all legislation providing any preference to Maori. Support the culture continuity of all cultures among our NZ citizenship and remove racial preference, Maori local and central government seats and all government funded race based entities and their funding by taxpayers. Stan
Many ‘principles’ of Te Tiriti have been devised that bear little relationship to the actual wording albeit some wording is ambiguous. The ambiguity is now being used as a convenience to bring about a truly racist state. Regardless, treaties are applicable to their particular time and circumstances and it’s not sensible to try to apply them to totally different circumstances over time. Te Tiriti was never designed as a Constitution beyond a few basic rights, and should not be treated as such. John
We are doomed if we dont Anon
The sad fact is, most of the population mentally avoid contentious issues and don’t want to get involved in politics, even if they lose their freedoms. Then it becomes too late! Vic
yes absolutely. Prof. Rata suggests DEMOCRACY IS FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. New Zealanders need to demand one person one vote of our MPs. With racial appointments on councils it is clear we are an apartheid state. A courage’s correction must be short and Sharpe if we are to survive as a democracy now. Is 2023 too late. Sam
Absolutely. This should have been done years ago Gareth
Patients at Auckland EDs are encouraged to report doctors who do not greet them in Te Reo. One example of initiatives that decent people thought meant well becoming authoritarian. Madness Anna
Wee need our country back as one people not divided in anyway. Peter
That is the only way to keep our democratic rights. Peter
Remove the treaty completely it is long out of date Win
The Treaty of Waitangi is not and was never a constituitional document. It was treaty to end conflict and establish the Crown as sovereign. It succeeded and allowed New Zealand to become a stable, thriving, independent democracy where individual freedoms and rights are respected regardless of race, culture, religion or parentage. It is now an important part of our national history, but should not be enshrined as a set of principles dictating the nature and practice of governance. Mark
Hell YES. Ian
This is the worst Government since the Lange era. Irene
NZ needs the major opposition party to commit to the overturn of all the racist , anti democratic legislation which has been established by this government. Kevin
The treaty and all its references has become so entrenched now we will have a huge uphill battle to remove them. Anyone trying to do so will have the good old racist slant aimed at them as we regularly see in the newspapers. Lawrie
Absolutely. This has gone on far too long and must be stopped before it is to late Errol
Whilst I respect rights of all people this is being severely tested by such undemocratic and divisive political activity neil
Most definitely Brian
the treaty is a scam, get back to 1935 He Whaka… Wayne
I always ask the question “why’ does Ardern want to destroy our country? I just do not understand it. Silly silly person. Elizabeth
This must be done. Valerie and John
And also references to race! Pete
Jacinda Arden is a liability and a danger to our country. She must be removed from government before she destroys our democracy and sets us on a dangerous path to becoming an apartheid country. Wake up New Zealand!!!! David
The entire Treaty is out of date. It helped for the first 50 years but is not vaguely needed now. Get rid of it. ie GET RID OF IT!!! Elizabeth
otherwise it’s racist Tony
We are one nation and one people and democracy is the ONLY way that each individual in this country has a chance of being treated equally. When we stop labeling and start treating each person of the same value. No one has a single extra right over another. Whether you were born here, when you were born here, when your ancestors were born here or when you emigrate here and gain citizenship, each citizen must have equal rights. That is what democracy provides for. Co governance of one group does not. We need to move forward as a country and recognize that all citizens equally make up this country. Treat each other as equals and together make this country great again. Leigh
Wake up New Zealand before it is too late Carolyn
And in the meantime perhaps a claim should be made to the Waitangi Tribunal for a declaration that co-governance as the government and iwi perceive it breaches article 3 of the treaty which guarantees equal rights for all New Zealanders Terry
Absolutely! Peter
We are rapidly sliding into the brown stuff .. literally chris
Not only references but actions should be reversed. Many of the ‘privileges’ should also be repealed- pay tax! Anon
Absolutely…..although it wont happen…….sadly NZ is on a fast downward slide Roy
Absolutely.yes,yes,yes,every vestige,and all those responsible. gale
The separatist racist actions of the current Labour Government are destroying the social and economic fabric of New Zealand and its long held pride in being one of the world’s best harmonious democracies. Their divisive policies must be stopped and that will only happen if the people make the required changes to oust them at the next election. And not just by a few seats, but crushed, to send the clearest possible message that New Zealanders want none of their privileged racially selected agenda. They need to be gone and for many more years to come. And the people need to remember and respect and uphold what men and women have died for, to protect the democratic choices and freedoms that we had in this country – until this Labour Government, with no electoral mandate, took them away. DAVID
We all know about the treaty issues, written by English who were quite clear on its meaning and intention. The Maori translation can’t have been understood as tribes from areas throughout the country didn’t speak or understand a common language. So The only argument Maori have is that they didn’t understand what they were getting in to. But the Brits certainly knew what was intended. Therefore if there’s going to be a difference of opinion on the meaning and interpretation it becomes flawed and irrelevant and, that being the case, it shouldn’t have any part of legislation and should be removed totally. Mike
It’s a total disgrace that this has been allowed to happen, but then it’s not too surprising considering all the dunderheads that voted this apalling excuse for a government into power. The thing is how are we ever going to reverse this? I certainly wouldn’t trust National to repeal this anti democratic legislation, do we have to storm the steps of Parliament? It may yet come to that if we want to get our country back. Chris
100% I do. I’ve abandoned New Zealand because if I live there I’ll likely be arrested for vigilant action against the racist actions of, labour, the loopy greens and the Iwi elite. Kiwis are too apathetic and self absorbed to stop the rot. I don’t want to live life angry so can’t live in NZ any more Trevor
Enough is enough. We need to move on from this treaty nonsense. Maoris have benefited far more from colonization than they have suffered. David Seymour points out that the treaty first and foremost claims that all people are equal. What part of equality do Maori radicals not understand’? Peter
National started all this by doing a dirty deal with the maori party. As usual they’ll do absolutely nothing. John
Necessary because of the subversion of democracy their incorporation has fostered. Mark
Anything that represents tribalism, racial preference, an apartheid should be banned by law. This government needs to go pronto. Wake up you so called opposition parties to what is going on or get your trotters out of the public trough. Kevin
Jail Adern for Treason!! John
Despotic rule being planned Anna
How can a country ever move forward when it is continually looking back. Apartheid does not work – ever! Adele
Everyone in NZ is an immigrant.There are no full race Maori all have muxed blood.As there are no fullblooded Maori the treaty is moot Jc
The word ‘treat’ should never have been used. it was in fact a simple trade. We protect you and give you citizenship while you allow us to govern your country this worked well until the so-called Tribunal which serves only to push an agenda of minority rule over the majority. in other words: apartheid elsie
This is a threat to NZ democracy and government. Nigel
This nonsense has to stop & Labour has to be voted out but how long do we wait for Luxon to learn about being an effective Opposition? Evelyn
united we stand divided we fall. As I understand the treaty was to bring law to a country of savages . Their law at the time was killing of their own people and revenge. Chris 
It’s just astounding that Ardern should move to make those inclusions without any public approval. It’s clearly her way or the highway. Hopefully it will be the highway for her instead. terrence
The Treaty’s aim at the time was to ensure all people in NZ had equal opportunities, and were governed under one set of laws. mike
time to defund everything Maori. Ordinary NZers can no longer afford Maori. They do not add to the quality of life in NZ. bruce
Ardern is a traitor to New Zealand. The sooner we are rid of her the better off we’ll be. Rob
It must be gone by lunch-time on the first day of the new government. The reason we’re in the trouble we’re in is because previous National governments never repealed any of Labour’s (hidden agenda) laws. We need total change Jan
The Treaty belongs in the past where it rightfully belongs. It is not a roadmap for today’s multi ethnic society. Roger
Time to wake the hell up from this underhand corruption of democracy. GeeBee
