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Olympic Success – Political Failure

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The Olympic Games are over and New Zealand stands proud of the achievement of our athletes. In spite of the immense difficulties they have faced in this Covid-era, they exceeded expectations and brought home a record haul of medals.

Japan too, did itself proud, hosting an incredibly successful Games in the most challenging of circumstances.

What also makes the Olympics stand out for many New Zealanders is the refreshing absence of race and culture. A united team of Kiwis representing our country – one nation, one people.

While a united New Zealand is the aspiration of many, the reality is that Jacinda Ardern’s Government is taking the country in the opposite direction and proactively dividing us by race. 

It shouldn’t be like this.

New Zealand needs to do what many other countries have done and remove all references to race from our Statute books.

Much of Europe has gone down this path – France and Sweden relatively recently.

Having experienced the deadly consequences of prioritising race, they have taken steps to ensure it can never happen again. 

It’s time New Zealand politicians acknowledged the danger: by empowering tribalism, they are destroying democracy and dragging our country into a vortex of division and unrest.

New Zealand is now at a crossroads. If Kiwis don’t proactively back a colour-blind future – united by what we have in common instead of divided by our differences – then that small group of radical extremists, who already have their hands on the levers of power, will replace democracy with tribal rule.

Separatists have already gained control of the Labour Party. He Puapua is their blueprint for the future. By 2040 they want everything controlled by Maori – with veto rights over every major decision. Democracy will be meaningless.

In a recent article in the Herald, Richard Prebble, the former ACT Party leader and Labour Party Minister, attributed Labour’s fall in recent polls to extremism:

“The seeds of Labour’s polling woes were decided on election night. The party’s massive election majority means there is no handbrake. Perhaps more significant was Labour losing a Maori seat to the Maori Party. Labour’s 13 Maori MPs are in a contest with the Maori Party and are dragging Labour away from the middle, where elections are won. If Labour is not governing for all New Zealanders then the party will free-fall down the polls.”

Labour deserves to free-fall in the polls for what they are trying to do to New Zealand. The only reason they have not fallen further is that most New Zealanders remain blissfully unaware of the separatist agenda is redefining our country.

The blame for this situation lies largely with the media. Since accepting taxpayer funding, many news outlets have become lapdogs to Labour, promoting their racist agenda instead of challenging it. The new $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund is making things worse by requiring journalists to promote the ridiculous lie that Queen Victoria entered into a ‘partnership’ with hundreds of primitive warring Maori tribes when she signed the Treaty of Waitangi.

Last month New Zealand On Air, which administers the Fund, released details of their allocations, showing Stuff received $300,800 for a “cultural competency course for Stuff journalists…to fundamentally shift representation in NZ media.”

Labour is now using taxpayers’ money to expand their propaganda machine by indoctrinating the media so they will “report” in a manner that advances the separatist agenda being promoted by their Maori Caucus. 

It should therefore come as no surprise that the media are failing to ask the sort of critical questions needed to expose the slow-moving coup that is now underway under the auspices of He Puapua.

It’s therefore up to the rest of us to crank up our own networks to ensure as many Kiwis as possible become aware of what’s going on – before it’s too late.

In his article, Richard Prebble makes mention of Labour’s “loony policies”, and without a doubt, a procession of ill-advised decisions have been made by this Government since being first elected.

Some point to Jacinda Ardern herself as being radicalised towards extreme socialist ideology and they remind us that she remained President of the International Union of Socialist Youth even after being elected as a Member of our New Zealand Parliament, visiting Hungary eight months later to chair a festival of 3,000 “comrades”. 

Extremism has underpinned her actions as Prime Minister. In 2018, without any official advice or even Cabinet approval, Jacinda Ardern effectively closed down the oil and gas industry in Taranaki, leaving New Zealand exposed to future natural gas shortages and power failures. With Monday’s blackouts coming hard on the heels of the decision to close the Marsden Point oil refinery, concerns that Government decisions are undermining electricity and fuel security, are escalating.

In 2019, Jacinda Ardern informed a New York meeting organised by Bill Gates, that she was embedding the deeply socialist United Nations Agenda 2030 into New Zealand’s legislative and regulatory framework.

Central to Agenda 2030 – and justifying the need for ‘urgent’ action – is the claim that human greenhouse gas emissions are destroying the planet and government regulation is the only answer.

But with 97 percent of carbon in the atmosphere produced by nature and only 3 percent by mankind, the human influence is too small to make a real difference. And at 0.1 percent, New Zealand’s contribution is infinitesimal.

In spite of these inconvenient facts, Jacinda Ardern has not only declared a climate emergency, but she has committed New Zealand to lead the world in “transformative” policy reform.

Her draconian legislative prescription requiring ever-greater state intervention and control is now forcing up the cost of living.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Barry Brill, a former MP and Minister of Energy, who has been investigating the information being provided by the Government as a basis for climate change policy development, shares his concerns:

“The Climate Change Minister James Shaw has published a Risk Assessment of the effects of global climate change on New Zealand during the next 5 years. It is a massive document which will form the basis of a National Adaptation Plan in the next few months. This Plan is expected to ‘transform the economy’ and have major impacts on private property rights.”  

Barry explains that the Government is refusing to quantify the actual risk associated with climate threats: “My informed guess is that the probability of all these threats is vanishingly small. I’m prepared to lay odds that there will be no detectable acceleration in sea level rise around New Zealand coasts in the next 50 years, let alone the next five. There has been no recorded increase in New Zealand’s average droughts, floods or storms in the past 50 years and the IPCC expects no increases in the next 50.”

Despite this reality, the alarmist predictions used by the Ardern Government in policy development are now causing price rises across the economy.

In particular, the increase in the Government’s carbon tax on fuel is driving up the price of everyday goods and services, especially food. Less than four months ago, the carbon tax on petrol was 9 cents a litre. Now, with the price of carbon under the Emissions Trading Scheme increasing from $39 to $46 a tonne, the carbon tax on petrol has risen to 11 cents a litre at the pump.

With increases in freight and manufacturing costs inevitably passed onto consumers, it’s no wonder that supermarket shopping is becoming more expensive. 

But rather than admit their climate policies are forcing up the cost of food, the Government is villainising supermarket operators, claiming a lack of competition is to blame and ordering a Commerce Commission inquiry.

It’s the same strategy they used a few years ago when Government petrol tax increases caused sharp price rises – they blamed a lack of competition within the industry, despite taxes accounting for more than half of the pump price!

Incredibly, the Commerce Commission’s 500-page supermarket report doesn’t make any mention of carbon taxes or the ETS, even though these are key drivers of food price increases.

It’s not only the impact of carbon taxes on transportation that’s causing the problems – it’s also new regulations forcing producers and manufacturers to replace their low-cost coal and gas boilers with more expensive alternatives.

The bottom line is that the price hikes faced by shoppers are largely caused by Prime Minister Ardern’s extraordinarily harsh climate policies.

The Commerce Commission’s recommendations for regulatory interventions to increase competition in the food supply industry – which includes forcing supermarket chains to sell stores – also suggests State-run supermarkets!

What is astonishing is that Consumer Affairs Minister David Clark did not rule the concept out.

While it’s easy to dismiss such a prospect as another loony idea, one shouldn’t be too hasty, given Labour’s track record includes a ridiculous billion-dollar cycle-bridge that resulted in the cancellation of important projects to improve dangerous roads throughout the country; a stupid tax on utes to incentivise tradies and farmers into electric vehicle alternatives that don’t exist; and a $100 million rail link from Auckland to Hamilton which then Minister of Transport, Phil Twyford, described as a “crucial” transport link, which carries only 34 passengers a trip instead of the hundreds predicted.

It was Phil Twyford who also presided over “KiwiBuild”, Labour’s spectacular flagship policy failure that attracted the following newspaper headline last May: “KiwiBuild will take more than 400 years to reach original target”!

And let’s not forget Jacinda Ardern’s outrageous decision to give the Mongrel Mob $2.75 million of taxpayers’ money, just weeks after the Police had raided the gang and seized $2m in cash! Dubbed the ‘most successful money laundering scheme ever’, Police Association President Chris Cahill stated, “It is difficult to understand how those who promote the need for drug rehabilitation seem blind to the dreadful optics of this Mongrel Mob scenario – let alone have faith in this multi-million-dollar scheme to do anything but line the pockets of key gang leaders.”

But taking the prize for loony ideas, must surely be Three Waters.

The underlying purpose of Labour’s massive upheaval of council-run freshwater, stormwater and wastewater services is to transfer control of New Zealand water to Maori. Three Waters is He Puapua in action.

Despite the Government holding more than 60 consultation meetings with Maori over the scheme – and the Local Government Act requiring councils to consult ratepayers if they are considering transferring water assets – councils are being directed by the Government not to consult their communities over Three Waters.

While on the one hand Labour is claiming it’s “too early” for councils to ask ratepayers whether they should consider giving away their water assets, on the other hand – in an act of eye-watering hypocrisy – communities are being bombarded with a $3.5 million taxpayer-funded propaganda campaign aimed at undermining public confidence in council water management.

