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Dr Muriel Newman

Election Myths

This election campaign has not only been notable for the dirty politics of Hager and Dotcom, but for the many myths that are touted as fact. Child poverty is a case in point. It is used by those on the left to justify higher taxes and a bloated government

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Lindsay Mitchell

ELECTION 2014: Where to with welfare?

In the last six years National has done more to address working-age welfare dependence than Labour did in the prior nine. However their reforms shouldn't be overcooked. Describing them as a "useful start" in his recent autobiography, Don Brash was spot on.

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Dr Muriel Newman

Open Letter to the Prime Minister

There are many issues of crucial importance to voters in election campaigns - particularly whether parties have the capability to manage the economy effectively. However, there is one matter that doesn’t rank highly in the polls, but is of such deep concern that it goes to the heart of who we are as New Zealanders - the issue of racial privilege and the Maori seats.

Dr. Don Brash

Hikois from hell

One of the most disturbing comments made by any politician in the election campaign so far was the comment by John Key when he said that, though abolition of separate Maori electorates is National Party policy, he had no plan to abolish them because such a move would provoke “hikois from hell”.

Dr Muriel Newman

Stealing an Election

This election campaign has been effectively stolen from voters. Left wing activist Nicky Hager clearly planned to dominate the campaign period with the publication of his book of hacked emails. He has done this before. He knew releasing private emails would overshadow the campaign and give him unprecedented publicity.

Mike Butler

Poverty, wealth, and the election

Dirty politics from the Left during the current New Zealand general election campaign obscures policy at a time when the issue of wealth or poverty and how to get there should be critical.

Dr Muriel Newman

Tuhoe Rules

Through this Tuhoe settlement, the government is sanctioning separatism. But when it results in the bullying of Police and the disrespecting of the rule of law, is this really the future we want for New Zealand – a nation of ‘no-go’ zones, where the rule of law can no longer be guaranteed?

Mike Butler

Key govt’s $1.2b treaty settlements record

The current National-led government has been by far the most generous with treaty settlements, having paid out $1.22-billion over six years, and is pushing for as many signed agreements as possible before the September 20 election.

Dr Muriel Newman

Concerns Emerge Over Binding Citizens Referenda

There is no doubt that the concept of citizens’ democracy is a powerful one. It is, after all, attributed with building Switzerland into a successful and prosperous nation. But the question that advocates should be asking right now is whether the policy of binding referenda is feasible within New Zealand’s constitutional framework?

George Gair

Serious Constitutional Issues Need Rethinking

The trouble with referendums is they inevitably must focus on single or particular issues, or specific aspects of issues, and don’t, and can’t, in their “yes or no” message, weigh the issues adequately in the wider context of society’s broad present welfare, or likely future needs.