My family fought wars with Maori and married Maori Neville
Are so many people too ignorant of what is & has happened? Will they not stand up to NZ being a racist apartheid country ? Dane
The Treaty should be consigned to the museum – it is no longer relevant. David
There is no way this destruction of our democracy can be allowed to continue. James
The economic and social development of NZ is being severly hampered by mischevious manipulation of the Treaty by certain groups who only represent a very small percentage of the NZ population, but have the ear of a largely biased media who have foresaken the public’s expectation of fair and unbiased journalism based on facts and truth Richard
But how are going to do it. Is it going to require a civil war? Harvey
We are doomed ! Could end in civil war ! I hope the people of nz wake up ! Iain
Its just a bloody disgrace what Ardern is doing the worst ever PM in this Countries History – Her Historical Legacy will not be one remembered with any pride at all Tony
plus the Waitangi Tribunal must be disbanded/shut-down/sacked for the good of New Zealand Kevin
Fed up with everything Maori being rammed down our throats Linda
This has gone far enough. the old well-worn “give them an inch and they’ll take a yard” certainly holds true here. Unfortunately, I believe that we, to some extent, have bred a sense of entitlement into a certain sector of our nation, now they are acting on it with impunity Trevor
This is long overdue! Darien
but can we trust the next government to do that? mike
The so called treaty is not even a treaty. A treaty is an agreement between states and the Maori were not a state as such when they signed Michael
I’m ashamed to see a badly dressed woman with a moko presented to the world as NZs foreign minister. Jan
This current government is trying to rewrite history and distort the treaty for their own agenda and to ensure a minority of PART maori activists can gain control of our country. It’s racist and it’s called apartheid. Bruce
We need to remove the unelected racists and restore democracy in this wonderful country Anon
Definitely. Stephen
We are not living in a prehistoric time period Tony
We expect democracy, one person one vote. Any references to other issues in our voting system remove this.. Denis
NZ is now too Maori for me- For Chrissake they are only 16% of our population and the last full- blooded Maori died years ago. Bill
Governance based on race is divisive Three Waters legislation under which unelected members have 50% voting rights is not democratic Tim
The “Will of the people” has been violated the Governor General is on record as saying that she would act against a government that does not carry out the “will of the people”. We are in the midst of FRAUD in the highest degree, and the government are the perpetrators and the maori elite are the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries, that’s a good one eh? Neil
Full and final settlements have been made. NEIL
absolutely .. its time New Zealand as a country grew up and lived in the present.. all peoples should gather as one nation and move forward in this world instead of arguing with itself…FFS alex
Absolutely! – it is long past its “use by” date – as a rule, treaties do not last forever, as the circumstances which generated their origin cease to exist. In short, it is no longer fit for purpose – this ended years ago. Nowadays, the Treaty is an industry, got up to serve the purposes of a greedy tribal elite, who use it to siphon vast quantities of wealth from the pockets of the long suffering NZ taxpayer for their own nefarious purposes. This “removal” cannot come soon enough! Scott
the sooner the better, get on with it. gerard
Give us back our democracy Norm
All the claims about Treaty Partnership and Treaty Principles is based on a load of lies. Abolish the Waitangi Tribunal, the source of a lot of the nonsense, also. Donald
Absolutely. Ardern is a liar. Jane
Absolutely. There is no excuse nor reason for race based laws and institutions in NZ. Lets call it what it is, pure, disgusting racism! Ardern and her disgusting Maori caucus have created easily the most racist, corrupt, and incompetent government in NZ history. They must be removed from power forthwith. Steve
THEY HAVE GOT TO GO!!! Thanks a bunch Winston. Merryl
what was wrong with what we had before this racial bias? Ross
Absolutely vital.This has become the biggest threat to the stability and security of our country since WW2. Bernie
The treaty was designed to create harmony between two peoples on one land. Jacinda Ardern’s leftist (communist) ideology does precisely the opposite because disharmony creates the environment in which change can be implemented – it is a classic communist strategy. Roger
I am indigenous, born here and am a New Zealander. Therefore because I am indigenous surely I have a say in what the country does with our assets. I am not Maori but then most whom claim Maori have up to 85% European blood in their veins. What about those ancestral connections? Terry
Definitely NO references to the treaty should be addressed included in legislation. It has no relevance whatsoever. Laurence
The Treaty of Waitangi was never, and is not, a ‘partnership’. Labour has a dangerous, racist, radical Maori caucus that Jacinda shows no control over. Graham
Absolutely !!!! The meaning of the treaty has been been exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness. Everything somehow relates to the “treaty”. It should be totally removed but this will never happen while we have a extreme leftist Government — thats also another thing that should be removed. Alan
We’ve gone too far bruce
Absolutely Mark
The Treaty is a racist Scam and a pox on NZ John
One country, one people. One person one vote. One law for all. Embrace our ethnic differences and the multi ethnicities within most people. All New Zealanders are and will always be multi cultural. Many need to stop deigning parts of their own ethnicity and embrace all. Rita
as soon as possible. This take over of our democracy is quite frightening Mary
Of course, but it never will be. That’s to our shame. Ray
The sooner this pack of lying bastards are forced out of office the better david
As soon as you stand up too this you get marginalised as racist, a conspiracy theorist, ill informed and spreader or misinformation Really The hypocrisy of it all What is it going to take to stop this? Will it be a disengaged individual taking extreme steps to be heard Cause they are not listening and they do not care other than implementing their hidden agenda. I have never known such hatred and vitriol directed at any leader or party in our history. She is anything but kind She never answers any question asked of her She is a liar an expert spinster of not speaking the truth And definitely not kind By speaking my truth from what l see hear and experienced, writing this do l now need to be fearful of being targeted of hate speech? Jacinda step down. Have a snap election and leave peacefully and take your incompetent bunch of overpaid inept MPs with you. You are a disgrace Eugene
This MUST happen. Bruce
How can I make this absolutely our target in the next 4 months? This is urgent and vital to our lives! Robin
The Treaty did what was intended long ago. It was relevant in 1840 but certainly not in 2022. John
Of course. Simon
Long overdue- rosa
If we dont get enough people with vision and guts,we are stuffed as a country! his is nothing short of corruption ! norman
we are being divided Richard
I believe emphatically in democracy, not minority rule based on ethnicity. Greg
The next Government must repeal all, and I repeat all legislation concerning the Treaty and co governance. Annette
No brainer !! Andrew
This treaty nonsense and gravy train needs to stop now !The rivers of cash dished out unaccountably to Maori in my 50 year working life has only increased the rate of asking for more Phil
It has become a vehicle for lies and manipulation. Jane
Else the intelligent New Zealanders with strong work ethics and a sense of justice will take their children and their skills to better lands and leave the greedy, power mongers to squabble over the leavings. Helen
The Treaty of Waitangi is being used and abused now Gail
Elizabeth Rata is absolutely correct that removing all references to the Treaty from legislation is the only way to reverse this coup attempt! Dennis
Lets all move on as one nation. The future is where we need to focus RICHard
We need to be organised to have any chance of stopping this insanity. Alan
Plain and simple in white and black. Read my lips with both eyes open. YES. Ray
Time to leave NZ, democracy has gone Lynn
Definitely and absolutely! Lee
Yes remove all references to the Treaty. It has been altered to suit a minority lot of activists. Government departments etc should have their name in English first (as the majority of people speak English) and a Maori name underneath. Frank
It’s nothing but divisive which is what all governments want so as to control the populace by force if deemed necessary by those in power… John
aparthied racism is not the way all NewZealanders want to see, Democracy for all is the only way. bob 
Tribes have numerous tranches of “Compensation” enriching them. The IRD does not tax Maori entities! Are we funding our own demise??? Murray
& Remove all Racial perks of being of Maori decent. BRUCE
I also believe that learning Maori in schools be abolished so the children can concentrate on core subjects and raise our pathetic educational levels in these subjects. Diane
Agree John
I’m a racist! I believe in only ONE RACE the Human Race Kelvin
But what party has the foresight or guts to take such a stand. Janine
By definition the principles must be racially biased. John
most definitely Colin
