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Dr Muriel Newman

Re-writing History

Last week the Waitangi Tribunal released WAI 1040 – a report into the claim by Ngapuhi and other northern iwi that their chiefs did not cede sovereignty to the Crown when they signed the Treaty of Waitangi.

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Judge Anthony Willy

Maori water rights a recent Supreme Court decision

The latest decision of the Supreme Court in is a fine contribution to the ongoing saga. It is between Paki and four others against the Attorney General and two interveners (parties who want to be heard) Mighty River Power and the Te Kahui Trustees. Judgment was given on the 29th August 2014.

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Dr Muriel Newman

The Dangers of Cannabis

Cannabis is clearly a very dangerous drug. It causes cancer, lung disease, psychosis, and can lead to the onset of schizophrenia. It is highly addictive and can become a gateway to hard drugs. In addition it causes impairment that can result in accidents, hospitalisation, or death.

Professor Richard Beasley

Cannabis and the lung

New Zealand has one of the highest reported rates of cannabis use, with about three-quarters of New Zealanders having tried cannabis by the age of 25, and nearly 10% cannabis-dependent by this age.

Dr Muriel Newman

Home Fire Scaremongering

The Green Party had a significant impact on government regulation and legislation during the nine years Helen Clark was Prime Minister. While many radical environmental initiatives were eventually dropped or terminated by the National Government, others, like the ban on household fires and older wood burners, remain in place.

Mike Butler

Govt fabricating deaths in woodburner scare tactics

The Auckland Council is campaigning to ban domestic open fireplaces and old wood burners by claiming that such fires result in the premature deaths of 110 persons every year even though evidence for such deaths does not exist.

Dr Muriel Newman

New Parliament - New Challenges

New Zealand’s 51st Parliament was officially opened last week. Members were sworn in, Select Committees were formed, and the Governor General gave the Speech from the Throne. Then the wrangling began - and it was business as usual for our new Parliament!

Dr. Ron Smith

The Terrorist Threat

There can be few New Zealanders who have been following the news over the last few months, who do not know that there are persons out there, beyond our borders, who mean us ill. They have been variously described as ‘Islamic extremists’, ‘jihadists’, terrorists, ISIS militants, and, in the Middle East, they have been responsible for a positive tsunami of atrocity.

Dr Muriel Newman

Manipulating Charities

The fact that the 50 top charities made $1 billion in retained profits in the last financial year, raises legitimate questions about whether it is right that some of the country’s richest business corporations are able to use New Zealand’s liberal charities laws to avoid paying tax?

Dr Michael Gousmett

The Failure of Ngai Tahu holdings Corporation as a "Charitable" Entity

Ngai Tahu have taken advantage of the income tax legislation and charity law to grow the settlement to the point which must raise questions about the privilege of the exemption from income tax being granted to limited liability companies.