Councils should not allow themselves to be bullied by the Ardern Government. Nor should they allow them to discredit their reputation. They need to take a stand and set the record straight: inform their ratepayers about Three Waters – and hold a referendum to let their community decide whether their assets should be retained or given away.

The reality is that Labour doesn’t want councils to consult their communities over Three Waters – they are afraid that if the public realises the underlying objective is to give control of water to Maori, they will oppose their scheme.

To help ensure the public becomes fully aware of what’s going on and what’s at stake, please visit our Three Waters campaign page HERE and assist in any way that you can.

A final thought – a warning allegedly issued to the American people by Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev in 1959: “Your children’s children will live under communism. You are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you; We will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” 

Could this be where New Zealand is now heading?

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She is dividing the country with her socialist water, race, crime, health, control. Health, crime, cost of living, housing, youth suicide, education are all failing under Arderns watch and the young dummies who voted for her will be paying for it while Ardern lives in luxury. Graham
Free speech is important and not racist in design. Gary
She is one scary lady Phil
Ardern must have a first class Honours degree in DECEPTION! Sylvia
A world class radical. She will be gone next election , BUT will the next lot in power be brave enough to reverse the radical actions of ardern. Ron
sadly this is the case, and covid 19 with all its scaremongering, just adds to her cause. So when will we all see the light, and stop the ensuing loss of many current freedoms anita
She is also our first ever Prime Sinister. Glyn
She should be had up in court for the equivalent of war time Treason Chris
When Labour are defeated come election year she will go down as the most deceitful Prime Minister New Zealand has ever had and Labour will never be in Government for years to come. Now with Covid amongst us this will put more pressure on the Prime Minister and put more pressure on the economy and the Government will put us all in further debt through total mis management . ken
Jacinda Ardern is presiding over the demise of Democracy in New Zealand, just like Joe Biden is doing in the United States! She has forbidden democratic elections on maori wards, by an act of parliament. She is tinkering with the hate law speech that her predecessor David Lange, introduced; and smote the eyes of our four other partners in Five Eyes, however lightly. She states that we are “one people”, but treats us as two. With apologies to William Shakespeare, I say “Out Damned Labour Government”! He iwi tahi tatau – we are now two people! Kevan
She is dangerous.  Danny
Thanks to Bill below. I did not know Ardern was a member of the Fabian Society. A cursory search turned up a who’s who of Kiwi Commies at https://www.fabians.org.nz/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=190:labour-to-acknowledge-sir-owen-woodhouse-at-kirk-legacy-seminar&catid=57 More research to be done here. I notice Sadiq Khan was also a Fabian. Terry
We are in the very unfortunate position of having a very radical Prime Minister in charge of a government that is now controlled by an even more radical Maori caucus.  Russell
Without doubt Kevin
Tribalistic Taliban have taken over Afghanistan again – will Ms Ardern notice this is the endgame of tribalism? Is this the future she wants for her child? It looks like she doesn’t care about New Zealand in her quest for stardom on the world stage. Ardern has no wisdom, no virtue and her character seems to be tyrannical in nature as she lockdowns the country again on 1 case making her a laughing stock of the world. She seems to model her behaviour on the cognitively failing US Pres Biden who is a radical, narcistic, Marxist incompetent who has ruined his country in 7 mths. End of Western civilization stuff. Her breathtaking arrogance as she racially divides this country, destroys NZ’s democracy and uproots commonsense gives me no confidence that she will ever give up her schoolgirl’s fantasy of socialist utopia. I do not feel NZ will ever recover from her poisonous tenure as there appears to be no natural leaders who have not succumbed to Maori mumbo-jumbo. Monica
I luv Cindy John
everything she is doing is essentially against the law!!!? John
Certainly the most radical in my (70 year) lifetime ! And people are not seeing the danger. Hopefully they will wake up before it is too late ! Laurie
The most interesting news item I have read in the last week is comments from the Mayor of Tasman district Tim King a local body politician of 20 years. Conversations in the community have turned toxic and nasty as people grapple with the pace, complexity and combination of Labour Government reforms. Public meetings that used to be relatively good-humoured and constructive are not now as people feel uncertain , unsure, concerned and afraid.. As well as the Maori Wards being forced on us despite a recent referendum, there is the Three Waters Reform, the replacement legislation for the Resource Management Act, The Essential Freshwater Package and all of these changes fall to Council Staff to answer and ‘sell’ to the general public, not the Government.. So we have the Government and local councils and the general public trying to understand what is going on. This is not the way to run a country and it comes back to Ardern and her Maori elite friends talking about her team of 5 million. It’s just not true. Her popularity is rapidly shrinking. Chris
Yes and she is very dangerous to Kiwi way of life. Graeme
And dangerous with it. Graeme
She is a nonentity. Russ
Talking to a coloured gentleman who moved here from Zimbabwe a few years ago to escape that regime and now he is looking at moving again as he said looking at what is happening here is Zimbabwe happening again. Come on NEW ZEALANDERS wake up to this communist race based government. In my 85 years I have not seen a prime minister who can smile and tell so many lies at the same time John
She wants to try and make communist ways work in NZ. Just look at her earlier history. Mike
My wish for New Zealand is for all to wake up to the secrecy this govt hides from us. We DO NOT want to become a socialist/ communist country. The water belongs to all not one race in particular. It belongs to NO one race. WHY does Jacinda try to .divide us? Robina
She is an absolute disgrace as the leader of our lovely little Democracy !!!!! James
Without a doubt the most radical and dangerous .The damage done will ensure when she is replaced at the next election ,the new government will have a huge problem with making good so many areas . Ray
She is implementing The Great Reset for the World Economic Forum. This will destroy our middle class and deliver us to the global oligarchy who have been planning this for a very long time. Susan
most stupid yes, radical maybe Cliff
This women is in line for The Order Of Lenin as she delivers New Zealand on a plate to China & Russia. Brian
Totally un-trustworthy Jane
I did not vote Labour and most certainly did not vote for a utilitarian order – Jacinda is behaving like a dictator and needs to be stopped. Do not vote Labour ever again!~ Joanne
In my 76yr. lifetime, YES! She is taking us down the road to Communism, I certainly do not want to go there, it’s is not a friendly place to be!!! Valerie
Despicable Communist. Luckily offset by the fact that she’s not at all bright or competant! Tony
Everyone seems to disapprove of her but are we tackling this correctly ? Lets get right up her nose by constant anonymous criticism. She is toxic news for our future ,in fact the worst threat since WW2 ended ! But world events could ruin her plans with coming high inflation and a long overdue financial collapse. The chaos is increasing worldwide and it’s hard to believe we have such an ‘irritant’ leading this country to where !? John
Oh for sure! for sure! Wake up NZ!!! Ron
SO!! How dumb are we, the evidence was there in plain sight. Don’t blame me I didn’t vote for Labour. God save New Zealand. Caro
and least competent john
Yes, but you get away with anything here in sheeple country as long as you smile, be a female, show fake empathy and have a propaganda machine at full throttle. Leonard
The sooner she goes the better! Margaret
No close second Keith
to term it ‘A loose cannon’ noel
No more radical than some other Prime Ministers we have had over the years. Chris
She is verging on being a communist and is bringing in those policies without the average person knowing or realising it. Colin
More than that her ideas are not only loony they are so bad they are dangerous to NEW ZEALAND and to those who like to live there peacefully. John
It would be fortuitous to blame the Voter for electing a Socialist to Prime Minister. Socialism is a soft form of Marxism (Communism) that sets the path to a totalitarian doctrine. Historically Adern has used the label Comrade to set in stone her beliefs. The blame for electing her to PM rests with the Labour Party and they will pay for the strategy that tricked the Voter. NZ will also pay for her election as she possess a brand of ignorance that will tear down the private sector economy increasing poverty and joblessness. She is without doubt lacking the intellectual capacity to analyse issues that are being added to the ever growing pile of crisis confronting a Socialist government that is incapable of any form of solution. Socialism is also about immaturity that motivates a type of parent child relationship with government. Adern is immature and without sufficient knowledge to understand the criticality of decisions made at government level and their impact on the economy and society in general. As Winston Churchill said the Socialist Doctrine is driven by, The philosophy of failure; the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. The NZ political system is not alone as the current propaganda disease is on a global scale effecting most of the free world and this has enabled the COVID Medical Crisis to achieve expanding growth. Growth that is driven by developing corruption presently infecting our democratic systems of government. The end result of this consistent abuse of power is to act out a brand of oppression over the voter that has not been seen before in recent democratic history. Perhaps the most devious reason that an unremarkable medical virus is being driven, by politicians like Adern, is to allow the political system to hide an underlying economic crisis that is growing faster every day with every new restriction imposed on the working population by vested interest politics. Politics that refuses to take leadership responsibility and move on! Political analysts will no doubt agree that upcoming state and federal elections in Australia and the next NZ Central government election will be soundly beaten by Drovers Dogs!!! Frederick
