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Dr Muriel Newman

Recommendations for the Prime Minister

Finance Minister Bill English has just returned from an International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting in Washington. He said that despite a fair bit of pessimism about the global economic outlook, New Zealand's economy remains resilient and our prospects for 2-3 percent growth over the next three or four years is still on track.

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Professor Jacqueline Rowarth

Pioneer Spirit Alive and Well

The drop in the Global Dairy Trade auction price, and the subsequent decrease in Fonterra’s forecast to farmers, puts the average dairy farmer in the Waikato under the poverty line.

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Dr Michael Gousmett

The Failure of Ngai Tahu holdings Corporation as a "Charitable" Entity

Ngai Tahu have taken advantage of the income tax legislation and charity law to grow the settlement to the point which must raise questions about the privilege of the exemption from income tax being granted to limited liability companies.

Dr Muriel Newman

Major Reforms Needed to Safeguard Our Future

New Zealand is a small country located miles away from our major trading partners. With geopolitical events now impacting heavily on our export markets, surely the time has come for the government to prioritise the removal of the legislative barriers to progress that are stifling our economic development and costing jobs.

Sir Bob Jones

Bureaucrats wallowing in cultural correctness

The council has designated 61 sites across Auckland and nominated 3600 others "of interest". Undertake earthworks (swimming pool, building foundations, a shed etc) within 50m of a scheduled site and one must engage (pay) iwi. None are of Stonehenge moment but instead claptrap such as "our ancestors beached canoes nearby" and the "feather-gathering" ilk.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Danger of Constitutional Rights

In the lead up to the 2014 General Election, a number of political parties were proposing changes to New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements. Many wanted to strengthen race-based rights and elevate them above the rights of other citizens.

Peter Best

A warning from Canada

I am pleased to respond to an invitation from Dr. Muriel Newman to provide some of my thoughts on the Indian rights revolution occurring in Canada, and its negative effects on Canadian Crown sovereignty, the rule of law, the Canadian economy and race relations generally between Canadian Indians and the rest of Canadians.

Dr Muriel Newman

Election Roundup – Looking Forward

What an extraordinary election! On Saturday, Prime Minister John Key's National Party won the election with 1,010,464 votes, giving him enough seats to govern alone - something that many people thought was virtually impossible under MMP.

Frank Newman

ELECTION 2014 - the winners and losers

The votes are in. While politicians spin the results, the numbers tell the story. So who won? Who lost? And why? National is celebrating an historic victory; Labour has the knives out for David Cunliffe; and Hone Harawira is still in a state of shock.

Dr Muriel Newman

Election Myths

This election campaign has not only been notable for the dirty politics of Hager and Dotcom, but for the many myths that are touted as fact. Child poverty is a case in point. It is used by those on the left to justify higher taxes and a bloated government