Category: NZCPR Research Papers

Mike Butler

Treaty Transparency Report: Never-ending settlements

The latest Treaty Transparency report shows that with a total of 60 treaty settlements more or less completed and at least 23 under negotiation, a total of $2.23-billion has been agreed upon and largely transferred. According to the OTS progress report, the settlement process is probably less than half way through.

Anthony Willy

Sovereignty and the Treaty of Waitangi

This paper is concerned solely with the question of whether or not there is anything in the Treaty of Waitangi that requires it to be incorporated into a written constitution, and having the effect of conferring sovereignty in and over New Zealand on twenty first century Maori.

Henri Ghesquiere

From third world to first: Singapore's success

Singapore is admired for its spectacular economic success. You touch down at the island’s ultra-modern airport—routinely voted the world’s most efficient. Soon you navigate through lanes of gleaming new cars in a tropical garden setting. A glimpse of the sea reveals hundreds of ships in front of the world’s busiest container port.

Dr. Ron Smith

Performance-Based Research Funding: why it should end now

New Zealand Universities are now well into a third round of Performance-Based Research Funding (PBRF) evaluations which on present trends will be even more protracted and time-wasting than the previous two. Having regard to the manifest defects of the process, both conceptually and practically, and to the likelihood that it has produced no net financial benefit to the universities, this is altogether to be regretted.

Dr Muriel Newman

LINZ Report

A 2003 LINZ report on the ownership of land in the foreshore and seabed area.