She’s the first demonstrably divisive PM we’ve had and leads a government with little or no practical working experience. We are living a period of theory and experimentation! tony
She would have to be New Zealand’s worst leader in our history. Stephen
Radical AND racist…plus a dedicated Communist…. God help us all….. Lorraine
Excessively so Ron
like a lot of public service and radio announcers she has become maorised Edward
Adern represents all of what is poison in politics. She hides behind a persona of caring, affiliation and sympathy whilst all the time removing one by one, step by step the stones that underpin democracy. The three issues of Climate Change, Separatism and Covid Response will bring down this Government just as soon as the ordinary New Zealander realise the inadequacy and inappropriateness of their policy directives. Roger
Without a doubt. The queen of propaganda. The mute button on the television remote is in constant use. We look at the weather report and can’t bear to listen, let alone try to work out what area the presenter is renaming. The Maoris have a couple of Maori Language channels could we please have an English language news channel and weather report. I return to my usual refrain “The country is stuffed”. Bruce
Ardern and her finance Minister. Are both communists, there are pics of them both at the world communist youth movement. They should be removed and fresh elections called for before any more of their deliberately damaging policies are forced through – Puapua and the 3 waters. It is unbelievable how many extreme politicians are in the Labour Govt and the dangerous Green Party. Carolyn
The Prime minister cannot be trusted. She says one thing but often does the other. She is great on propaganda to cover her under the table actions such as having separate governments in New Zealand based on Race/ Culture. She claims to be a democrat but is not. Iwi and tribal organisations are not democratic. John
Of course she is the most radical we’ve had! What other Prime Minister has tried to ruin this country? but what did you expect, she was the President of the International Union of Soviet Youth. WTF, she is an extremist! And an embarrassment! Steve
I am concerned, she is dangerous Denise
As our country’s political leader , she is an absolute disgrace !!!! James
I think she is a real danger to democracy, and unless the public wake up, NZ is doomed.  Paul
She wouldn’t be out of place in North Korea. I thought, naively, that our legislation protected the population from these transformational acts but apparently not. Her focus on all things socialistic is very concerning. Slow her down before the next election then send her to Siberia as our Ambassador. Mike
How has this happened under our noses to be taken over by a majority group of looney communist’s. The leader of this looney group has no business or real world economics majoring in wrapping up fish and chips as the required skill to dupe us out of our own country. They have not got the balls to own up to what the real problem NZ and the world is facing is: TOO MANY PEOPLE LIVING ON THIS PLANET. Simple really as what we can look forward to in NZ is STARVING to DEATH. Hello how did this happen? rod
Radical in that she is taking NZ down a path of becoming a separatist race based country. Alan
Only because she has lost the plot with how she got into power in the first place – by DEMOCRACY through a fair & equitable NZ Election – not by a Country divided by RACE! cat
Ardern is replacing democracy with her own ideal of socialism ,not a PM NZ deserves Larry
Social engineering at its worst George
Like Helen she has the United Nations as her goal. Doing all she can to get a plum job their with inflated salary and self importance. Her lot are just going to leave NZ with racial major issues mess Alan
and probably the least competent john
By far the worst Arthur
I have nothing good to say about this appalling PM – her actions amount to treason. Glenda
Today we are seeing in Afghanistan the path that Jacinda Ardern is rapidly taking New Zealand. Why are the National party and Act so silent? Joanne
Jacinda Ardern must go so that our grandchildren can enjoy the NZ that we grew up in Jillian
Definitely a nasty Socialist. Tony
She’s skin deep on the real issues and dangerous with her ideology. Robert
She is by far the most dangerous. Her socialistic beliefs are frankly evil. Maurice
She is the worst thing ever to happen to New Zealand. Darren
Radical and utterly stupid! Murray
Jacinda Goebbels Ardern must be seen for what she is; a glib propagandist who will be remembered for decades to come for her destructive and divisive policies Peter
Greatest danger to democracy we have ever had! Catherine
Absolutely … and by a country bloody mile!! Maddi
Her agenda is extreme socialism and needs to be stopped now leo
We don’t need a prime minister who has no intention of ruling for around 16% of the population & who hoodwinks the rest of us. Peter
Absolutely, without a doubt. I can’t think of one who comes close, can you? Brent
Yes, dangerous, must go. John Key started the ball rolling for radical elitist to divide us by race and create wariness around our beaches including failure to publicly dispel the “partnership” lie. Social cohesion in our once proud Western rule of law democracy is now broken. How we trust our neighbors and friends who may actually believe they are more entailed based on their DNA. Social Cohesion/trust develops over generations; it was our culture, not any longer, JA has changed New Zealand forever with her separatist/communist agenda. Weak self serving Politicians have brought this country to it’s knees with their agenda’s Sam
She has to go. Ian
Very radical – anyone who deliberately undermines democracy has no place being NZ’s Prime Minister. Dennis
Yes, the most radical. But that’s not the worst of it. She’s also the most dishonest, underhand, and authoritarian. Steve
Keep up the good work Muriel this government has to go John
Divide and conquer John
I do not really need all of your rationale.. I have seen all of this taking shape…and am very concerned. What can be done to wake people up? Peter
Absolutely, wanting to take us from freedom to socialism. Stuart
Without doubt! Brian
Certainly in our lifetime. Read ‘Suicide of the West’ by Jonah Goldberg & you will see without a doubt where we are headed…..and fast. Make your apathetic friends and family read it to wake them up before SHE destroys us. I not only blame Peters but all the “kind” females that voted for their sister on gender not policy. National /Act need really aggressive PR machines to confirm that they will UNDO ALL that is being legislated. Creed
Jacinda Ardern is a disgrace. She has no loyalty towards this country, its people, democratic traditions and proud history. She also appears to be ill-equipped to see the consequences of her policies, or maybe she just doesn’t care. To feed her dangerous ideology, she and the bunch of racist lefty idiots loosely described as the current “New Zealand Government” is leading us down the path of economic destruction and racism, and we will end up ruined as many other third world countries with similar ideologies have done. We need to fight back before it is too late, but with the media bought and paid for I cant see how. Roy
Jacinda actions belie her words, she is driven purely by radial ideology, I do not believe a more corrupt & deceitful Politian has ever existed in NZ politics John
when NZ wakes up she will become the most hated politician in the history of NZ and this current gutless labour Govt. with her Rick
and the most incompetent rod
Mind you She is just the puppet… Murray
And worst leader Roy
Seriously, where is the opposition? Cyril
And the most dangerous and bloodthirsty. But being a PR supremo she has conned the sheople into thinking she is lovely. And sooo kind. Philip
Yes, definitely she is and her party combined with the greens who she didn’t need but took anyway as they obviously have the same aims. But tossing out our Democracy by pushing everything Maori in front of us makes her the worst racist Prime Minister we have ever had also. Eric the Red
Utterly clueless and very dangerous Andy
How do we get New Zealanders to wake up to the dangerous agenda the Prime Minister has implemented. It will destroy democracy and our future. Colin
I don’t agree with all her policies but I think she is a nice person.  Kate
Go so far to say the worst Fairfax
Disgraceful radical policies killing my beautiful country. Sheena
never in a lifetime been so disgusted in the way nz is heading allan
I cannot believe in the direction this nation is heading under this current government. There is little or no logic in the decisions being made – some of them even illegal to start with and then they change the law to make them legal. Just because something is legally right does not make it morally right. Totalitarianism hasn’t worked anywhere else so why would it work here. Apartheid hasn’t worked anywhere else so why would it work here. Democracy is going out the door – soon it will be illegal to express your democratic rights. All this stuff must be stopped. It has already gone too far. Kevin
NZ is becoming a very divided country with Jacinda’s policies – never have I heard such racial policies being enacted before. Bill
You can fool some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time Bruce
She’s the closest to a dictator that New Zealand’s ever had that’s for sure ! Pete
A puppet of Helen Clarke who herself is a UN pawn! Mark
The most dangerous prime minister we have ever had. Peter
She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Lies, Lies and more Lies! John T
And the most left wing also . She would do well in China with its autocratic rulers peter
Yes, comrade Jacinda. Mitch
and she is a puppet to Helen Clark for sure Joyce
Democracy in NZ is dying under Ardern’s direction Bryce
and a commie Neville
Also the most stupid Hugh
And very secretive Michael
She is a socialist driven individual who at all cost to the people is determined to force her views onto us all. Rob
She is dangerous. Rhys
Radical? – I’m unsure about that. What appears to be happening is her assistance with Maori aspirations to “take back” the country that they voluntarily ceded to the crown in a desperate act of self- preservation. I’m presuming they want to go back to the “paradise ” that New Zealand was before the arrival of Europeans here . So they want to go back to the inter-tribal warfare and starving state they were in before European settlement. I wonder how they will get along without the modern necessities of life (ie, warm homes, no cellphones, starving due to no food available, unless, of course, you’re are going to eat your neighbours). Trevor
