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Dr Muriel Newman

Concerns Emerge Over Binding Citizens Referenda

There is no doubt that the concept of citizens’ democracy is a powerful one. It is, after all, attributed with building Switzerland into a successful and prosperous nation. But the question that advocates should be asking right now is whether the policy of binding referenda is feasible within New Zealand’s constitutional framework?

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George Gair

Serious Constitutional Issues Need Rethinking

The trouble with referendums is they inevitably must focus on single or particular issues, or specific aspects of issues, and don’t, and can’t, in their “yes or no” message, weigh the issues adequately in the wider context of society’s broad present welfare, or likely future needs.

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Dr Muriel Newman

Extremism Mars Election Race

Official data shows that the biggest foreign investor in New Zealand land during the five years from 2009 to 2013 was the US, followed by Canada, Israel, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, with China in tenth place.

Professor Roger Bowden

Election Year Economics: the Home Straight

The polls all say that Team Key (the new name of the National Party) will win in a canter, with a bit of help from coalitional support riders. But then polls are often wrong and it's as well to remind ourselves that Team NZ were 8 to 1 up at the same stage.

Dr Muriel Newman

Discrimination or Equality?

It is a fundamental tenant of democracy that all citizens should be treated equally in law. We believe that should start with the removal of race-based seats and electoral rolls. We would like to reach out to as many other New Zealanders as we can with that message, and we are asking for your help.

David Round

Voltaire! Thou shouldst be living at this hour!

Privilege! If there is one thing we all hate, it is privilege. Especially if it is unearned privilege, although even earned privilege may irritate.

Dr Muriel Newman

Time to Scrap the ETS

Quite why New Zealand governments have wanted to penalise households and small businesses, with an ETS that is far more onerous than that of the European Union, is not clear - especially when our country is one of the cleanest and greenest on earth, with human habitation covering less than one percent of our total land area.

Bryan Leyland

Why we should scrap the Emissions Trading Scheme

Australia has just scrapped its carbon tax, so should we scrap our Emissions Trading Scheme? The answer is yes, and for many reasons. The Emissions Trading Scheme has distorted farming and forestry, increased electricity and fuel prices and done little or nothing towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Dr Muriel Newman

Regulation Is Not The Answer

The threat of a compulsory warrant of fitness for rental housing should evoke the strongest possible response from property investors. They will be well aware that such a scheme would come at a considerable cost, which would not only drive up rents, but would force some property owners to sell. By increasing rents and reducing the availability of rental housing, this misguided policy would hurt the very families that the advocacy groups purport to want to help.

Mike Butler

WOF politics to hurt tenants, landlords

Decisions loom on two politically motivated warrant of fitness schemes for our 480,000 rental properties, both of which could make housing less available and more expensive to the poorest people in New Zealand.