Owen Jennings

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The Farcical and Bizarre

We seek boldness from the Coalition and industry to tackle the huge injustice of condemning farmers for being polluters when the latest science is clear: ruminants are not a problem. Saving millionths of a degree by decimating our most successful industry is as ludicrous as cutting off your hand to spite your elbow.  Could we return to sanity, please?

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Creating Public Policy on an Absence of Facts

New Zealand farmers feed 40 million people and the IPCC was crystal clear in the Paris Agreement – do not take any climate mitigation action that “threatens food production”. Our farmers produce food more efficiently, both environmentally and economically than any other country. It makes a mockery to penalise them.

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Taxing Methane

What is new is that the Coalition Government has decided to tax the Methane on its way around this natural, been-there-forever, cycle. It sounds more like a blatant tax grab than an honest attempt to deal with climate change.