The most radical PMs in my time were Muldoon followed by Bolger but Ardern takes the cake. Although the previous two were bad at least they were not radical socialists with only their own agenda to follow and that in this case being ruining the NZ that I love. Until we become totally colour blind politically we will fail as a people. Until we have a political party that is prepared to stand on this policy we will fail as a people Robin
John Key, who put everything in place for Jacinda, comes a VERY close second. One of the opening quotes in this weeks column states, “Most New Zealanders are blissfully unaware of the separatist agenda”. Here lies the root cause of all of our current woes. If the voting public of New Zealand did any research at all before voting, Rodney Hide would have been Prime Minister, with Deputy Dr Muriel Newman, many years ago. Oh what a different country we would be living in now. The last election was gifted to the current Communist Regime, mainly because of Covid-19. & the occasional idiot, who thought voting Labour would keep the Greens at bay. Research before voting would have exposed Jacindas Communist intentions, & exposed the lye that the Greens are any different. So here we are, rapidly waving good-bye to the democracy that our forefathers fought & died for. I am rapidly becoming ashamed to call myself a Kiwi. A.G.R.
Frightening Suzanne
A steady dosage of socialism under the guise of climate change (or to be more correct AGW). Add in a separatist movement for good measure and NZ is in deep trouble. Jeff
The Maori Caucus is now running the Government – shame on Jacinda Ardern for letting it happen. Bill
Most radical racist communists ever to have run the country. We have to stand up and push back to save the country for our children and grandchildren Ihaia
I agree with Dave – she is an idealist being controlled by those around her and without the experience to realise it. Definitely not governing for all New Zealanders. Dianne
Jacinda Ardern has become dictatorial and tyrannical in her leadership and many in the Labour government and the Green Party are no better. and are fueling her radical agenda. They only listen to, support and promote those who support their radical and socially divisive and detrimental agenda which will benefit Maori and subjugate everyone else. There is no kindness in any of the proposed radical legislation such as hate speech and the fuel tax for farmers. Jacinda is promoting tribalism and separatism not a united, cohesive society which benefits everyone. She is is betraying biological women and their rights with her support of trans issues through legislation She is proving a liability not an asset. There needs to be someone of calibre and integrity to replace her – no easy task in politics. Virginia
She’s very radical and I’m becoming increasingly scared for the future of this once wonderful country. The most frightening thing is, if an election was held right now, JA and her comrades would most likely be re-elected. Truly terrifying….. Kerry
Jihadi Jacinda needs to go! Carol
Jacinda Ardern is heading NZ down an extreme left wing socialist path, supported by radical extremists, which will have a far reaching negative impact on the country’s future. She needs to be stopped from pursuing her harmful agenda which is outlined in the many articles and concerns raised by Dr Muriel Newman and the NZCPR. I fear for NZ’s future. Virginia
Progress means backing winners not as being now proposed losers. Jim
ardern is being supported by robertson who can get very nasty when he dosen’t like the line of questioning eg with peter willams ah la ‘the great reset’ which i heard live greg
Ardern is the most frightening PM ever & most NZ’s are “sleep walking” into Communism.. Evelyn
She is trying to replace democracy with tribal rule – how can Jacinda Ardern be described as anything but radical! Andrew
Jacinda and her party need to be watered down by MMP voting. Or removed completely before democracy in NZ is destroyed and IWI dominance takes over. Robert
Direction of communism Beth
Surely any NZ PM MUST defend democracy, not give it away to tribal rule.  Jordan
Radical in a very bad way, no other leader in NZ history has done as much as Jacinda Adern has to divide the people of NZ. She is a Dictator with no real life education or big business experience. No question she will be remembered for the damage she has done to our Country New Zealand Bryan
I think “radical” is too kind a description – “destructive” would be more apt. And they are less than one year into their second term! I am left wondering – will we keep bending over backwards until we finally snap, or will there be a backlash so powerful that it will obliterate this racist, divisive, inept collection of Socialist misfits, once and for all, and allow us to move forward as one, in a spirit of unity. Time will tell! Scott
Needs to be out of Parliament, no PM has ever done the amount of damage to our country as she is doing. Pauline
She definitely is, and so sly. Scary that not everyone can see this. We should all join in the next groundswell with farmers and others! Dell H
She is dangerous John
She is to the left of communism and is underhand at that. Shaun
A communist in “kind” camouflage Frank
She should be removed from office. Her father and grand fathers and their family have not been to Europe to suffer and die to hand over our democracy to extremists. peter
& what’s worse, you can’t trust a word she says. She says one thing; does another & tells you that you agreed. She has a mandate, you know.. Yeah right. 🙁 FloJo
And the most useless Maureen
Also the most dangerous Bill
Does radical mean evil? Expanding the State is always evil because the State is an individual-rights-destroying entity. Dean
The sooner she moves out of the country and goes to China permanently the better. rod
Definitely the most radical socialist Prime Minister NZ has ever had to endure and definitely the worst PM and Govt we’ve ever had, bar none Flip
She is not only the most radical PM, NZ has ever had but the most dangerous and must be stopped before its too late. Loretta
Your newsletter says it all STEWART
Lies, hypocrisy, and deceit are her weapons to push this country into anarchy.. She/they must be stopped. Peter
Radical in the worst way possible. But radical should be swapped out for most “dishonest” Kerry
She / they have to go. This is a travesty. John
Ideology policies ahead of representing those she represents. Bill
If there were 20 other countries that had their elections interfered with, apart from the US, how can we be sure the last NZ Election was legitimate? Liz
Evil personified, comrade!!! Martyn
Probably second to Rob Muldoon Arthur
I’ve voted yes, but I believe she should be bracketed with her mentor Helen Clarke who set the whole revolutionary process in motion Theo
the woman is an idiot Pat
I am embarrassed to have such a P.M. Irene
She is certainly the most destructive. I believe that history will not look kindly on her David
RADICAL ISN’T THE WORD – SHE IS A SOCIALIST, TOTALITARIAN, COMMUNIST AND OUTRIGHT DESTROYING OF OUR SOCIETY We know she knows she will not be there at the next election and hiving off overseas to do what Helen Clark couldn’t achieve sheryl
for sure, she should be replaced immediately before more harm is done. gerard
Without doubt she is and she’s probably proud of it. Peter
And a dangerous one at that. Sonya
She is obviously following instructions from the puppet masters as are Macron, Trudeau, Morrison, Johnson et al. These policies DO NOT come from her. GRANT
So many new policies and ideas pouring out without proper consultation and the Maori agenda is terrifying! Lynne
You couldn’t make it up, trying to treat up like children. Wake up NZ our way of life is fundamentally threatened. Carol
Unfortunately Ardern is without doubt the most deceitful Prime Minister ever in New Zealand. Transparency is her greatest fear !! Donald
How do we get rid of this communist? Heather
Not in a nice way – she is racist – like we have never had before. Even the colonial governors were not nearly as racist as this woman. Peter
Damn right she is and unfortunately most people are going along with her. They have really pulled the wool over most people’s eyes. It is frightening how easily they are getting away with their policies. Wake up NZ! Fraser
She’s a nutty fruitcake from hell. Mark
Without a doubt. I have lived in NEW ZEALAND for nearly 50 years and I have never despised a Government as much as I despise and loathe this ‘shower’. Fiona
Yes totally she is fast becoming our version of Stalin Jeffrey
Her overseas image needs some home truths advertised George
She is the worst most extremely socialist Prime Minister NZ has ever had, and is appallingly, by devious means, creating separatism leading to destruction of our democracy. The smallest percentage of our population is being groomed to control us. Mary
despite heading up the most open and transparent govt….shakes head Mike
In terms of the potential overthrow of the democratic principles this country was built on..YES! Roger
she has become a dangerous joke, the sooner she resigns the better for our country. Warren
YES of course! Far worse than Helen Clark Ray
Maybe. Certainly the closest to a dictatorship where the head knows best about everything. Malcolm
A Wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is time to stop the Bull shit and enact commonsense. All talk and no do. Frank
Definitely. I was sure of this as soon as she walked out with that beaming toothy grin on election night peter
without a doubt, the current prime minister is the most arrogant and self promoting female in govt that we have seen in NZ history–who really believes all NZers support her every utterance and she is certainly the best actress we have ever had in parliament enny
She is the most dangerous politician New Zealand has ever had. This Socialist creep to Maorification of everything is dividing the country. Very surprised the Sheeple can’t see this. Ardern & her leftwing Maori/Green lot have to go! Christioher
I say yes, only because I can’t think of a more moronic PM in my lifetime. All this stealth under no lights BS is insane. Chrissy
Arden and her Government need to go – I do not like racism Suzanne
Who ever thought we could end up in such a situation with a PM with no brains on how to run a country with an agenda to turn us into a communist country h0pe we are not past the place of no return russell
