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Dr Muriel Newman

Boosting the Regions

Twice a year the Reserve Bank publishes a Financial Stability Report to assess the soundness of New Zealand’s financial sector. A key concern in the Bank’s May report is the impact on the economy of falling dairy prices: “Approximately 25 percent of farmers are estimated to have negative cash flow".

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Mayor Winton Dalley

Speech to the Future of the Heartland Forum

My brief is to talk from the Local Community and District Council perspective about the issues facing our district and particularly our export producers as we contemplate Heartland Hurunui’s contribution toward the Governments goal of doubling export earnings by 2025.

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Dr Muriel Newman

Whanau Ora

Whanau Ora is the birthchild of MMP. It is the Maori Party’s policy for tribal self determination. It has been designed to direct hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into empowering tribal groups for self-rule - independent from the state but funded by it.

Lindsay Mitchell

The Folly that is Whanau Ora

This week, even Lyn Provost, the Auditor General who has presumably spent many, many hours putting together a report on Whanau Ora said, "It was not easy to describe what it is or what it has achieved." These outsider inabilities to understand the concept may not matter if insiders did. But there is now evidence that parties directly involved disagree about aims and purposes.

Dr Muriel Newman

Media Concerns

According to surveys conducted by the US polling company Gallup, trust in the media fell to an all-time low of 40 percent last year, from a high of 72 percent in 1976. A loss of confidence in the mainstream media's ability to report the news “fully, accurately, and fairly” along with a perception of bias - that the media is “too liberal” – has resulted in a growing disenchantment, as people look elsewhere for their news.

Sir Bob Jones

Why ponytailgate is nonsense

I made two predictions. First, that within the hour, that groaning giveaway of journalistic shoal fish mediocrity would emerge, namely the appendix "gate". Sure enough, exactly 38 minutes later, the Stuff website kicked off with the first "ponygate", the others all duly lapdogging along thereafter.

Dr Muriel Newman

Interesting Policies on Offer in UK Elections

Good policies do not have international borders. What works in one country, can often be successfully adapted and used in another. For policy analysts, general elections provide a rich hunting ground for cutting edge policy options - and the United Kingdom’s 2015 general election on May 7 is no exception.

Matt Ridley

UK Welfare reform and unemployment

Whatever else you think about this government, there is no doubt it has presided over an astonishing boom in job creation like nowhere else in the developed world. The milestones are impressive: an average of a thousand new jobs a day over five years; a jobless rate half the eurozone’s; the highest percentage of the population in work since records began. All this while the public sector has been shedding 300 jobs a day.

Dr Muriel Newman

Race-based Water Rights a Step Closer

While no-one can own freshwater in New Zealand, iwi leaders are pushing the government for race-based rights akin to ownership. They know that control of water brings power. They also know that water is big business. The Ministry for the Environment puts the economic value of New Zealand’s water at $34.85 billion a year – iwi corporations want a permanent share.

Judge Anthony Willy

Water yours mine or nobody’s

The ownership of water is coming to the top of the political agenda with sinister connotations that it can be bought and sold and allocated on the basis of race. Before public opinion is led down this road to hell it is timely to revert to first principles and to consider just what it is the politicians and their in house advisors are dealing with.