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Dr Muriel Newman

Nemo Judex in Causa Sua

The principle that nothing should create even a suspicion that there has been any improper interference with the course of justice, underpins our legal system. In Latin it is stated as nemo judex in causa sua - ‘no-one should be a judge in his own cause’.

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Frank Newman

Papakainga Housing

The papakāinga provisions should apply to all properties, or they should not apply at all. One’s connection to land and environmental effects are, after all, not defined by race. Many of us more recent immigrants also have an ancestral connection with our land, or would like to create a legacy property for future generations. Why can't they have the same rights as Maori?

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Dr Muriel Newman

Open Letter to National Members of Parliament

Dear Member of Parliament - Over the last few months, you will have received many messages from New Zealanders, concerned that your Party is considering allowing iwi to become involved in the allocation and control of the country’s fresh water.

Anthony Willy

Waitangi Tribunal hearing on fresh water

The Tribunal has embarked on round two of its hearings concerning a variety of claims relating to New Zealand’s fresh water resources. The nature of the claims are discussed in exhausting detail in the Tribunal’s first report made in 2012.

Dr Muriel Newman

Undemocratic Mayors

Some local mayors just don't seem to understand they serve at the behest of their community. The iconic leader of this hall of shame is of course Andrew Judd, the current, and soon to be former, mayor of New Plymouth. But he is not alone

Mike Butler

Tribalising local government

A 7-2 vote this week by the Masterton District Council to appoint representatives from two Wairarapa iwi to have voting rights on its standing committees is the latest step in a long march towards tribalising local government in New Zealand.

Dr Muriel Newman

Policy Failures Make Housing Less Affordable

‘Green’ ideology is responsible for many of the public policy failures that are evident in New Zealand today. The green way is to create a moral panic to put public pressure on decision-makers to force change. As a result, through green pressure and soft public opinion, politicians will often implement policies that do more harm than good.

Dr Phil McDermott

Auckland Planning: Doing Less with More

In 2010 the eight Auckland councils were amalgamated into one. I’m not sure why and my early prognosis gave the experiment five years before failing. This was based on the unwieldy nature of the proposed council – multiple layers of management were bound to complicate and slow down decision-making and further remove policy-makers from the places and people for whom they are actually making policy.

Dr Muriel Newman

Union Power

In today’s extremely competitive business environment, unions, which all too often prevent businesses from meeting the challenges of the global marketplace, no longer have a place. To survive, firms need to be increasingly flexible, competitive, and innovative – all things that are virtually impossible in a highly unionised workplace.

John Third

God Defend New Zealand from the Left

Australia’s Secret War by historian Hal Colebatch is the long-suppressed saga of the campaign by the Left to sabotage the Australian war effort in World War II. The treachery of the largely communist trade union movement led to the deaths and suffering of many Australian and allied servicemen and women.