It is blaringly obvious to all and by stifling the media the general public will never get to know. Dennis
The most radical ever Ted
Yes, I do believe that Jacinda Ardern is our most radically-thinking Prime minister New Zealand has had. By radical, I refer to her socialist orientated view of building a better environment for the Poor and Dispossessed by taking away from those who created the wealth and assets to provide them with the means of leavering themselves out of poverty. Unfortunately, most don’t take up the opportunity for why should they when the Prime Minister’s agenda is to continue offering the same free-hand-out policy to forge a power base of disinherited voters. The socialist policy of Venezuela under Maduro and former President was exactly that which, as we all know, has plunged the once strongest economy in Latin America to become a land of misery and social discontent. I don’t believe that Jacinda Ardern’s social views have altered since her days of being the president of the International Socialist youth party and a good reason therefore to vote her out along with the rest of her party at the next election. Ivan
But I think radical understates it. She is a rampant Communist, which everyone knew when voting, and with a majority she is acting exactly like that. She wants to destroy NZ and our democracy and is using extremist Maori to achieve it. Tohy
Not only the most radical, but the most incompetent, and the one who comes across as the least trustworthy. Right, that’s that out of the way, let’s look at the infamous Treaty. Let us suspend our intellectual faculties for a moment and agree that Queen Victoria entered into a partnership agreement with the maori chiefs. If that is so, it, along with all the other ‘Articles and Provisions’ in the document, died with her on 22nd of January 1901. It does not matter whether you consult the English version or any of the maori ones, none of them refer to her ‘Heirs and Successors’, as a treaty must do, so they are not bound by anything she agreed. I cannot bring myself to believe that the scholars who have studied this down the ages have overlooked this, so it remains to be believed that they have suppressed it for their own purposes. Will some learned and qualified person please give an opinion on this. TOBY
The sooner she goes the better! Elizabeth
Jacinda and several of her ministers are all Socialist party members. Wayne
Prime Minister Ardern does not have the best interests of the New Zealand people at heart on her ideology. This makes her the worst Prime Minister this country as ever had – this Labour Government is worse than the Kirk Government! Trevor
Will go down in history as the most dangerous politician this country has ever had. Ralph
The speed of the changes being made is breathtaking Tania
once a communist always a communist David 
It is so sad that she has turned out to be the person she is today and knows not how to change the direction to prevent irreparable damage to New Zealand. An early election may be the answer. Wayne
and the most stupid Vaughan
Without a doubt, she’s the first openly Socialist PM as well. Terry
I am very concerned Claire
Total socialist. A out and out commo Jeff
Yes but in the worst way and leads the worst government in all my 65 voting years Trevor
She should go. Next election is too far away. People should stand up Don
“Knowing when to walk away…knowing when to run…” New Zealand’s future is going down the drain….. Christopher
Hers is the most extreme left Labour party since I arrived in New Zealand in 1988. Her recent radical policies, coupled with support from progressive left media are creating the same levels of social and racial discord as Tony Blair’s British Labour Government after 1997. Leftist policies rushed through under the same blitzkreig expediency forced me to leave my homeland, England, as a political refugee, This cannot be allowed to happen in New Zealand. Phil
there is only one comparison and that is with Josef Stalin who also (thru central committee) decided how farmers should plant and tend their land david
Radical and DANGEROUS. Patrick
Adern is a very dangerous woman hiding behind a sickly smile!! Janet
Labour party’s and Jacinda’s policies are destruction of New Zealand Lyudmila
A wolf in sheep’s clothing – she has become either extremely naive with her Maori ‘advisors’, or has been super subtle when first elected with her socialist agenda. She must go, quickly. Alan
A very dangerous PM with an agenda to destroy the democracy set up for us all by our forebears ray
Her affiliation to the Communist Youth International for so many years has made her hard core socialist. Her support to Maori, her introduction of hate speech laws which will, if allowed to continue, will destroy democracy as we know it. Michael
we have got major problems ahead with this very socialistic Govt. Crapsinda has got to go as soon as we can get rid of her for the benefit of all NZ GRAEME
What with the Fire Arms Buy Back and all the He PuaPua nonsense Jacinda is out of control. William
Absolutely! Patricia
dangerous more like it. james
She is the most radical and certainly a person many no longer trust. Peter
Appalling awful dangerous Susan
Jacinda the Jacobin. Matt
She and her allies need to be taken down at the next election once and for all David
Not only is she the most radical, she is also the most devious and dangerous PM in NZ’s history Bob
She is heading NZ down a path in which every avenue we have to generate income, as a nation is to be blocked….Then what….just keep printing? Or will she just bugger off to the UN and watch, as all this pain, gains absolutely NOTHING. Lionel
I can’t believe that people can be so easily fooled by the tooth fairy – she is a disaster and needs to be gone before we become another Zimbabwe. Don
Jacinda Ardern is now leading New Zealand down a very dangerous path. It is time Kiwis woke up to what is going on. Roger
Not only the most radical but also the most divisive and dangerous….I despair that too few people are being exposed to the severity of the risks she poses. Bill
We now live in a dictatorship. What happened to all our freedoms and human rights. How can we remove her. Can she be impeached? Kath
Not only is she the most radical she is also the greatest liar that has been funded by public monies. Clearly she puts to good use all of her PR experience. She is also clearly the biggest admirer of Joseph Goebbels – tell a lie often enough and it becomes the “Truth”. So much for her pledge to “govern for ALL New Zealanders”. Apart from the fact she and her caucus do not fully recognise any of its citizens and residents unless their skin colour is brown. She may wish that the nation, her employer, return to tribalism and a stone-age mythology that she would have us believe is “science”. The same philosophy is followed by all their variously appointed authorities such as the CCC , the Three Waters Governing authorities, the Governance of New Zealand Health, the “buying” of the allegiance and control of MSM to a point that makes it simply another branch of the Government’s propaganda machine! Michael
dont know why she wants to give everything to the tribes nobody should own water which includes seashore anthony
Is she so stupid that she doesn’t know that the actions she dictates is wrecking our beautiful New Zealand Peter
Yes you can say that again, how can we put an end to this crazy woman before it’s too late Athol
Out of control running a dictatorship. Jacinda has no feeling for New Zealand or its people just bringing communism in blatantly. Lindsay
This woman is proving to be the most dangerous person to have led our country. I find it alarming that some of the former labour party politicians have not said or aired their views on where this woman is pushing us. I am quite sure some of these former labour party followers are wondering what the hell we have unleashed. william
and the most dangerous Noeline
Yes! I believe her to be a dangerous lunatic who needs to be removed from power. Trevor
For one reason or another it seems a number of New Zealanders are quite comfortable with this socialistic bullshit been laid on them along the all this maori stuff. Sven
Democracy is dead in the water. Thanks to Jim Bolger and his promise to have a second referendum on MMP. Richard
She displays a complete ignorance of our history and unapologetically replaces democracy with autocratic rule Bryan
I thought Helen Clark was but Jacinda does more behind the scenes Harvey
Without a doubt. Rosemary
Lange was PM during the Douglas reforms Trevor
probably Des
She is promoting her own hidden agenda, Allan
Too much pandering to Maori. They are only a small percentage of the population. What about the rest of us? Len
No she is not radical she is caring on her communist ways. Communists have great thoughts but don’t know how to get the job done ,instead lead by confusion and blame everyone Else accept themselves Ken
Even worse than Clark David
Yes, she is the most radical PM as is America’s current President, both are implementing the Marxist Revolution. Keep up with alternative news from the coal face – Bannon’s War Room rumble. Videos and podcasts, currently with 76 million downloads. Don
She is far too radical particularly the way and direction this government is moving, without the input or approval or mandate from the public. Peter
She is showing her true socialist agenda and is following in the wake of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Trump, repeating a mantra often enough so that the apathetic public believe that it’s true. God help us if she isn’t stopped. Kerry
Without a doubt. If she and her cohorts are not stopped soon and that may be too late this country will be communist run. The situation has to get into the media at the earliest to alert those who are blind to what is happening. Oh! for a leader who put’s New Zealand first. Tom
A devious PM endowed with charm which she is able to use to disguise implementation of her separatist agenda John
Absolutely! Colleen
Is there no end to her Marxist scheme? Errol
Radical in a bad way. Alan
NZ is getting exactly what it voted for. There is none so blind as those who cannot see. Most people were slayed by Tinkerbelles brilliant set of pearly whites and think she can do no wrong. Most kiwis have short memories and/or are unable to think, apart what’s in their pockets. The woman in scarlet is here. Ray
Wake up N.Z., it is very obvious this is leading to a communist country. Ann
Totally out of touch with the bulk of the NZ public. Hadyn
She has no idea what she is doing carl
Not her alone but with all of her cronies and greenies they could wreck the Country. Alan
Being in bed with the Greens does not help and Covid has proved a distraction from the various loopy balls she has in the air. Mark
As well as RABID. Bill