The treaty was designed for circumstances in 1840 and by the time of the Kohemarama Conference it had done it’s work. It is now obsolete and modern translations are a fraud. Gerry
Nowhere does the Treaty insist that Maori stone-age, tribal culture must be perpetuated as New Zealand’s constitutional document. The Treaty only guaranteed individual Maori equal rights with all other New Zealand citizens – under the government of the Crown. as well as rights to continuous ownership of existing assets and lands. Andy
beyond a joke! Sue
Muriel’s post says it all. June
The treaty is insufficiently precise to be used as a basis for legislation. It is far too easy for it to be interpreted and manipulated to suit a particular outcome. william
Yes scrap the treaty,it’s well past its use by date and has been twisted in its meaning by unscrupulous ratbags. While we are at it lets also scrap all racist type policys installed by this poisonous government.Thats 3 waters,co governance,foreshore claims etc etc etc. We can still be a neat little country if we rid ourselves of this racist bullshit. At voting time do not vote labour green or maori. One country one people.”Lets do this” Brian
We do not need racial separation in NZ. AS Don Brash says over half the Maori in NZ are on the general roll. Errol
TOO BLOODY RIGHT, and it cannot come soon enough, and all the people that have helped it happen should be publicly recognised. bill
Without doubt. This is a tribal coup, about power and control by iwi, it has nothing to do with what is best for New Zealand and its citizens. An utter disgrace. Unfortunately we have a born and bred socialist (communist) PM who has succeeded in closing down our democratic society. Frankly she should be made to step down along with her cronies. chris
Sick to my back teeth of getting everything Maori RAMED down our throats. What is the COST to NZ taxpayers to have to DOUBLE name everything ???? Ian
Treaty is being use for the wrong purposes for Maori advancement Jimmy
I will fight for what is right Nicky
Absolutely. This crazy Maorification has gone way too far. Let’s end this regime. Chris
Professor Rata is brave enough to speak out about the reality of what is happening to NZ. I hope more people become brave enough to speak out, unfortunately the abuse may be relentless as it has been for Professor Rata. She has held her head high and has not let the ignorant radicals who are trying to discredit her win. I wish I could be that brave but working for a Maori organisation means I have to keep quiet and not use my real name when commenting on issues I do not agree with. I need my job. barbara
Completely Gordon
All Legislation in recent times has had the very last paragraph stating that this piece of legislation must recognise the Treaty of Waitangi so as to attempt to covetly entrench ToW into Law by way of the back door. So now, we have these tribal iwi elite or supremacists busy behind the scenes in the back rooms sabotaging Liberal Democracy in NZ. Bruza
How do we get the message to the “Ardern Believers”? David
All reference to the Treaty and the Treaty tribunal should abolished and the treaty document be maintained as a historical document and placed on display for the public to view. And make sure that the one on display is the original. Expose the Maori elite and the Maori caucaus for what they are as being nothing but a bunch raciest crooks. At this stage i dont think that National have the guts to make any radical changes. ken
Or we start a civil war and remove them by force. Norm
Yes most defiantly as this bunch of egg head commos are trying to stuff up our country so this commo rogine can take over eric
Absolutely yes the TOW is a stoneage people working with a much more civilized and developed Britain ,which as no relevance to New Zealand 2022 . Thanks Muriel ,finally the worm is starting to turn and NZCPR again are the first to report it . Funny isnt it Richard Prebble a Labour stalwart acknowledging this Labour insanity . Where are the other labour decent politicians hiding ?? Jacinda being dictated to by a motley crew of half breeds will be your final act of incompetance .Good riddance . Ray
I immigrated to a beautiful safe clean NZ 12 years ago as a business man and have contributed successfully to the NZ economy and its people. My kids grew up here. Now regretfully, I’m planning to leave, because the threats to freedom,liberty, democracy and economic self determination through our socialistic labour government make it untenable to stay. Ralf
There is a limited to how long after an event people can make claims for compensation. Otherwise the world would be looking to claim compensations for events that occurred centuries ago and have no relevance to the people living today. There is also a limit to how long people can blame historical events for the problems they are experiencing today. The Waitangi Treaty was useful as a platform for Maori to make claims for compensation but is now being manipulated for political gain and promoting racism – it should be removed so that all New Zealanders can progress according to their own aspirations and initiatives. Martin
According to the Treaty we are all one people here in NZ. No need to keep on referring to it. William
It’s nuts! Louise
Of course, it’s got to happen! Diane
He opinion piece by Professor Elizabeth Rata entitled In Defence of Democracy should be covered by all Media fro enable all New Zealanders to read it. Russell
We should be one nation , one people. Wendy
absa-bloody-lutely Owen
YesYesYesYesYesYES Rod
We are appalled by what this Labour Government is trying to do and change New Zealand Lynette & Ronald 
It needs someone of the calibre of Elizabeth Rata to state exactly what the treaty means Owen
We are one country with multiple cultures. Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand. They invaded and murder, killed, enslaved and raped the Moriori. We are now becoming a them and us society. Toni
We should have listened and taken notice of Don Brash who wanted it passed that all treaty settlements had to be settled by 2019. What a sad mistake we have made as a country not to have listened & acted on this advice. Rita
Yes, I think it is time for the public to view the original signed Treaty so we can see if it includes the word co-governance, I doubt it. I can not wait to see the end of this Government. Gayle
The sooner it is removed, the sooner we will get our democratic rights back. Bruce
Immediately Angela
The Treaty settlement should not continue in perpetuity. Nor should culture become a bureaucratic nightmare, or driver of red tape and inefficiency in the economy. Aj
TOW long passed its use by date as it has been twisted lied and was never a partnership. Greg
If it is not, the exit to Australia and elsewhere is going to border beyond belief. lindsay
Yes, it has been almost 200 years now, time to remove it. Jim
100% YES David
This has gone on long enough. Pam
It is vital ,but when i mention to friends a associates they know nothing of the treacherous Hepuapua document.Whatelse can I do ?? DFavid
I went to the Act real change meeting in Auckland last week where Professor Rata spoke, and what she said is the most scary situation that we face as a country now. If we don’t put a stop to it, e can say goodbye to democracy as we know it, or as we knew it a few years ago. Ethno tribalism is about yo take us over. Peter
Absolutely and totally. Kate
Totally agree it must be a priority and to restore our democracy back to basis we are all equal citizens of New Zealand and remove all racial discrimination which is the basis of the ORGIONAL TREATY further dis ban the Waitangi Tribunal, it is well past it’s USE BY date Richard
We have to move the Maorification of NZ completely off all statute or government books including in our classrooms. Chris
Absolutely yes and the sooner the better. What we are witnessing is a travesty David
It will end badly. Mark
It should never have been allowed to get to this situation. Dennis
We have to stop this slide backwards into tribalism and restore democracy. We owe it to all New Zealanders including all Maori not yet perverted by the iwi. Don
First and foremost, New Zealand for New Zealanders, regardless of race. Janice
The treaty should be consigned to a museum wall and all references to it removed from all legislation – any opposition party with the spine to take this stand will landslide into power. Clive
As well as Maori Wards and Maori seats in Parliament. The Treaty should be confined to the cabinet at the Waitangi Treaty House for historical interest only. Colin
The Treaty was a document valid at the time of signing Every contract is reviewed regularly and variations agreed by all parties David
yes all references along with the corrupted treaty and also get rid of the maori seats and get back some democracy here in NZ. Ian
Such an outrage against our population at large by no less than our current prime Minister is utterly abhorrent. I would also recommend total removal of any reference to race or racism. Because we all without exception belong to the human race. Paul
Since it is leading to racial division and away from liberal democracy (one person one vote) which has been the foundation of New Zealand society in our liberal democracy. We have stood up against apartheid in South Africa. How can we allow it to take hold here in New Zealand? Lynne
This one key move would put a stop to this horrid attack on our democracy. Audrey
Most definitely! The continual use of it’s distorted principles is wrecking New Zealand. National Government, take note. Fail to reject all this treaty nonsense and you will not govern Darryl
We don’t seem to be doing anything to stop it. How do we wake New Zealand up to stop the Possible Tribal Rule. Alan
