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Dr Muriel Newman

The Islamic State

On Monday Cabinet authorised a New Zealand deployment to Iraq to assist in the fight against the Islamic State. Around 140 personnel are being sent at the request of the Iraqi Government and will take on a training role with their army.

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Dr. Ron Smith

Fighting Islamic Extremism

Has the war on Islamic extremism got anything to do with us? Specifically, should we contribute to any military action against the so-called Islamic State and its outliers? This, of course, is a multi-faceted question.

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Lindsay Mitchell

Show us the "systematic discrimination"

Amnesty International makes pronouncements about every country in the world (in this particular report, 160 countries) but cannot intimately understand the development of child poverty locally. The only purpose this report serves is to provide headline fodder for the political Left.

Dr Muriel Newman

An Amalgamation Agenda

Noosa residents were deeply unhappy about the forced amalgamation and the removal of local democracy. They vowed to fight back, and in the lead up to the State Government elections in 2012, they, along with three other Queensland communities, won the right to de-amalgamate.

Philip Barry

Local Government Reform

Local government performance and reorganisation have been popular topics of debate in recent years in New Zealand and Wellington is the latest region under the Local Government Commission’s scrutiny. In December last year, the Commission released its Draft Proposal for Reorganisation of Local Government in Wellington.

Dr Muriel Newman

Reflecting On Our Past and Future

Nowadays New Zealand is a nation of peoples from all over the globe. The commonality between us all is that we call New Zealand our home. We like to think we are a nation of equals - but there are many who seek to divide us by race.

Dr. Don Brash

Why I disagree with Gareth Morgan

A couple of days before Waitangi Day I had a call from David Fisher of the “Herald” telling me that Dr Morgan would be going to the Orewa Rotary Club to give a speech criticising what he called “ignorant Brash-think” about the Treaty.

Dr Muriel Newman

Progressive Education a Failure

Poor test results and falling standards are symptoms that all is not well with the education system. They cast doubt on the radical reforms introduced by the previous Labour Government during its last term in office.

Tony Sayers

The Tail Wagging the Dog

For many years as a practising teacher in New Zealand, I watched the gradual but tangible creep of Maori influence upon the NZ education system. ‘And what is wrong with that?’ the Maori educationists and culturally liberated activists, may cry. ‘Nothing at all’, I would reply, ‘so long as the same opportunity is offered to every other ethnic group in the country’.

Dr Muriel Newman

Transport Matters

Wellington’s low road toll can be largely attributed to their focus on improving the region’s problem roads. $15 million was invested in the construction of a 3.5-kilometre median barrier on the dangerous Centennial Highway south of Paekakariki.