The sooner this Commie dictator & her party goes the better – she is driving NZ (not Aotearoa) down the toilet & making it into a Racist country & giving the assets that the majority of New Zealanders have paid for to the Maori (there is no such thing as Maori anymore – they are all part Maori). david
…and she has high-level Fabians and Masons behind her; they are operatives for the WEF. This is a global coup, she is their poster child. Once the perpetrators or conspirators take their plan out of the planning stage and put the plan into motion, there is no turning back. Totally exposed and guilty of treason if they fail, their lives are in great danger and no matter what is said or exposed, they must push forward till they have total control. We have been divided over many issues now, and this is pushing us toward ideologically-driven civil war. Bill
Her communist views are taking us backwards. Let us also remember how Argentina was once a great wealthy economy. Extremist policies brought the country to its knees and it has never recovered. douglas
Very much so. Dangerous, lazy and ignorant. This woman must be removed as soon as possible. Murray
100% yes. Frighteningly radical. Shirley
I never knew even half of this was happening, and Dr Muriel, I suggest you send the entire article to every Newspaper and Tv Channel in NZ. This must be the most dangerous set of politics in our history. Please let the entire country know before it is too late! Thank you for your work on this! Russell
Radical or rabid-take your pick!! Henry
Jacinda Ardern is damaging our country but most Kiwis don’t realise it. Let’s hope they wake up before the next election. Murray
Divide and Rule is her mantra. Communism is her aim. Marion
also the most inadequate, secretive. racist and deceptive ! gary
Most probably. Certainly she’s not good. People have been fooled by her times at the mosque shooting (which she did handle well) but that’s not all there is to running a country. She is promoting separatism and division. We should all write to our MPs to protest (and to her). Sheila
And the worst. I can’t stand the sight of the woman! I fear for the NZ my grand kids will have to endure. Grant
She is not a leader as such but a control freak!!! Dominique 
Ardern is also the dumbest and most incompetent PM ever. But she is Helen Clark’s puppet who in turn is the puppet of the socialist UN. Richard
Please wake up NZ as you are being taken down a road to communism by a conniving govt leader and you are asleep at the wheel so wake up and do something about it eric
A Luciferian, fascist thug. Robert
There is no other word than treason. Barras
This is an easy question to answer. prior to the last election she had made a statement that New Zealanders would. be one. With what has happened since then is the complete opposite. The only way this country can survive is to get rid of this Government and become one people john
wont be long before a plaque goes up on the Kremlin wall with her name on it, and by the time her daughter goes to school the other kids will remind her how her mother destroyed NZ, but as I’m sure cindy is after a job with the un the daughter will be schooling in the usa so instead of getting flack about a dictator mother she will be covered in garlands of flowers as some countries think our dictator has the sun shining out of her backside. Richard
Cindy the communist has to goooooooo NOW not later, In my opinion she is taking away the NZ European culture allowing the dead beats to take over , maybe we should change NZ’s name to little South Africa, little China, little North Korea etc etc better still send Cindy to these Countries we don’t want her Anon
just look around. loony ideas don
By an enormous margin! Graeme
Who ranks higher than Cindy? Warren
She is so dangerous New Zealand needs to find a way (Legally) to have her and her government kicked out of power as soon as possible. Albyn
There will be no coming back if she and the loony left are not voted out James
I would use the term destructive, she has decimated the oil and gas industry, destroyed New Zealand’s competitive advantage of cheap electricity, kowtowed to the Climate Change narrative, bowed to Maori activism and divided the country – she is a disaster Peter
Adern is the most divisive and destructive leader this country has ever experienced Lawrie
And all without consultation with the population. Michele
Radical is the perfect dictionary meaning for her actions – worth looking up! I can only assume she has her eyes on a UN position – well the sooner the better. NZ should never again sign up for the ‘looney tunes’ the make up the statements that everyone signs up to after a CO2 producing trip to a UN. meeting DICK
Muriel says it all. June
mind you she was well trained for the job, and seems to have the mindset to follow through with the insiders agenda… Wayne
Most certainly. Comrade Jacinda must now be deposed along with the greedy, radical unelected tribal elite. David
Also the most deceitful, as she promotes being caring but is the compete opposite. Andrew
Yes, and also a dangerous communist loony who is destroying race relations and the whole fabric of our country. I am sorry to say this; it seems so extreme but is being born out and made more obvious day after day. Rob
The sooner Adern is replaced and the party defeated – the better for the country and and all rate and taxpayers. Brian
Racist, disgusting, totally incompetent, destructive and an outright liar? Yes. Radical? I doubt it’s bright enough to qualify. Phil
The most radical and potentially the most damaging for the future of all New Zealanders Kevin
Certainly she is the most radical and incompetent that I have experienced in my 80 years . David
At the moment yes, and its frightening. We are one people, not made up of colour or creed, but just people. I and many others I speak to deplore what she is doing, and just hope she realises her mistakes soon Kerin
Most certainly – she is dangerous – we must get rid of her or it will be impossible to recover from the racist policies she is implementing Clive
Love New Zealand for 75 years but worried about the future because of this extreme left leaning incompetent Government. Media to biased to get the truth out there. Peter
She and all her Labour government members and party supporters should all wear black shirts just like the Italian fascists if the 1920’s and 30’s. That’s exactly where we’re heading under this regime. Colin
In my 70 plus years … i have never seen such a radical, disgraceful and disgusting person as the head of NEW ZEALAND. Des
Let’s hope damage is limited before the next election Graham
The most frightful, deceitful openly socialistic P M I have experienced in 70 years in N Z. Remember the Labour Party was polling 27 % under Andrew Little , until this princess turned up, with Winston giving her the option to start this countries downward spiral. Rod
She is downright dangerous to the Kiwi way of life. Graham
She is the greatest threat to our democracy since Hitler in 1939 GORDON
Yes by far the most radical Marxist leader we have ever had. She is leading us on a path to destruction and apartheid Laurie
Communism in full cry. Sid
Most radical – by far and away. She is a danger to our way of life, and all that generations have striven to build up. We really need a strong Opposition, and ACT is that. But it will need goodwill and help to succeed. Dave
These policies are racist and are undermining the countries democracy. If allowed to continue down this increasingly socialist path, once boarders eventually open, we will see a dramatic flight of our productive population to more democratic counties Andrew
she is putting her personal plan first and not her country Sharron
Communist! Or worse. Elizabeth
Yes, and may I add that she is on the verge of being the most hated. She is destroying this country. I hope when change arrives the new government has the courage to reverse all that has been done by Labour. chris
Yes but what is so troubling is the fact that she has forgotten she represents the people of New Zealand and NOT he UN and separatist agenda FAILURE Jacinda Carl
We do NOT want maori control of water or anything else. They have to get used to being equal citizens like everyone else. They have NO rights to expect they are the indigenous people here. It is well known, proven fact that people lived here BEFORE their canoes arrived on our shores. All our councils have to declare binding referendums and keep democracy ALIVE AND WELL in this nation of NEW ZEALAND!!! WE DO NOT WANT MARXISM TO RULE HERE. Bring a national vote of NO CONFIDENCE TO THE NATION AND BRING BACK EQUALITY WITH A NEW ELECTION – ASAP!!! Cec.
A very dangerous lady. Neville
100% she is. We are so close to becoming a communist state that I am in despair for our children, grandchildren and all future generations. We have lost our democracy already in everything but name. Margaret
She is so left wing & a outright communistic agenda Tony
It is hard to believe what is happening in NZ. Thanks for your illuminating articles Muriel. Wish the team of 5 million would read them and catch up with things!! Marianne
I think she is a leader that is leading the wrong country. Owen
Yes and also the loonyist ,she is no doubt a red fed to the end, leading us down the road to hell under tribal Maori law, god help us all James
Make Ardern Go Away !! MAGA Geoffrey
Very dangerous.  Percy
We will be third world soon Mike
She is off the scale! Allan
She must go before it’s too late. Nat
once a socialist etc. Mike
This government is a more visible and classic case of politicians seeking to retain power rather than represent the values and concerns of voters. Some of us voters are certainly riled up but, as one commentator pointed out, there seems to be a group of voters quite happy to be told what to do and what to think. I trust there will be enough riled up voters to kick this government out and put in representatives who will actually represent them. Or is this hoping for too much? Denis
The worst PM we have ever had in NZ. A Socialist Radical changing how we are Governed and how we live by stealth Wake up NZ Tony
Worst ever just a sick joke allan
Come on New Zealand, let’s get rid of this nasty, conniving, socialist government that is dividing our country. Darryl
But not in a good way. She’s not an intellectual, she is passive aggressive. Loathe her. Mary
Although I have voted yes, I wonder if she is really in charge – perhaps our real governing body is already Tainui tribe with the hugely incompetent Nanaia in charge. The launch of Jacinda’s downfall will be her huge self-opinion. She will not be able to take the fact that the world does not adore her! Liz
She seems intent on destroying our country by turning it into a Communist state, run by a privileged, radical few. ian