There is no point in trying to change HISTORY because that is what it is ,HISTORY. JOHN
It is past its “use by” date and needs to be scrapped entirely. Bruce
a most emphatic YES! Pam
Definitely as soon as possible please for our children and grandchildrens freedom from this tyranny. Heather
We are one people! Bruce
The ToW has been re-written so many times by opportunists that the truth has been lost or is irrelevant in today’s living. The paid Journalists are so afraid of losing their salaries paid by the Labour Government to say nothing against them and push its views. A shameful situation which should never have been condoned. Yet anything said to the contrary, and one is labelled as a Racist. Robyn
The sooner the better Andrew
I voted for Winston Peters 2017 because it was part of his mandate to erase all reference to the treaty in NZ legislation. Maori seats in Parliament must go as they are also non democratic – Maori have held the balance of power since MMP and we are now paying the price. Michael
Absolutely yes.. this document has outlived any usefulness that it may have ever had and has simply now become an excuse for Liebour party mandated racial division and apartheid in New Zealand Robert
And could the word “aotearoa” be likewise removed Peter
That is a very good starting point…… john
The treaty only creates division, it does not serve a purpose that allows for all cultures whom make up New Zealand to be treated equally and fairly on merit. To keep using the Treaty in its modern interpretation is to somehow allow Maori to have superior rights over all other New Zealanders. In short meaning non Maori are deemed 2nd class citizens. Peter
Jacinda and this Labour government are the most divisive government ever…… Carl
Democracy with consultation not domination. Keren
Absolutely but also there needs to be a march throughout NZ that shows Ardern and her iwi puppeteers that we won’t give up the freedom that our forefathers fought and died for. I’m incensed about the coup that is going on right under the eyes of all NZers and the leftist woke media are not crying this out from the rooftops. Ardern is dividing the population into two groups – Maori and the rets but Maori will have control over health, water, the DOC estate, eradication of our history, the RMA reforms. Where does that leave the 86% of the population? Subservient to the minority who decided that they are Maori! Who decides who is Maori? What are the criteria? We are on the road to autocratic rule by those who took power through a coup. Kerry
All part of a clever but radical PM to get what she wants in NZ before she moves to the UN John
Yes absolutely and I hope that this government is defeated at the next election and that the new government has the courage to carry out the changes needed to make this a great country again. Tom
PLEASE, PLEASE stop this coup. What is being done by this Govt. (PM) is well against NZ democracy by a leader with NO respect for the majority of the population of NZ. Robina
An absolute must Ian
absolutely David
What is wrong with all NZers that they can not see this happening. Is it possible to stop it ? a scary future ahead. any one who voted labour should hang their head in shame. Rick
Say no to 16% of the population having control; over the rest of New Zealand. endy
As a business owner with 250 staff I am amazed at how she can continue with all these degrading policy’s, i am starting to close my business down and stop doing business in NZ as the PAYE I and my staff pay is getting misused and will hurt all our children. Paul paul
We need to return NEW ZEALAND to a true democracy without delay. Armand
We have local government elections about to take place under an undemocratic system by allowing in principle unelected Maori (can not really call them candidates) being given automatic right to sit on councils. Therefore my intention is to not participate in voting. Yes the incoming government (National we hope) should go back to square one and remove all the expanded treaty rubbish that has been manipulated into legislation and public institutions. Owen
Can’t come soon enough. neil
Democracy and equal rights for all New Zealanders must be defended. Dougal
The Treaty needs to be scrapped. We are one country not two. New Zealand not aotearoa. Lawrence
Absolutely it must go. Astrid
all NZers want the removing of the treaty for the huge trouble it is causing graeme
The Treaty is dead in the water. No treaty of this vintage has any place in a modern society. Hang it in a museum somewhere like Waitangi and let it mould away. John
if you believe in NZ then this must be removed greg
The Treaty is now a farce and weapon used by what Robert Muldoon referred to as cunning part Maoris. John
This is actually what racism looks like in 2022 Jimmy
This treaty falsehood needs debunking fully now before the rort goes any further. Michael
Apartheid in BZ, is being entrenched more by the day. Geoff
We should all be equal and referred to as New Zealanders not NZ European. Christine
Basically yes, because concern for Maori as the original inhabiters of this country has been now way exceeded. I’m all for people learning the Maori language, and genuine history, not sanitised .. but forcing Tikanga, Te Reo, Matuarangi etc on all State/Local Authority employees is completely unacceptable. If I were still working I would not comply. Rochelle
I certainly do not wish to see the tribal elite rule NZ. (no more democracy} David
Hell yes! Piet
The current divisive policies of J Arden’s current Government is leading to disharmony and outright racial conflict within New Zealand. We are a multiracial community bound by one person, one vote. To start separatism will lead to racial clashes, disharmony and inequality amongst the people. A recipe for disaster. Why doesn’t this Government learn from the past and other Counties. As President Obama stated – tribal rule does not work and has no place in modern society’s. Steve
It is time that all New Zealanders were treated equally Mieczyslaw
New zealanders are “one people’ the same under the laws of the country – no favouritism, no ethic advantage, no discrimination of any sort. Eric
The Treaty is part of our history. It was very simple. We are all equal under The Crown. It has no place in our law or constitution it is merely a treaty Rosie
This madness must be halted before bed upon innocent citizens. karen
I believe the treaty is now made up of bad ideas that were not in the original treaty, Tribalism is taking hold by Lies. Harold
We are all New Zealanders and should all be treated equally ! Alison
Absolutely Philip
Promptly joe
The Treaty should not be part of Government Legislation. We are a democracy and 1 person, 1 vote is democracy. Any race based reference must be expunged. Dianna
100%. And add clearly: “removing the edict to use Maori language in all official communications”. It’s offensive, to say the least, to be “greeted” in a language that I do not know, nor wish to learn. Laurence
NZ is sinking currently and fast. Ann
New Zealanders realise they will have no say in how they are governed be they everyday Maori or any ethnicity should this nightmare proceed? It is time to resist and speak out. Judith
Immediately Arthur
ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Murray
The Govt that make this statement as part of their election campaign will win the next election. David
and Christopher Luxton had better be very clear which side he will be on. David Seymour will be getting my vote. cheryl
One Person, One Vote, One Rule for all Fred
We actually need a binding referendum on all this treaty stuff. john
Total loss of democracy with minority rule lou
immediately Barry
If there is to be any success in the overturn of this legislation, the replacement needs to be bald flat and basic. This achieves all of those criteria. Dave
What has gone on in the past should be left in the past One can not rectify ALL the past mistakes And as the treaty was written in the 1800s time and conditions have changed so the treaty should be removed from all registration and public institutions. After all we are all New Zealanders john
No comment Ken
Most definitely. A 3 paragraph document signed by only a few Maori Chiefs in 1840 at their behest because they wanted the protection of English Law to stop the lawlessness and fighting between the tribes, has no place in any modern day legal framework. It should be treated with respect but have no legal power whatsoever. Allan
A priority if Nz is to have a good future for all NZ citizens Norm
This must be top of the list for a new government. No excuses. New Zealand can still be saved. Logan
We need to restore democracy to NZ and ensure we are all treated equally. The treaty now has very little relevance and belongs to history and an influencer of Govt Decisions Graham
Absolutely john
A vote for Labour was never meant as a vote for a Maori Govt. Rose
The Treaty should be put aside as well, enough is enough rod
We. need to retain true democracy Christine
The Treaty et al dominates every aspect of our lives these days and frankly, I’m sick of it. Rosemary
Preferably before the next election Beverley
As oldies. we distinctly remember Mr John Key saying on national news, that a given payment was the LAST of the treaty payments. Yeah, right. We have no faith in politicians anymore. Our future votes will only go to those who have NO damaging international ties with the likes of UN, WEF and WHO. Make New Zealand whole again! D
A democracy cannot exist under what is becoming the status quo. Geoffrey
It would be okay depending on what version of the Treaty is being used. Raymond
Get it gone yesterday. Iain
The coup must be stopped Diana
