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Dr Muriel Newman

Time to Scrap the ETS

Quite why New Zealand governments have wanted to penalise households and small businesses, with an ETS that is far more onerous than that of the European Union, is not clear - especially when our country is one of the cleanest and greenest on earth, with human habitation covering less than one percent of our total land area.

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Bryan Leyland

Why we should scrap the Emissions Trading Scheme

Australia has just scrapped its carbon tax, so should we scrap our Emissions Trading Scheme? The answer is yes, and for many reasons. The Emissions Trading Scheme has distorted farming and forestry, increased electricity and fuel prices and done little or nothing towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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Dr Muriel Newman

Regulation Is Not The Answer

The threat of a compulsory warrant of fitness for rental housing should evoke the strongest possible response from property investors. They will be well aware that such a scheme would come at a considerable cost, which would not only drive up rents, but would force some property owners to sell. By increasing rents and reducing the availability of rental housing, this misguided policy would hurt the very families that the advocacy groups purport to want to help.

Mike Butler

WOF politics to hurt tenants, landlords

Decisions loom on two politically motivated warrant of fitness schemes for our 480,000 rental properties, both of which could make housing less available and more expensive to the poorest people in New Zealand.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Rule of Law and Propaganda

The July 3rd discharge without conviction of Korotangi Paki on charges of burglary, theft, and drink driving, on the grounds that he is the son of the Maori King, has caused widespread outrage.

Judge Anthony Willy

The Rule of Law or The Supremacy of The Law

Since writing the article on the Rule of law and Maori privilege a number of people have asked what is this Rule of law and why does it have any significance in the modern New Zealand world. It is a good question...

Dr Muriel Newman

Public Protest Matters

In June, a subcommittee of the Auckland Council announced plans to make grieving families apply for permission to scatter their loved ones' ashes in public places. The new bylaw would have prevented ashes being scattered in cemeteries, parks, even beaches, unless a fee was paid and written approval obtained from the council or the Wahi Tapu Maori Komiti.

Michael Coote

Ending racial discrimination in local government

A window of opportunity presents itself to amend the egregious errors of the flawed proposed Auckland unitary plan. Original submitters on the plan have until 5pm, 22 July 2014, “for lodging further submissions, either in support or opposition to original submissions.”

Dr Muriel Newman

Free Markets Under Attack

To the surprise of many, the Catholic Church’s Pope Francis has begun attacking the free market, going so far as to declare it a “new tyranny”. But before you start thinking that here in New Zealand we are relatively immune from any such radical influence on public policy, you might consider the similarities between Pope Francis and David Cunliffe.

Allister Heath

The Pope attacks capitalism

It is with great sadness that I must take exception to the Pope’s views on economics and business. His hostility to capitalism, shared by the Church of England, is tragically misplaced.