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Dr Muriel Newman

Feminism Damages Children

No matter what structural changes to the child protection agency are introduced, nor what new processes are brought in, the problems of abused and damaged children will continue until the government stops paying women who are not in loving and stable relationships to have babies.

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Lindsay Mitchell

Welfare: Violence made viable

Lots of people survive courtesy of a benefit. They do so because they are too sick to work, can't find a job, have children who need feeding with no other source of income, and so on. There are a myriad of reasons why people receive welfare. Most of these people - 300,000 or thereabouts - are not violent. The same can be said of the general population.

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Dr Muriel Newman

The Consequences of Judicial Activism

Judicial activism is indeed a serious problem in New Zealand. In 2003, the Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias caused a constitutional crisis by overturning the established common law principle of Crown ownership of the foreshore and seabed through a Supreme Court ruling that some customary title may still exist and that the Maori Land Court had the jurisdiction to determine such cases.

Judge Anthony Willy

Sir Ronald Davison, CMG, GBE, QC. Chief Justice of NZ 1978 -1989.

Sir Ronald Davison died recently at his home in Auckland. He passed away as quietly as he had lived. It is well said the “the good men do is oft interred with their bones” and that has a special significance to the passing of Sir Ronald Davison, a man who had occupied the highest Judicial office the law has to offer but lived his life with a minimum of fuss and pomp.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Flag Debate

Last Thursday, the legislation clearing the way for the referenda on changing New Zealand’s flag was passed by Parliament. The government has adopted a non-partisan approach to the flag consideration project, by involving a cross-party committee of MPs, who helped refine Cabinet’s initial proposals for the new law.

David Round

Our Flag

Patriotism. Where has that been in all this debate? Is it an outdated concept now? The love of ones country. I think patriotism is a step beyond our self-conscious and self-important talk of ‘identity’. It is love for something else, not the quest for self-discovery. It is certainly far more than the ‘branding’ which the Prime Minister regularly speaks of.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Challenges of Dealing With Society's Worst Offenders

The Department of Corrections has been headlining the news recently, but for all the wrong reasons. A high risk sex offender on an ‘Extended Supervision Order’ committed “bestial” rape and murder...

Brian Gaynor

Serco in need of some Churchillian diplomacy

As Serco is hoping to expand its operations in New Zealand it is important to ascertain whether its problems at the Mt Eden Corrections Facility are a one-off or whether it has a history of contract problems.

Dr Muriel Newman

Divided Agenda

While David Cameron has high aspirations for a united Britain, things are very different in New Zealand. Here, successive Prime Ministers have turned their backs on equality under the law, focussing instead on appeasement policies that divide our country along racial lines.

Rt Hon. David Cameron MP Prime Minister


It’s great to be here at this outstanding school, Ninestiles School. Your inspiring teachers and your commitment to British values means you are not just achieving outstanding academic success, but you are building a shared community where children of many faiths and backgrounds learn not just with each other, but from each other too.