This is a coup within a coup within a coup. The big one is betrayal of the country, lock stock and barrel to the WEF, the middle one is the betrayal of Kiwi sovereignty to the UN via the indigenous rights bill, and this tribal one that is finally waking people up is the third. Time for a counter-coup! Bill
I cannot believe the wasted taxpayers money being used on all the fanciful ideology. Neville
we need to move forward as a country together, cant be done if we are continually looking backward at a document that is so open to interpretation….nothing will get done in fact we will go backwards…as we are now..education, child poverty, the health of all new zealanders all going backwards because we cant make decisions. Remove the red tape roll your sleeves up and get on with it for the betterment of all society david
I suggest a broader question comes first, a democratic all inclusive discussion on what we want NZ to be for next 50 years. Having different views is healthy, constraining debate is the opposite. Current issue is why the Government is trying to constrain debate mike
this is pretty serious what’s happening in new Zealand really don’t understand how a minority of people can do this,this crap about being indigenous is not right there is so much documented proof that maori are not indigenous so why are they being given all this power,this prime minister and her government are just unreal, what they are doing to nz,what bloody right did the un have to give these people indigenous rights,one vote one people simple as that,are people actualy going to wake up to this take over,I realy hope so,but no body in these opposition partys have the guts to state the fact that maori are not indigenous,they arrived here and did shocking things to the people that where here long before them,wake up new zealand stop being so politically correct rodger
Communism,, not so stealthily being implemented! Giles
Yes, but can we trust National to say it AND then do it? Paul
National has to stand up and and speak up now for the sake of our Democracy!! Des
Should have been done long ago. Has outlived original intent, and been twisted to suit a few separatists. kabe
It will help us to become more a one people nation. Brian
also all Gover.ministries to return to their name used in 2019 Eddie
New Zealanders do not need or want a bankrupt labour government or corrupt Iwi outfit to run this Country as it should be ! Donald
My uncle died in battle in 1943 and is buried in Tunisia, North Africa. Why – he was fighting to protect our democracy. This this is a vote on behalf of Uncle Herb. David
The first action should be to stop the teaching of Maori fictional history in schools and universities. All government departments and Hospitals must be directed to stop forcing their staff to undertake compulsory Maori inclusion.Maori should look very carefully at their ancestry and will discover that most of them will be more european than Maori. Steve
Democracy is so important to kiwi way of life, how can this be kept true when the minority have more voice and power. A 200 year old shabby piece of paper, altered to suit some should not be part of our lives . Heather
Most definitely! Barrie
Present Government committing Treason against it own people. PETER
URGENTLY….. and God Bless Elizabeth Rata !! Gill
One rule for all New Zealanders. No more division by giving preference to one group in New Zealand. John
The treaty is the basis of NZ existence to do so would threaten the existence of NZ John
The treaty is a dead document. The iwi elite want it to be some sort of living document. This is not true. The only way to kill it is to remove it from all legislation. Martyn
Labour have been sneaking in the changes very early in the mornings when very few are in parliament Colin
Race should have no part of any laws, or decision making, in any country. Greg
All traces of the apartheid that Jacindy and her cohorts have brought into NZ should be removed as a point of urgency so all democratic people of NZ can move forward to a better future John
Sooner the better. It’s time all New Zealanders were treated the same with same rights and privalages. Bill
The outcome of not doing anything to remove this disastrous government and their supporters is just too horrible to think about. They MUST be stopped! Ken
New Zealand is a democracy. One person one vote. The Treaty has rightly or wrongly created settlements for past grievances. For Maori to revisit for more means they disagree with any settlements received which if this is the case everything received should be returned to the crown. Murray
Governed by some discussion of 182 years ago is dumb and stupid but that’s how this current Government thinks Warren
All one people One person One vote Equality for all Robert
The ToW has been abused by a small minority who are rewriting it daily for their own ends. Neville
Trust that this will be possible so we can get back to true democracy Bruce
Anthony Willy has clearly demonstrated that. John
Any thing less is simply racist/apartheid. doug
The Treaty of Waitanga DID NOT at its signing AND DOES NOT today confer on Maori the right of co-governance in New Zealand. Valerie
What are they thinking David
So much trying to be done by stealth, this needs to stop now. This also seems to be the only platform where you are able to give your view. The media both tv and newspapers seem to have blocked anyone saying what needs to be said. This is another example of maorisation at its worst. We should all be equal in New Zealand and what is happening at the moment is causing terrible division. Karin
If not, we are on our way to intertibal wars. Kevin
Yes indeed, and as soon as possible. Peter
Essential this happens Ray
It is a must Tony
Out of date ! Jacqueline
Absolutely YES. There are NO principles in the treaty…it just states that Maori are now British subjects. It’s caused more division created by Maori elitists for their own personal enrichment. Just more fabricated Maori bovine excrement!! Tony
Yes the maori have been fleecing the treaty for years and continually adding more conditions as they please David
We need to get back to some normality Jan
This move by this NA Labour Government in regard to controlling the NZ Hospital management by just having a one centre based management Office is going to fail just like the now Polytechnic system of control. Don
Going rapidly backwards to early colonialisation-which of course,is the current reason for everything wrong with Maori,if some are to be believed. Bryan
Absolutely!!!! Jim
It should NEVER have been allowed. Dick
Of course it should be a priority – otherwise there will an inevitable undemocratic NEO-MARXIST Racist change in a once peaceful population. Hylton
keep democracy, it is precious John
Surely the concept of Democracy is to do away with tribalism, racism, and all other “isms” Owen
I am not satisfied that this co-Governance is legal as I have read everything but still cant get my head around how this Govt is allowed by law to change to structure of NZ Govt. Barbara
it is essential. we must stop this craziness Cherie
i ‘feel’ the treaty is our WORST piece of legislation on our books – and said so to the committee in person at Foreshore and Seabed hearing 10 or more years ago tony
No racism in NZ legislation or anywhere Anon
Government departments failing in Health, Education, Housing, Law and Order – now I can see why!! Terry
Too many people are asleep or brainwashed, or both. We wake up now or face a civil war in the future PAULINE
Today , sooner the betterment for majority of New Zealanders including maori non elite. Kevin
Absolutely, remove it all and get rid of the activists posing as public servants. Then remove the Maori seats in Parliament. Brent
Absolutely !! Michael
Absolutely imperative before it is too late. William
One person one vote, Jacinda, that is a simplification , not of your government, but of democracy. In fact it is so simple even you should be able to understand it. Dave
F oath it should all be removed!! No one owes or has ever owed ‘ maori ‘ anything ever. Rodney
Look at FENZ (the fire service) and see how gutted it is. Expect the Health services and 3 waters to to follow suit. Our current Government and its supporting departments have been reduced to incompetence. Ian
How can we have a fair and unbiased election with the present manipulation of the media? Keep up the good work Colin
Absolutely. This woke Maori -centered bollocks needs to stop before serious damage is done to race relations in NZ if it’s not already too late………… Dave
The speed and force of these changes is frightening,. Now I am saddened that as a pale stale mail l without hesitation paid for the funeral and headstone for my neices Maori father because his Maori family refused to help. I would think twice in todays climate of separatism and apartheid! Stephen
If you allow Jacinda and her “maori” elitist cranks to call the tune you will allow this country to return to the stone age rules the country “enjoyed” before arrival of a more enlightened European group of settlers. ROB
This is something I feel very strongly about Gerald
Action is required now before it is too late Dennis
All New Zealanders ..1 people 1 vote Claire
We should value our democracy fervently. Many world citizens are still waiting for this absolute privilege Cliff
absolutely – today, we can’t wait for another 16mths of this tyranny to continue – Ardern and her radical activists must be held accountable Lynn
We don’t want or need a returns to pre-historic customs Samuel
Absolutely remove all reference to that treaty….it’s no longer a relevant document in this modern world. Mike