Absolutely the most extreme radical P.M. ever. Not really surprising, as she was previously leader of the World Junior Communist Party. Her clear aim, judged on her performance so far, is the complete destruction of civilised, Western democracy in New Zealand. Doug
She is incompetent. Fancy allowing her radical Maori caucus to lead the country towards tribal rule… Sandy
I’m not actually sure if she is the most ‘radical’ but I’m convinced hers is the most corrupt government NZ has ever seen. John
Absolutely and NOT very clever or smart at that. She seems to consider lying to be just something that you do in politics. Easily the worse government in my memory and I’m 80. Roger
Absolutely!!! Gail
communist Lenise
She is leading New Zealand down the road to a third world class nation which we are not far off from being. Absurd carbon emission schemes, Dividing the country, Increase in homeless people, Failed rail, and the list goes on. The current Labour lead coalition Govt will go down as New Zealand’s worst in history. Wayne
She is certainly the most divisive communist we have ever tolerated. Robbie
Yes –you could say that. The biggest problem is that they have taken over the media ,, the education system and are on a whole becoming more aggressive in dismantling all the checks and balances of democracy. The big problem we really have is that the general populace is politically inert and are too self centred and brain washed to as the right ( critical ) questions. On the other hand, if they continue to be unrestrained this whole system will end up with certainty in a fragmented country ridden by tribalism and racist corruption. A good breeding ground for civil war. Michael
We have an “accidental” Prime Minister who does not believe in democracy. That is a very scary reality for New Zealand! Darren
I think she is leading NZ down the wrong path. Tom
Apparently John Key when in London was called “the smiling assassin” — Jacinda could be called “the smiling corrupter”. Ted
I would go further and add she is the most devious, non transparent, divisive, scaremongering and controller by fear PM this country has ever had. Information is powerful and the drivel the country is being fed by this bought media and bunch of spin doctors will have serious consequences for us all. Heather
60 years ago a communist politician in Auckland was asked “If we elect a communist government, would there be another election”. the reply “We wouldn’t need one. The people would have shown what they wanted. Looks like we are headed that way without even knowing that we have an extreme left Government. Kevin
On this website, you’re preaching to the choir. We need more exposure on mainstream media, especially television which has become a propaganda wing for the leftwing. Pete
She has to be stopped Alan
A radical loony intent on raising her image in the eyes of all the Greta Thunberg wanna bes steve
Just a puppet to the world Controllers. Classic Divide and conger take over tactics. Neil
Yes, she is the most radical prime minister this country has had; she’s an absolute communist. Warren
The issue about He Puapua and the goings on around it not being asked is what does Labour get out of this? On the surface it looks as if the Government is giving up power to Maori, but could this all be heading towards a one party state, and that ethnonationalist Maori are being duped into being the Government’s tool to implement this? Brenton
If you want an argument, pick another subject. Bob
With Lange and Clark there have been very left wing politicians PM before, but Ardern as part of the socialist “young global leaders” of WEF definitely tops it by far. I would even call her a communist. Klaus
I certainly can’t think of one more radical. In terms of transforming our country from a free, liberal democracy into a socialist, Soviet-style state, she has no equal. Her hypocrisy is nauseating and she has the blinkered assurance of an ideological zealot. The only chink in her armour is her aversion to being unpopular which hopefully will be a moderating effect on her extreme agenda. Derek
The media’s infatuation with Jacinda Ardern has meant she has never really understood her role as Prime Minister. As a result, she has put the country onto a very dangerous path. Sue
And most disgraceful. Policies will split NZ. Graham
Shame we were not aware of her communistic associations before the election. It was well hidden. Helen
Yes, by far and away. She is toxic and is rapidly destroying our once lovely little country. I do wish people would wake up but there are still so many who haven’t realised what she is doing. If only we could all support a petition for her to go post haste. If we give her another couple of years it will be even harder, if not impossible, to bring this country back to how it should be. Helen
Yes too sweet to be wholesome. Or even more for her narcissistic image. “Here is me and who is like me”? Tony
Bad news daily and more yet to be announced Peter
advancing her charge to total communist control john
I can’t believe any PM would deliberately undermine NZ democracy, yet that’s what Ardern is doing. Shame that mainstream media don’t report such things – oh I forgot, they are on the government’s payroll! Graham
she is treasonous & needs to be removed immediately Nigel
JA needs rooted out of office and also the Labour caucus. The tide has turned. I’m rooting for any party with policies, pity it isn’t National!! Hugh
She has to be, giving away to the Maoris Hundreds of Millions of taxpayer funds is about as radical as it gets.. You wankers voted for them. Graham
I wish she would step down. Jenny
radicalism is an insult to intelligent responsible leadership; She herself lacks empathy for the common citizens with her poorly researched philosophies. disappointing commo failure. is similar to a drunken driver: mike
Machiavellian in the extreme Peter
She is not looking after the good of the people – just a small minority Steve
Unfortunately Yes. Pure Socialist and determined to devide our nation by Race, and creating a housing shortage by forcing landowners out of the Rental market, Watchout for the next step in State control. Don
Is it too late to stop this socialist radical from destroying our once beautiful and peaceful country, New Zealand? Unfortunately we are looking more like Zimbabwe every day. Chris
Jacinda Ardern and the labour Government are wreaking our country. We should all be New Zealanders working together to make our country to be a wonderful place to live. Garry
Radical and incompetent. Her cabinet is full of underachieving unionists and unqualified socialists. Stephen
Yes, and she is also the least transparent prime minister ever! Charles
It is hard to tell if she has already crossed the line from rampant socialist to fervent communist. Mike
She is the most dangerous PM New Zealand has ever had. As an aside, great to see you recognising that man-made CO2 emissions have no effect on climate change, Graeme
Jacinda Adern with her radical policies is creating racism in this country that we have never seen before. What has happened to the axiom that all people are equal under the law? Roger
She is a capable communicator But an unconscious incompetent as a leader. Turning NZ into a Socialist state Graham
must get rid of her and all her socialist policies gray
It appears Adern is the most left wing idealogue of ardent failed philosophy this country has ever seen. Which goes to prove beyond doubt that all the monkeys are not in a zoo. Sam
Radical and stupid and focussed on her own agenda with no thought about the people she should be serving. Gay
Division of the country on the basis of race is malevolent. Brian
Misguided, or insidiously calculating, she is the perfect image of George Orwell’s 1984. Darrel
Dangerously radical. She is a huge threat to democracy in NZ Russ
My sorrow is for the under 40’s that have no concept of what is happening in New Zealand, one day they will look up from the $15 flat white and wonder “how did this happen” Danny
She is issuing in Agenda 2030 and Maori sovereignty with NO mandate. Tony
Adern has Puppet Masters, who guide what she says and her Policies. We are way past Socialism now heading for complete Lenin Marxist type Control of our Country. Geoff
In as much as she is enacting divisive policy without reference of consultation with the electorate.. Michael
“Cry the Beloved Country” Peter
Destructive might be a better word than radial. Bryan
Extremely dangerous person. Dividing our country completely, with her Marxists communist agenda that she is pushing though at an amazing pace. We have to stop her and her people now. Bruce
possibly more extreme than any other party graeme
Believe me, she’s a true socialist zealot, and we’ve not yet seen the full extent of her inane plans. Graham
Well unless the complacent population do something about it and that includes the opposition parties we are going to be calling each other comrades Peter
Absolutely John
She’s a loser Mike
She’s a communist and endeavouring to change NZ structure without involving us. Mike
She needs to GO ! Jack
A great factual letter but disturbing especially the last hit. Jacinta is a communist plant that needs to be eradicated! Claire
She appears to be doing her own thing and NOT for the good of the country and it’s amazing people!! Concerned. Debbie
A disaster. Trevor
She definitely is Graeme
She is however the weakest and most incompetent. pdm
she is a communist anarchist committed to treason & destroying our country anyway she can. the pace with which she is achieving this gives kiwis the title of the worlds stupidest sheep mark
The PM is Blatantly radical with the help of most of the Media Les
She is an absolute and utter disgrace Carolyn
More like incompetent than radical! Bruce
Radical understates it ! What do you expect form a young, idealistic communist ? She doesn’t give a shit about NZ – it is all about her ‘international reputation’ as a radical transformational socialist paving the way to a position at the UN where she can impose her view of a ‘utopian’ society on the world. Keith
Without doubt and also the most dangerous John
More than Radical, (Commo ) Graeme
The word dictator is better. Terry
We need to get rid of her Lynn
We need to get rid of her and her government and the people that are pulling her strings out of this country forever before we totally lose all our freedoms and our childrens futures. Darrel
Ardern will lie but she has always been and always will be a communist. Lew
She is driving the introduction of Communism by stealthy and arrogant dictats. John
If her ability to run this country properly was matched by the size of her teeth we would be far better off. Carl
Foolhardy, left leaning socialist rubbish. Labour needs to get a message from the 83% of New Zealanders who are fed up with her governance, period! Leonard
