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Dr Muriel Newman

Public say NO to Maori seats on Council

The result of the Far North District Council’s referendum on the establishment Maori seats was released last week. Voters in Northland have said a resounding “No” to Maori seats on their local council, by a two to one margin.

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Judge Anthony Willy

Sovereignty in New Zealand

The official British Government position concerning who exercised sovereignty over New Zealand at the beginning of the ninetieth century is summarised in the instructions given by Lord Normanby to his appointed Consul Captain William Hobson before he sailed for New Zealand on the 25th August 1839.

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Dr Muriel Newman

Managing Risk

Major external risks faced by nations include warfare, global pandemics and international economic collapse - all events we have witnessed over the last few years. But sometimes, serious threats come from within.

Frank Newman

New lending restrictions target property investors

The Reserve Bank has its sights set on property investors. The Bank has said for some time now that Auckland's runaway property market is unsustainable and a risk to the financial stability of the NZ economy.

Dr Muriel Newman

Inherent Failings of Bureaucracy

If the costs of major public projects are being routinely underestimated and the benefits over-stated by those promoting such projects, then the role of providing a realistic a cost-benefit analysis should become the responsibility of an independent agency like the Auditor General.

Mike Butler

Amalgamation tactics underhand

Voter apathy appears to be the not-so-secret weapon that the Local Government Commission seems to rely on in local government amalgamations proposed for Hawke’s Bay, Northland, and Wellington. If no one objects a transition to amalgamation is self-starting.

Dr Muriel Newman

Concerns over Amnesty

Instead of solely raising awareness of prisoners’ rights in dictatorial regimes, Amnesty International now campaigns on such populist issues as globalisation, capitalism, poverty, and gay rights.

Lindsay Mitchell

Show us the "systematic discrimination"

Amnesty International makes pronouncements about every country in the world (in this particular report, 160 countries) but cannot intimately understand the development of child poverty locally. The only purpose this report serves is to provide headline fodder for the political Left.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Islamic State

On Monday Cabinet authorised a New Zealand deployment to Iraq to assist in the fight against the Islamic State. Around 140 personnel are being sent at the request of the Iraqi Government and will take on a training role with their army.

Dr. Ron Smith

Fighting Islamic Extremism

Has the war on Islamic extremism got anything to do with us? Specifically, should we contribute to any military action against the so-called Islamic State and its outliers? This, of course, is a multi-faceted question.