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Dr Muriel Newman

What Next for Local Government

Last week Local Government New Zealand held its annual conference in Rotorua. The organisation represents the country's 78 local authorities - 11 regional councils, 6 unitary councils, 11 city councils, and 50 district councils.

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Mike Butler

The case against HB amalgamation

Readers in Hawke’s Bay will soon vote on a proposed five-council amalgamation while readers elsewhere would know of similar proposals for the Wellington region and Northland. This is the case against the Hawke’s Bay proposal that will be voted on from August 24.

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Dr Muriel Newman

Fact or Fearmongering?

The question that really needs to be asked is whether it is prudent for our government to be spending hundreds of millions of dollars on policies based on a theory, since man-made global warming is still unproven.

Pat Palmer

Is the PM10 Air Quality Standard fit for purpose?

Last year, the Ministry for the Environment and the Government Statistician produced a report purporting to show how reducing concentrations of fine particles (PM 10) in the air had improved public health. In March this year the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment commented on this report.

Dr Muriel Newman

Threatening the Kereru

If there’s one thing that unites New Zealanders it is a love of nature and our natural environment. It explains why hundreds of thousands of Kiwis spend so much time and money planting trees, flowers and shrubs to create habitats for native birds.

David Round

Prosecuting Sonny Tau

I am pleased to hear that the Department of Conservation is prosecuting Sonny Tau, big man in Northland’s Nga Puhi, for the possession and indeed, so I understand, for the killing of five native wood pigeon or kereru (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae).

Dr Muriel Newman

Being passionate about education

Last week a fifteen year old schoolgirl created an uproar in the education sector when she dared to publicly criticise the teaching profession. Asked to “write a persuasive speech” about something year 10 students had strong opinions on, Anela Pritchard of Napier Girls’ High School wrote about the school system and teachers.

Dr. Kevin Donnelly

Set our schools free to help students excel

The reality is that increased funding during the past 20 to 30 years, in Australia and overseas, has not led to stronger outcomes. What is required is a new model of schooling based on the right balance between competition, choice, autonomy and accountability.

Dr Muriel Newman

Free Trade

There is no doubt at all that international free trade creates global wealth and raises living standards for all countries involved. It allows nations to benefit from the natural advantages and skills of others, and it allows consumers to enjoy a greater choice of goods and services at lower prices.

Gary Judd QC

Free trade, protectionism and the TPP 

The Trans‐Pacific Partnership has again been in the news, this time because initially President Obama was unable to get Congress to give him authority to fast track negotiations because of revolt within his own party but now because he appears to have overcome that difficulty in the House of Representatives although there is still doubt as to whether the Senate will approve the measure.