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Dr Muriel Newman

Free Trade

There is no doubt at all that international free trade creates global wealth and raises living standards for all countries involved. It allows nations to benefit from the natural advantages and skills of others, and it allows consumers to enjoy a greater choice of goods and services at lower prices.

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Gary Judd QC

Free trade, protectionism and the TPP 

The Trans‐Pacific Partnership has again been in the news, this time because initially President Obama was unable to get Congress to give him authority to fast track negotiations because of revolt within his own party but now because he appears to have overcome that difficulty in the House of Representatives although there is still doubt as to whether the Senate will approve the measure.

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Dr Muriel Newman

Secret Deals

At a time when leaders around the world are increasingly concerned about the dangers of social division caused by radical separatism and extremist ideologies, our governments have created and continue to support a privileged tribal elite. This elite lives like royalty on the proceeds of taxpayers’ funding, while disadvantaged members of their wider tribal groups struggle in the country’s worst social statistics.

Hugh Barr

National’s tribal privatisation assault on NZ’s best fishing coasts looms

This article updates information on the National Government’s highly controversial 2011 Marine and Coastal Area Act, that allows Maori tribal privatisation of the foreshore and seabed, through gaining Customary Marine Title over these priceless resources. The Act is the brainchild of pro-Maori Treaty Claims Minister Christopher Finlayson.

Dr Muriel Newman

Economics and Immigration

Last Thursday, the Governor of the Reserve Bank Graeme Wheeler lowered the Official Cash Rate by 25 base points from 3.5 percent to 3.25 percent. With New Zealand’s inflation rate running close to zero, factors influencing his decision included a 55 percent decline in the oil price from June last year, and a 55 percent drop in dairy prices.

Professor Roger Bowden

The Pressure Points of Immigration

Immigration is in the news all over these days: the US, Canada, Italy, the UK, and now in NZ, with our net immigration running at over 50,000 a year. True, many are Kiwis returning from Australia where employment prospects have diminished in the wake of the mining downturn.

Dr Muriel Newman

Controlling the Dialogue

The Human Rights Commission has been a strong defender of the public’s right to the freedom of expression in New Zealand. It is therefore ironic that it has now created a permanent register which “names and shames” anyone who speaks out on the thorny issue of race relations, whose published opinions they deem to be negative.

Fiona Mackenzie

Manipulation of New Immigrants

There will always be individuals striving for greater personal power and control over others, at any cost. So when I read that Treaty of Waitangi workshops have been offered to new immigrants for the last 25 years, I’m curious.

Dr Muriel Newman

National Security in the Internet Age

New Zealand’s Director of the Security Intelligence Service, Rebecca Kitteridge, agrees that the use of social media by the Islamic State to reach out to disaffected people in the West, not just to travel to Syria and Iraq to fight, but also to carry out attacks in their own countries, is a major concern.

Neil Fergus

Foreign Fighters – the next generation of global terrorism

Islamic State and al Qa’ida have been competing violently on the battlefields of Iraq and Syria over the last couple of years. However a much more insidious aspect of their enmity involves the competing outreach programmes they have both carefully constructed.