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Dr Muriel Newman

Taxing Commercial Charities

Over recent years Google and Facebook have become targets in a campaign questioning whether such successful international companies are paying their “fair share” of tax in the countries in which they operate.

Lord Richard Balfe of Dulwich

Charities- some uncomfortable facts

The common image of charities is of benevolent institutions doing good in a quiet way for generally people or animals who need help. The reality is not quite like that. Today in Britain charities are big business and often pay big salaries.

Dr Muriel Newman

Out of Control Regulations

If US President Donald Trump was the Prime Minister of New Zealand and heard what the Ministry for Primary Industries is doing to Biddy Fraser-Davies of Cwmglyn Cheese in Ekatahuna, he would undoubtedly call the head of that agency and say “You're fired”.

Biddy Fraser-Davies

Please Help Me

I write in some distress as it appears MPI is determined to close me down with their excessive demands for repeat testing of raw milk, immature cheese curd and final product testing of Cwmglyn mature raw hard cheese.

Dr Muriel Newman

Drug Testing Drivers

The carnage on New Zealand’s roads is continuing, with 326 fatalities last year - seven more than in 2015, and 30 more than in 2014. While one in four of the drivers were going too fast for the conditions, drugs and alcohol were factors in 40 percent of the crashes.

Mike Noon

Drugged driving a hidden killer

No one would be happy to know that the driver heading towards them on the road was drunk. That’s why we use a lot of Police time and taxpayer’s money to try and keep drunk drivers off our roads. But what about if the driver heading towards you was stoned instead?

Dr Muriel Newman

Politically Correct Madness

Political Correctness is being used by vested interest groups to force new norms of thought and behaviour onto society. Nowadays if you are not “sensitive” enough in embracing values such as “tolerance” and “diversity”, then you will be aggressively attacked and stigmatised by activist critics - including in the media.

Dr Muriel Newman

Tinkering with the RMA

The new Iwi Participation Agreements will require democratically elected councils to seek the approval of unelected tribal representatives in all major decision-making. Even though many councils have more than a dozen iwi claiming an interest in their areas – each will be entitled to set up their own Agreements and be individually consulted.

Dr Muriel Newman

Food Regulations Under Review

Imagine being an artisan cheese maker, so proud of your product and your whole organic farming operation that you agree to Country Calendar featuring you on one of their shows. One would think that should be a good news story – but not so for 74 year old Biddy Fraser-Davies of Cwmglyn Cheese.

Anna Tait-Jamieson

In Support of Artisan Cheese

I am a former food manufacturer, now a food journalist. For the past 15 years I’ve written and made feature stories about New Zealand’s artisan producers, including many who operate in the dairy sector.