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Dr Muriel Newman

Transport Matters

Wellington’s low road toll can be largely attributed to their focus on improving the region’s problem roads. $15 million was invested in the construction of a 3.5-kilometre median barrier on the dangerous Centennial Highway south of Paekakariki.

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Karl du Fresne

Heavy-handed Policing

Human nature is a perverse thing. It consistently thwarts all attempts to coerce us into behaving the way bureaucrats, politicians and assorted control freaks think we should.

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Dr Muriel Newman

Expanding New Zealand's Dependency Culture

Child poverty has become a new frontier for socialist activism. It has been transformed from a social cause into a political agenda. The objective is to discredit the government and undermine parental responsibility in order to introduce more state intervention, higher taxes, and greater levels of income redistribution.

Lindsay Mitchell

MSD ups efforts to detect sole parent benefit abuse

The trial applied to sole parent support beneficiaries because this is the only benefit that has relationship status a requirement for eligibility. The participants were those who had been on Sole Parent Support benefit for 20 weeks.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Death of Democracy

Apathy and indifference are major threats to our democracy, not only through low voter turnouts in elections, but more importantly, by leaving open a window of opportunity for extremist minority interest groups to impose their will on the majority.

David Round

It’s Quiet; Too Quiet

To speak of the Waitangi Tribunal’s agenda is no exaggeration. It is now nothing but a grandly-titled taxpayer-funded Maori lobby group, whose continued existence is increasingly perilous to the country and indefensible on any rational grounds.

Dr Muriel Newman

A Snapshot of New Zealand in 2014

After each general election, briefing papers are prepared by public agencies for the incoming government. They provide a snapshot of New Zealand. According to the State Services Commission, New Zealand’s government is bigger than ever before.

Frank Newman

The economic horizon

Last month the Reserve Bank released its half yearly Financial Stability Report. Its purpose is to report on the soundness and efficiency of New Zealand’s financial system and the measures undertaken by the Reserve Bank.

Dr Muriel Newman

A Recipe for Disaster

Not content with forcing a Maori Ward onto his district at the next local body election, New Plymouth’s Mayor, Andrew Judd, is now calling for a law change so that half of all councillors in New Zealand will be Maori.

David Rankin

Waitangi Tribunal Doing More Harm Than Good

There is an old Chinese proverb: “When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. When is the second best time to plant a tree? Now.” It’s the same with the Waitangi Tribunal. The best time to have shut it down was in the in 1985, before historical claims were allowed to be considered.