Definitely. New Zealand will never move forward until we recognise that the past is History good or Bad. But the Bad should not be repeated. New Zealand’s Language is English. We have many different culture making up our Country. Good on those that want to be Scots, English, Dutch Maori Samoan Tongan Fijian, Chinese etc. all references to the Treaty and its principals a Political rhetoric and should be removed to its proper place HISTORY FRANK
Absolutely Evans
It is imperative to remove all treaty references from the statute books. This maori power grab must be stopped for this country to have a decent future. The treachery of the Labour Party is breathtaking in its extent – permitting this tribal takeover and pressuring the civil service which hitherto has been neutral, and all the while keeping its policies hidden from the public. Gavin
Absolutely – it is staggering that a document (not even legally a ‘treaty’) is having so much influence on our country today. Andrew
Labour needs to be accountable for treason. Surely someone could pursue immediately…. Allan
Yes and No First the treaty is accepted by most as the foundation on which our country was established. Rather than alter all legislation to remove the treaty principles portion lets just establish what those principles are. 1 The Queen is sovereign. 2 Property rights are protected. and 3 All people are equal. Problem solved. This is the ACT policy with the proviso that the legislation giving effect to these matters is first approved in a referendum by the people ( End of Life Bill etc style) COOKIE
Suitable for its time and nothing else. Except enabling a few to destroy a country and it’s peoples, through unadulterated greed and false interpretations. Heather
of course otherwise South Africa here we come Lorraine
The so called Treaty is a document that was probably relevant hundreds of years ago. It has no place in todays world except for a few radical Maoris who just want the money. Graham
Yes the sleepwalkers March into apartheid must be stopped and reversed and removing all reference to the Treaty (Trough) of Waitangi and race of the indigenous pretenders who arrived by canoe. Iwi corruption and rule must end now with all tax-exemptions that empower them removed. Brenda
Racist Maori seats in parliament should also go along with the one eyed tribunal Ian
Absolutely … should never have been “enshrined” to begin with. Alan
If this lie can be propagated, where to next? Who will be left to pay for it when most people of any intelligence leave our country in disgust? FloJo
We should be one people – United we stand – divided we fall! Patricia
The Treaty makes no mention of Partnership, it is about one set of rules for ALL New Zealanders. The proposed inclusion of Treaty Principles into ALL legislation is wrong. Linton
The treaty was always, a FRAUD!!! It never complied as the second part, of the FALSE FLAG event, of 1835, our Declaration of Independence, has never been made EQUAL to the fraud Treaty.! David
Yes-absolute No-Brainer!!! Henry
I’m sick to death of continual reference to the treaty every time something is wanted even though it’s not legislated in it. Why do Maori have to get immunized first, why do they get millions of dollars thrown at their every cause (even kapa haka) instead of the money going to nurses and health? why are the tiny percent getting their own health board? they shouldn’t have a separate political party if they are also in every other party! gimme gimme gimme, i could go on for days about this apartheid regime. Laurie
Any policy which is exclusive based on race is non democratic – equal rights for all please Alan
One law for all. Rolbert
This attack on New Zealand’s democratic way of life is a rort.. A fraudulent and dishonest attempt by a few racially prejudiced individuals who need their collective wings clipping. Radicle change will come in 2023. Len
very accurate report of what is happening to NZ Graeme
I voted yes. But is all too late? The way this article comes across is doom and gloom in that what has been done and what is to come is all irreversible. Why do I think that? It is because our main political opposition group (National Party) is not strong enough to take on the radical and elitist people who misrepresent the Treaty with nothing but false narrative. If the current political opposition can not deal to the current deceitful shenanigan’s in a strong forceful manner right now then the writing is on the wall. If they do manage to stumble into power at the next election then I believe that they will simply capitulate against a stronger will and will meekly change little. This would mean that much would remain imbedded in place in wait for the next radical left wing group to carry on with their nefarious tribal rule nonsense to finish off democracy in this country for a very long time. It looks at the moment that Her Majesties current parliamentary opposition will remain in opposition due to their weak lily livered attitude to the dark forces who unwittingly are leading the New Zealand population to a grim future. The Treaty simply is a document that changed New Zealand from tribal rule thuggery to a democratic system where Jack was as good as his master. Do we really want to go back to pretreaty conditions? Just go back to about 250 years to see how good it was for those under the power of the tribal chiefs. It seems that many that have some Maori ancestry within them still have the same basic forceful genes and remain ungrateful for what has been achieved over the last 100 years under a western type democratic system. I don’t think that we have enough genuine enlightened New Zealanders to change the Government at the next election. labour and the Greens would seem to closely match the numbers with National and ACT. Thus It’s the Maori party that will keep the left in power and that will be that. So be prepared to suck it up New Zealand. I really do hope I’m wrong though!!!!!!!!!!!! Garry
The Treaty has done the job it was set out to do and that will not be undone, and now is being used as a weapon to destroy democracy in NZ.. This needs to end. Christine
The “treaty” has long been used and abused by Maori. Its an insult to all New Zealanders especially as the majority of payouts have only benefitted the Maori elite. Ardern should be ashamed of herself for allowing ‘her’ country to become an apartheid state yet she continues to smile for any camera pointing in her direction. Sharron
If this racist legislation is not repealed, many of our productive population will flee NZ, and then we face civil war Andrew
Alternatively, you may wish to consider a simple and unambiguously worded referendum at the time of the next election, as in Do you agree or disagree that ? Or, “Yes or No.” For example, Do you agree or disagree that the Maori people of New Zealand should have separate legal rights and privileges from the legal rights and privileges of the rest of New Zealand’s population? Tick Box, Agree or Disagree. Or, a little more complicated, Should the Maori people of New Zealand be accorded separate rights and privileges in law from the rights and privileges in law accorded to the rest of New Zealand’s population? Tick box, Yes or No. Ralph
It’s been highjacked and rewritten with intent and interpretation has been rewritten to suit those now seeking tribal rule,and to defeat democracy Alqn
It’s time “New Zealanders” made their voices heard…..as Elizabeth Rata says, we are near the point of no return. Nick
if it is not removed there will be no future in this country for our grandchildren -APARTHIED is a very insidious state LesW
We can never move forward successfully until we all act with the same agenda, and that is definitely not that of the World Economic Forum. Mike
No brainer. Charles
NZ’s democracy is being abolished by a racist & aparthied attitude from the labour party. It will be overthrown. mark
The treaty relates to 1840 and then. Not 180 years later. We are being compromised into racial profiling and tribalism. Ted
Sick of the non democratic agenda !!! June
Yes most definitely. We are increasingly being told , tacitly and actively that Te Reo Maori is to be used in NZ . Why then , in the drafting of the new immigration laws are foreigners told they must have a working use of English. Why are they not required to speak Maori as we NZ’ers are increasing being told to do?? Bryan
The country was running perfectly before our communist prime minister came on the scene. How can she legally change our democratic system without the consent of all New Zealanders. We vote for a leader who we hope will look after everyone, not separate the country with racism and give them priority over others. The elite maori are very hypocritical. Want their cake and eat it too Dianne
Should never have been there in the first place. Bev
Consign the Treaty to history. It is no longer fit for purpose in a modern democracy. It is being used to justify agenda that were never intended when it was signed. There will always be clever, selfish people and entities who will take advantage of for instance outdated or poorly drafted legislation ie; the fiasco currently surrounding political donations. Rules, regulations, legislation and dare I say it Treaties require constant review to maintain relevancy. Gary
Is it really deserving of the name Treaty? More a statement of intent it does not conform to an international treaty. It is a sham. Leonora
Absolutely!!!!!!! They would be more of a dictator than Jacinda. They would completely destroy our economy, even more so than what it is now!!!! Gregory
It will like putting rats in charge of cheese. The leaders and lawyers will take all the money and the ordinary Maori will see very little of it. Just google maori trustee fraud and see how many trustees have ripped off their own people. Adrian
