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Dr Muriel Newman

The Kermadec Controversy

Last year our Prime Minister boldly announced to the United Nations that New Zealand was going to create one of the world’s largest ocean sanctuaries. It was intended to establish our sustainability credentials on the biggest international stage.

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David Round

Mixed Motives in Kermadec Tangle

The Kermadecs lie six hundred or so miles to the north of the rest of New Zealand. The main island, Raoul Island, is our country’s northernmost inhabited outpost. The islands are all reserves, administered by the Department of Conservation, and the only inhabitants are Conservation Department staff and volunteers.

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Dr Muriel Newman

New Zealand Needs Tax Reform

“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” The quote is attributed to Mark Twain but he could have been talking about New Zealand where misinformation campaigns continue apace. What’s worse is that these days they get reported as news.

Darcy Allen

The case for personal income taxation cuts

Tax reform would benefit by following one simple motif: don't tax what you want more of. It follows that cutting income tax rates should be a boon for the economy-freeing up labour markets, incentivising work, and stimulating entrepreneurship. If only politics were that simple.

Dr Muriel Newman

Race Relations in New Zealand

Last week the Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy wrote an open letter to all New Zealanders. She wants to hear your views on racism in New Zealand.

Lindsay Perigo

A Magnificent Pandemonium

This is the speech I delivered almost in its entirety in my capacity as special commentator, along with Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy, at Monday night's semi-final in the intra-university Next Generation Debates series at Auckland University.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Battle for the Maori Seats

A new battleground is forming, one that has been likened to a real life “Game of Thrones”. It is a battle for the control of the Maori Seats and involves the Maori King Tuheitia Paki and his closest advisor, the new president of the Maori Party, former New Zealand First MP Tukoroirangi Morgan.

David Round

Two Nations

As far as the law is concerned, the king is just Mr Paki, a New Zealand citizen and the Queen’s subject like anyone else. Nor, even nominally, is he the king of all Maori ~ as many Maori are the very first to insist. Many in Nga Puhi evidently refer to him as the ‘King of Huntly’!

Dr Muriel Newman

Jobs for All

There has been a heated debate over recent months about whether New Zealand needs so many migrant workers, and indeed whether they prevent unemployed New Zealanders from securing jobs.

Bryan Cadogan

Eliminating Youth Unemployment

From the Far North to Southland areas are awash with jobs with employers struggling to find people with even the basic skills to fill them. This sits hand in hand with the perpetual scourge on our society, unemployment, especially youth unemployment.