Category: Constitutional Reform

Anthony Willy

Constitutional Double Dealing

In the Westminster system of government the King in Parliament is sovereign, and no government of the day can bind the hands of its successor. This is constitutional Law 101.

Dr Muriel Newman

Tribal Control of Water

Nanaia Mahuta is bulldozing her legacy project – tribal control of all New Zealand water - onto the country, over-riding the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and treating the public like fools.

Frank Newman

The Three Waters Lie – democracy the loser

Three Waters is an appalling work of political manipulation and misinformation. It exemplifies what’s so bad about the 2020 Labour government. It also explains why there is such derision and hostility towards Jacinda Ardern and Nanaia Mahuta in particular.

Dr Muriel Newman

Co-Governing Local Government

With control over water potentially wrapped up, local government is now the new focus for the Maori tribal elite. That agenda was initiated in April 2021 when Minister Mahuta announced her comprehensive review of local government. The outcome was predetermined by the terms of reference that embodied her fake Treaty “partnership”.

Frank Newman

The Future of Local Government in NZ

In simple language, the terms of reference require the panel to reform local government in a way that is consistent with the wishes of central government. Reforming local government in the way recommended in the Future for Local Government report would be a giant leap forward for the government in achieving its He Puapua strategy.

Dr Muriel Newman

He Puapua Accelerates

The rollout of the Government’s He Puapua plan to establish Maori sovereignty by 2040 is proceeding at breath-taking speed. It is a coup, by a small number of iwi elite who have their hands on the levers of power thanks to our Prime Minister’s willingness to sacrifice New Zealand democracy for totalitarian tribal rule

Anthony Willy

The Peter Ellis Decision

A virus has been allowed to infect the common law and it has unknowable and unpredictable consequences. We can no longer refer to the common law because it no longer is common to all New Zealanders. Unless the courts and the law command widespread community acceptance by its impartiality and universal application the door is open to anarchy.

Dr Muriel Newman

Questions Over Our Future

Anyone pressing for constitutional change in this political climate, no matter what their intentions, would be opening up the country to capture by separatists. There are no two ways about it - a new constitution would lead to Judge-led tribal rule.

David Round

The Danger of Constitutional Change

Once we get a written constitution, a higher law which binds parliament itself, there will be no stopping judges as they interpret it as they please. The entire argument for a written constitution is an attempt to remove matters from parliament’s’ authority and hand them over to judges.

Dr Muriel Newman


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