Agree with Professor Rata that Nzers have to wake up and restore our democracy. Disturbed to receive data from Organisations such as Covid section in Health department addressing us Kia ora and using whanau. How do our Chinese, Indian and other nationality citizens feel to be addressed like this? Murray
We should be one people! Dave
Most definitely!!! Bill
Surely the Treaty has a used by date. Kevin
One vote one person John
Definitely. It is possible to govern for the benefit of all, fairly. No group needs special treatment. Further, I think the whole “Treaty” should be scrapped as it is capable of being interpreted in many different ways, and it is. It’s as clear as mud. Sheila
Will initially seen as a harmless move, the Treaty has morphed into something far more dangerous to New Zealand than the Japanese in WW II or the USSR. We will either defeat Ardren in 2023 or we will be fighting with weapons in the future to take back our country. I would prefer the former to the later if I can help it. Brenton
Absolutely. This Treaty is a farce and should not be revered as it seems to be by radical Maori and their white apologists. Murray
It would indeed be a good start on the road to restoration of democracy. God defend New Zealand. — This lot certainly aren’t! Peter
Absolutely, the sooner the better. David
I sincerely concur with Professor Elizabeth Rata. This madness has to stop. And, MSM have to get this information out to the general public . Stand fast and cross the line in the sand this government has drawn Rod
This treaty should go the same way as the treaty of Versailles. By virtue of its ability to have so many interpretations makes it redundant. Clive
And all government departments should revert to English names. John
Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand for a start. John Keys had no right to send Sharples off to the UN to sign a document to say that Maori were indigenous to New Zealand in the first place. New Zealand is now a multi race society and I am not going to ruled by some tribalistic Elitist Maori. Wayne
I have been in Australia for the last month, and , it is not until you go somewhere else you realise what a racist shit hole NewZealand is becoming, it is so sad .. If I was younger I wouldn’t be coming back. We need the Nats and Act to really grow some balls, and say they will totally reverse this bullshit , or , the consequences don’t bear thinking about. Murray
Absolutely, But who is going to do it? I don’t believe Luxon will. Brenda
I can only hope it’s not too late DAVID
New Zealand needs to overcome the myths propagated by the excuses from the treaty and modernize its governance for all kiwis stewart
100% YES! It would seem that this Labour Government has had us all so focused on the COVID pandemic, that it has been slowly undermining our democracy and the democratic processes of our parliamentary system, and sneakily implementing things under the radar; seemingly pandering to the wishes of its 15 (may I say ‘devious’) Maori caucus members. This really is scandalous!! THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED !! It is time all things ‘Treaty’ be brought to and end and categorised under “New Zealand History”. The ‘Treaty of Waitangi’ has been ‘creamed’ enough; this is just another ploy to play this country some more! We must abolish all entities related to the Treaty; together with Maori Wards and the Maori role. We are all ‘NEW ZEALNDERS each with equal rights. John
Absolutely all Maori preference must be eliminated from law asap. Any legislation which singles out one race over all others is vile evil racism not to mention anti democratic. Maori electorates must be immediately abolished, Public funding of Maori institutions such as Maori TV, Maori health, Maori education, Maori 3 waters, Maori wards must be immediately stopped. Use of Maori language in official government communications must be stopped if not purely to counter the risk of misunderstanding affecting public safety. Richard
Definitely the Labour Government MUST go! the track they are marching without democracy has already done too much damage to this country. They are dangerous and irresponsible. Thank goodness for yourself, and others who are calling it out. Just wish the main-stream media would wake up! Carol
We will get what we deserve if the general population don’t stand up to be counted the media has done a wonderful job with this Labour government to fool most of the general public if they don’t wake up and the opposition don’t start doing there job we are finished Peter
We are one people and with a common bond of freedom, tolerance and democracy. We should have this reflected in our statute books and remove any inference to tribalism. Howard
The sooner the better for the future of NZ kevin
3 waters is just a means of the present Govt taking control THEN turning it over to Maori to govern . Watch the price of water rise !! Ralph
Long overdue & no way i will speak that made up language Collin
Yes, all legislation referencing the Treaty and it%u2019s principles must be removed from all legislation. Without democracy there is no future for New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern and her government are embedding misery , distrust and poverty for all New Zealanders except her favoured Maori elite friends. The current Labour Government have no mandate to impose their racist legislation and their treachery needs to be exposed for all to see. Their orchestrated chaos in the housing, health , energy, education, transport sectors and audacity to mess with the Reserve Bank has left many New Zealanders frozen in the water. Never mind the thousands whose lives have been seriously negatively impacted by the hopelessly amateurish and reckless Covid response. It will take a Herculean effort to gather the will and resources to reverse the legislative mess we are now in. We owe it to future generations of New Zealanders to do so. Donald
its an historic doc no longer fit for purpose and shouldn’t be treated as a so called (living doc) and constantly being evolved john
It is shameful that successive governments have allowed a tribal/racist takeover to occur. Laurie
Absolutely! Never to be mentioned ever again. Des
We need to wake up and stop this foolishness. Gary
Bring back New Zealand as we USED to know it , everybody , including Maori were better off Roger
Have been saying for many years burn the useless treaty as only cause trouble if Maori ever get control we will finish up like a lot of the third world countrys of Africa Russell
Absolutely YES!!! But if National/ Act plus a new minor party should come into power, who will have the guts to fight back at this embedded political cancer. First of all all subsidies to the MSM had to be cancelled. No more regime propaganda. That is a good start. Then remove this useless army of so called consultants and all their cronies and put technocrats and real life specialists and economists into action to do some serious damage control. Then we might get somewhere!! provided we also get rid of this treaty nonsense and get back to using English and not some conjured up Pidgin Manglish lingo. Michael
Of course they should be removed, but there is no party currently in the NZ Parliament who would do this. Rod
If this is actually possible to do …… mary
Yes, absolutely this has gone too far. And, it has only been allowed to happen because JA has totally gagged the media. Laura
The Treaty is being bastardised and twisted, and it is time to remove it from all aspects of legislation. Anthony
the promotion of a racially driven policy from a minority segment utilizing its persuasion in a majority Government to gain benefit by negating the rights of every New Zealanders democratic right is down right scandalous and must be stopped. marc
It has all gone too far in this Modern World it must go Laurel
Most of the ‘radical Maori’ activists have very little Maori blood. It’s time Maori was defined by ones ancestry & % of Maori blood. Too many are jumping on the Maori bandwagon John
Yes. We are one people not two. All benefits need to be need based not race based. Going forward, all these large payments to certain “racial groups” need to cease. We are too small a country to continue throwing money at frivolous “pie in the sky” aspirations. We need to work together in harmony in the future. Janine
Yes. I will vote for a party that promises, in writing, to do that. Paul
yes scrap the treaty. Ronald
This coup must be stopped. Daphne
The intention of The Treaty, I believe, has been misinterpreted over later years Alan
An 1840’s document mis-interrepted for the benefit of Maori creating racial division and destroying democracy at the whim of maori’s by convenience who discard anything other than Maori ancestry for monetary or commercial gain… enough!!! Gary
absolutely Geoff
Labour and Maori Elite are misrepresenting the intent of the Treaty which was intended to be: One People, One Country. In other words democracy and equality (would you expect any-thing else from Britain). But that is not the Maori radicals interpretation (which often changes to suit their purpose) – they want nothing else than Primacy in all respects in NZ. They wont settle for less. They do not want equality (they already have more than that): just overall Primacy. Rob
Absolutely essential! Thomas
The Treaty has reached its expiry date and should be filed with other historical documents that are no longer relevant to modern living. Mark
it’s the only way to permanently remove the threat of this kind of push to a race based society. colin
