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Dr Muriel Newman

Transforming Our Future

A nation’s future is determined by the vision of its leadership. That is essentially the message that Taranaki born Stephen Jennings, one of country's most successful global entrepreneurs, delivered when he returned to New Zealand last month to present a keynote address for the New Zealand Initiative.

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Stephen Jennings

The Market Path To Prosperity

It’s great to be back in Auckland. I studied economics here in the ‘80s and I’m grateful to Auckland University for sparking my interest in how markets and institutions really work. The windsurfing was pretty good as well. As a newly minted economist I lived in Wellington for eight years working at the Treasury...

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Dr Muriel Newman

Free speech and a gay horse

The right of candid expression is the hallmark of an open society. The ability to challenge ideas and the perceived wisdom of the day, in a free and unfettered manner - even at the risk of offending others - is the cornerstone of liberty.

Mike Butler

Govt to blame for Maori reoffending?

The government is to blame for the high numbers of Maori in jail, according to a Treaty of Waitangi claim filed by retired probation officer Tom Hemopo. An urgent Waitangi Tribunal hearing was held in Wellington through the last week of July, to investigate Hemopo's claim.

Dr Muriel Newman

New Developments in Housing

Last Wednesday the Green Party’s co-leader Metiria Turei made a shock announcement - the Green's want to reduce house prices to half their present value, to create more affordable homes. Their radical ideological agenda is why no ruling party should have anything to do with them - and certainly not as partners in Government.

Dr Phil McDermott

Will the Reviewed Auckland Unitary Plan Save Auckland from Itself?

The Independent Hearings Panel has presented its recommendations for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan to Auckland Council. The Panel loosened the strait jacket, but the patient remains tethered. Indeed, we may come to regret the additional credibility that the Panel has given the plan.

Dr Muriel Newman

Housing Affordability – the underlying problem

The recent political debate over the shortage of housing has been more heat than light. The real issue that needs addressing is the policy framework that’s preventing the housing market from operating properly and meeting the growing demand for houses - especially those in the lower and medium price brackets.

Frank Newman

The cost of building a home

The headlines are relentless about homelessness and the cost of housing. Nowadays $2,500 a square metre is not unusual even for a relatively straight forward build. Given the average home is about 200m2, the building cost alone is likely to be +$500k (plus land cost). So why does it cost so much to build a house? There are many reasons, but mostly the cause ends up at the doorstep of local and central government.

Dr Muriel Newman

Local Body Developments

Not content with the failure of the Local Government Commission to merge councils in Northland, the Hawke’s Bay, and Wellington, National is now proposing to put their amalgamation agenda into effect via the back door, using a new local government bill to increase the power of the Commission, while removing important democratic rights from residents and ratepayers.

Fiona Mackenzie

A Grab for the Gulf

The feeling of having been totally out-manoeuvred has become a common sensation amongst Auckland regional ratepayers – and they don’t know half of what is going on. This powerlessness extends to some of the well-meaning City Councillors who thought they were being elected to work for the people; they now see themselves as fall guys, taking the rap for conniving bureaucrats, greedy iwi and unscrupulous politicians.