And by far the most dangerous! Ignorant of reality and consequence! Andy
Undeniably YES! Joe
And because she is a woman who puts a motherly guiding spin on many of her actions and directives many are oblivious to her true agenda. Carol
she is the most racist new zealand has ever had and leading a very racist labour party murray
Further left than Lenin.. Don
JA is more focused on her own future than the wellbeing of NZ. She will leave this country divided and broken. The Treaty was never a partnership. She is dangerously ignorant. Liz
I am not happy with the direction she is taking our country in! Kate
The sooner she is gone the better, only ACT will counter this effectively Phil
Most certainly – a radical with no concept of rationale or what’s demanded in a democratic system. Jim
Needs to go very dangerous communist Greg
Absolutely! Her famous words ‘be kind’ is not what’s happening!! N.Z. The majority of people are being pushed to being 2nd class citizens with Maori having special rights and privileges over everyone else, take race out of the equation and treat everyone as New Zealanders Chrid
She dose it by stealth while smiling and dazzling you with her big white teeth David
Sadly dictatorial as well – she has muzzled the press so criticism and open debate are curtailed. John
I despair that the average New Zealander is so slow to wake up to what is happening to our country. Rod
Destructive. I say she’s the most destructive one this country has ever had. Kristene
evil in fact dave
Zimbabwe politics chris
I think that Michael Joseph Savage and the introduction of the Welfare State may have been more radical in that its introduction has / is allowing Jacinda’s Government to push the country towards racial inequality and a communist future. Alastair
Muldoon was worse, and there have been others Kevin
Not only radical but most dangerous. John
ABSOLUTELY!! Not only the most radical, but also the most divisive, least transparent, deceitful, conniving. in fact the WORST PM that has been afflicted on this dear country of ours. Tony
John Key is the second most radical P.M. He did a lot to consolidate N.Z. into an Apartheid Country Kay
Not simply radical, rabidly, blindly, stupidly radical and woefully ignorant to boot. Charles
Deepening Marxist and sapralin roots feed her ambitions. This must stop John
And the most useless Kerry
She’s not a real prime minister. Our prime minister represents all the people, not just a radical few. Most New Zealanders are absolutely disgusted. Thanks for your support and work. Anon
The “lady” has allowed the tail to wag the dog by giving the policies of the supporting parties such credibility. She is not making decisions for the betterment of the country but more for the promotion of the radical policies of her political “Partners”. tony
She has to go Jimmy
She is heinous! She is not only dividing our country by race, undermining our democratic rights to equality before the law and freedom of speech, she is actively promoting communism in our country and around the world. She wants to be one of the leaders in the new One World Order, sitting right next to Xi Jinping. Wake up, people. Oh, I forgot to tell you: She is also forcing us to get the jabs. WHY? It is an untested, experimental chemical injection into our bodies to SPIKE our systems into over-reacting to any germ or cold, and KILLING us, but deniably. It’s her method of ridding the World of billions of people. I repeat, she is heinous, along with the mega-billionaires who own ALL the media, so can make the news be what they want you to believe. We are pretty much doomed, unless we wake up and fight back. It’s no time to be complacent. Joyce
Arden is transforming New Zealand from a land opening democracy to a central command hard left socialist state by stealth Geoff
Most outrageous I have seen anyway. Sam
Absolutely no doubt about it. We must all make sure that she is the most radical prime minister we will EVER have. Ian
she is too stupid for words!…stupidity lies in the same realm as dangerous ! Roy
She is not just radical – she is a Marxist extremist, dangerously giving away Democracy to the 2% Maori elite who have more European than Maori blood, all to line their own pockets in true Orwellian style. They have used the freedom afforded by Democracy to destroy Democracy. Yes, the end of Democracy is near. The end result is well documented in history – oppression leads to revolution. Can we prevent it? Of course, as long as we reverse all race based legislation after the next election. There are many Maori who are disgusted at what is currently happening. We all need to protest current plans, louder and louder. Folkert
She is bloody dangerous to New Zealand. Carl
Not even convinced of ‘Olympic success’ with Lisa Carrington being lauded as a ‘maori success’ when she has a white Mother and a part-maori father. Coral
She’s a communist. Worst Prime Minister NZ had ever had. Asttid
Starlin reborn with spiral horns. David
On the road to communism Bev
By a country mile. TINKER, TINKER,TINKER. What a load of crap they are feeding us. I don’t think most MPs realize what a mess they are leading us into. Even National seem too spooked out to know where to draw the line. Tim
The most divisive, the least transparent, and the most incompetent PM ever. Mark
The most divisive policies in NZ history and the most secretive, with little adherence to the democratic process. John
Comrade Jacinda is destroying this country! Allan
Dreadful David
She hasn’t got a clue what she is doing and how destructive her divisive regime is to our once great country! Matt
Current NZ Government is a total shambles leading us into poverty and racial division. Neil
Yes, pandering to Maori too much. Kim
She is a complete idiot ! Alan
I used to think Helen Clark was the worst PM ever but Jacinda has easily taken that mantle off her Ray
She is in the camp of Marxism and will fail ,and Maori Tribalism is based around superstitious thinking along with spiritualism Felix
The tragedy of this Govt as they take away the rights of New Zealanders. Our democracy is being trampled on daily and it is time New Zealanders woke up as to what is going on. Margaret
It leading us down a path of social destruction! Creating racial division, and will end with bitterness, hatred and possibly even violence in opposing unfair actions! Hugh
Yes. She is without doubt unhinged and oblivious to the damage she has wrought. It will take decades of effort to redress Geoffrey
If not the most radical. Maybe the most dangerous to our way of life. Sadly the world is forgetting the horrors of communism and totalitarian government. Willy
A nasty, vindictive twisted woman who is destroying New Zealand and Kiwi’s lifestyle with her lust for communist rule. Graeme
Her ideas are dangerous. New Zealanders are busy earning a living and don’t have time to analyze the indoctrination that is blatently going on Kay
She doesn’t have the betterment of New Zealand anywhere on her radar. Absolutely destroying our country and there’s no form of restraining her radical moves. This is not what MMP was meant to deliver. I’m so saddened with what is happening. Vivienne 
The comment by Khrushchev says it all. “Your children’s children will live under communism. You are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you; We will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” If you look around you will see what’s happening everywhere. Ray S
An extreme radical “leftist” !!! David
She is the most evil PM this country has ever seen. Once she has taken us down to third world level she will then trot off to UN. She is a dictatorial communist Lesley
Part of the parliamentary oath states that the parliamentarian must ” Respect the democratic values and uphold the rights and freedoms of the people”. Democratic meaning the choices of the people are paramount. This is not happening under this government and therefore, we need a recall system to maintain the integrity of those elected. Janine
She is the most radical & dangerous PM in our history. Unfortunately, because she smiles, tells people to “be kind” & is generally portrayed in mainstream media as a benevolent politician who knows what’s best for NZ, far too many people who look no further, fall for this travesty. What is needed is for more ordinary Kiwis to Wake Up – and quickly! Heather
that would be Robert Muldoon Les
get out you horrible destructive crazy raving bint. chris
No. She’s an idealistic simpleton. The radical people are the ones around her – Nanaia Mahuta, Willie Jackson and co. Out foxed at every turn, Jacinda just has to stand by, protecting her brand and preaching “aroma”. Dave
She is horrible, evil and dumb also. pat
The sooner she is consigned to the dustbin of history the better off we all will be. Her time as PM will not be remembered as a positive time in the NZ Political Scene. Her Government will certainly be remembered for leaving NZ in a much worse position both economically and socially when they were finally removed. History will not judge Ardern and her Government well. They have been an absolute disaster for NZ Allan
Thankfully we can chuck her out at the next general Election. Her divisive policies are pulling the population apart, slowly but surely. vic
She is. The West is beset by enemies from without and within. They are usually driven by jealousy and envy and work undercover ceaselessly. I was interested in your quote by Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev in 1959. It reminded me of an address to the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1974 by former Algerian President Houari Boumedienne. NZ’ers will have to decide for themselves if this Government is in fact working in their best interests. I know that I have made up my mind. I see James Shaw is getting cold feet and wants to put distance between Labour and his looney tunes rabble. Too late. Now all state servants will also have to covertly make a choice or sleepwalk their way to a non Western aligned future. Terry
Jacinda Ardern has been a disaster for New Zealand. Her ideas are radical and ideologically based. She doesn’t understand real life or what makes a country succeed. The best thing she could do is quit!  Graham
Who could have imagined one person could do so much damage. Ardern will go down in the record books as the Prime Minister that ruined NZ.  Darren
Jacinda Ardern is dangerous. Her ideas are radical, and she has no wisdom – the oil and gas decision revealed her extremism and recklessness. The sooner she throws in the towel the better.  Kathy
It is tragic watching NZ being destroyed by this awful woman. Kiwis must join the fightback. We can’t let her and her comrades destroy our beautiful country.  Warren
What a disaster she is! Andrew