Maori and particularly those with a very small amount of Maori blood have had benefits for years not available to others Help and opportunities in education, business jobs in the public sector But unfortunately those Maori and others in genuine need are left out. We still have alarming numbers of children abused killed neglected and not attending school. Not to mention crime the list goes on! Help and assistance should be on a needs basis not a race basis What have Maori elite and left wing ideologists done for the ordinary person brown or white? NZ is more divided, our democracy is disappearing, crime is up education levels are down school attendance is way down etc etc Tell me what has improved. I’m off as soon as family situations allow. NZ is no longer the place I love respect or want to live in . Lorraine
We are New Zealand. We are governed by the rule of law, One person one vote. We will not be taken over by a coup led by the maori elite. I can see violence looming in this country as a result of this Marxist Governments actions led by a the radical leader Jacinda Adern. Robert
NZ is a democracy. The treaty is past its use by date. We must save NZ for all people. Joan
The Treaty, a simple outdated contract, has been corrupted into a pro-Maori separatist document as is being sold to NZ as the reason to dismantle our democracy. It needs to go, NOW! Derek
It is now time to terminate the Treaty. Peter
We are sliding down a slope of mammoth proportions and mammoth implications. It is tragic to see the decades of democratic caring for all disintegrating like this. Evil, really, and in the long run it will not serve Maori well. Elizabeth
Definitely, the Treaty is a major problem Graeme
The problem I keep having, is that there are very few full blooded maori Left, so having treaties of any kind are now really past their used by date! But this is not to suggest that the past history is wiped out! Les
Ignore the Treaty as it is not a legal document, from a different age and not fully agreed to by all the different tribes, it was meant to give the tribes British citizenship. We have to , after decades of softening maori entrance levels to education and social welfare adhere firmly to the basics of our society being one mature person one vote, one person in need one support system. All must have no racial or ethnicity influence if we are to work, life and prosper as one people. I am afraid that we are too late as MMP and Media control have made that impossible at the present. Leonard
The treaty has no principles. Unless it is all removes it leaves the door open for a future govt to try and re-install. Michele
End the attack on democracy now! Kevin
100% yes. By standing by it gives acceptance to a corrupt group, Maoris,aided by an even more corrupt government. There must be a leader in New Zealand outside government to lead a democratic charge in this country. Peter
Never have I been so worried for New Zealands future as now. Too many complacent naive Kiwis are brainwashed into complicity without wanting to know what’s really happening. I hope we don’t leave it too late to act Elizabeth
Absolutely we need to all be on an equal playing field Mark
I was involved in local government when this was brought in and IMHO that is when the rot started. m It caused endless complications resulting in delays with projects at a cost to the community. We are one people under the original Treaty – let’s get back to that. Sally
We need to stop this headlong plunge into apartheid.Any incoming Gov.must repeal this madness,show some backbone NZ GORDON
Yes yes and YES. The ‘Treaty’ is being so badly warped by a few power and ego hungry mongrels it has no relevance any more Mike
As I have intimated before this Jacinda Ardern lead government is the biggest threat to our way of life that New Zealand has ever seen since European settlement Kevin
I believe this policy is not democratic and is splitting the country. Any changes should be put to the vote Just as we did over the flag. Velma
The Treaty of Waitangi is a three sentence document scribbled in one evening in 1840 by one not-very-bright representative of Queen Victoria and signed over the next few weeks by SOME OF the Maori tribal leaders of the time. The “Principles of the Treaty” have never even been enunciated clearly, let alone signed off on, by ANYONE. It shames us all for this level of “agreement” to be enshrined in legislation. Sue
Rip the treaty up!! It has been so warped from the original that its just a history document that means nothing! Barbara
Yes. The next government will have to focus on restoring democratic governance across the board. It is now a major job. Mike
Absolutely! Darag
It has gone too far. Peaceful cohabitation is needed not rule by Maori iwi. John
Current policy is apartheid driven and being implemented David
Need to reaffirm that the Treaty ceded sovereignty to the Crown and guaranteed ALL New Zealanders equal rights. John
This undemocratic rubbish must stop. Darren
Absolutely Susan
The treaty was never meant to be a tool to replace democracy. Peter
It will continue infinitely unless removed Des
Stop this Maori coup attempt !!! Kevin
yes please, now would be good Erin
Three waters is a vehicle for unelected iwi elite to tax the nz citizens Gaer
Absolutely. The sooner the better. Louise
I want to live in a Democracy, it may have it’s faults but it is better than any of the alternatives Peter
The initial Treaty requirements have more than been met. Time for it to go and NZ Bill of Rights to reign supreme with the clause taken out that allows Govt to overrule it. Marianne
The TOW is NOT holy scripture. It had done its job my May 1840 when Hobson declared British sovereignty over NZ. Then it should have got a decent burial Bruce
And all Govt departments should have an English name as a primary title and rid us of Aotearoa, we live in New Zealand Carol
0ne people one vote, all equal Peter
it is not democratic and doesn’t represent most kiwis steve
There should be a ceremonial burning of the Treaty Jock
I wonder if our poll will have any effect on National/ACT. Graham
The treaty should be abolished it is no longer relevant and has been rewritten by Maori activists to suit their racist agendas and has lost all of its original meaning. Lynne
Absolutely! Tony
The Treaty was done and dusted in 1840. It’s only relevance today should be in redressing in a reasonable manner the effects of gross breaches committed by either party. To date it’s been very one sided! Alan
Definitely! New Zealanders should all have equal rights. This current government is the most incompetent, racist, and dangerous government and all traces of them and their divisive policies needs to be wiped from New Zealand! Kirsten
The whole treaty partnership rhetoric is a lie. It is a hard road to undo this, but if not done nz is headed for extreme civic strife. Willy
Both ACT and National are failing NZ with the lack of spirited and constant opposition to these policies and an absolute commitment to repeal all of them as their top priority on becoming Government. Ian
Anyone involved in the coup the following: Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years who, owing allegiance to the Sovereign in right of New Zealand, attempts to commit treason within or outside New Zealand. Scott
Yes. Banned altogether, along with all racially oriented or defined language. The TOW barely qualifies as a Memorandum of Understanding let alone a Heads of Agreement and is totally unfit for any purpose other than enriching that “Other” tribe, the Legal Truffle Hunters Mark
After returning from Australia after 45yrs i have had a gutsful of hearing about the treaty daily,the radical maori in parliament,and the pidgen english being spoken by the media.Its dumming the country it’s dividing and dumming the country down greg d
Well overdue for decades. Folkert
Remove all race based laws including Maori seats. Agree with yur article completely. The Marxist puppet and her cabal have no mandate from the people for any of these changes including the health reforms and 3 waters. They did not disclose their secret aims to the people at election time and therefore have no mandate. They did not disclose their anti-democracy agenda which the voters of this country expect as by right and force of arms during 2 world wars. To do otherwise is an insult to our ancestors who fought for democracy as a way of life. This goes for the Maori electorate also. Big changes like 3 waters and health also require mandate from the voters. Marxism first principal is to abolish private property. They are doing this with 3 waters by abolishing your financial interest in the delivery of water and taking it for themselves and delivering control to Maori under a fanciful Treaty partnership. They are even now advertising for Chief executives for 3 Waters and giving the NZ public contempt for their views & opinions . This Government has committed electoral fraud by non disclosure. They should be removed from power. Forcibly if required and put on trial as enemies to Democracy and our fallen. Terry
Absolutely Kris
Absolutely – making these changes is imperative if NZ is going to have a future. Otherwise the country is buggered!  Garry
It should never have got this far. What you have uncovered, Muriel, explains so much about what is going on right now. The whole country is suffering because of the selfish ambition of Nanaia Mahuta and her mates – not to mention Jacinda Ardern for allowing it to happen. Marcus
We need a colourblind society. That is the only way we will be able to build a decent future while these power hungry tribal leaders are demanding more and more, Susan
Yes, remove everything to do with the Treaty out of our statute books. How can a government betray their people in the way they are now doing. And how bad is it that the public service is being pressured in this dreadful way?? What an appalling state of affairs. Andrew
Labour is a disgrace – they are facilitating a tribal takeover. Isn’t that treason?  Brian