Category: Welfare Reform

Dr Muriel Newman

The Real New Zealand

Listening to the news each day, you could be excused for thinking that the country is shrouded in despair and on the brink of crisis – for, with an election looming, that’s how many in the media are depicting New Zealand. However, before deciding to emigrate, let’s look at how others from outside the country portray us.

Dr Muriel Newman

Addressing Child Abuse

Last week, Anne Tolley launched the new vulnerable children’s service to replace the Child Youth and Family agency. You can’t doubt the Minister's sincerity, but she's facing an uphill battle unless other laws that are contributing to the problem are changed as well.

Dr Muriel Newman

Welfare in Need of Change

There is an on-going debate in New Zealand as to why immigrants are required for low-skill work that unemployed New Zealanders could do. Some say our immigration policy is at fault. Others point the finger at our welfare system.

Robert Rector

Did Welfare Reform Increase Extreme Poverty in the United States?

Two decades ago, on August 22, 1996, President Bill Clinton signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, popularly known as welfare reform, into law. At the time, liberals proclaimed that the bill would slash the incomes of one in five families with children and push 2.6 million people into poverty.

Dr Muriel Newman

Turning Ten

Ten years ago this week, we established the New Zealand Centre for Political Research. We thought a new public policy think tank could strengthen New Zealand’s future by helping to better inform voters about the dangers of socialism.

Dr Muriel Newman

Report lifts covers on child abuse

Child abuse is never far from the headlines in New Zealand. We like to think of ourselves as a great country in which to live, work and raise our families. While that is true for the vast majority of New Zealanders, for a vulnerable minority of children living in violent families, life falls well short of these ideals.

Lindsay Mitchell

Re-inventing CYF is not the answer

Listening to Paul Henry interview Social Development Minister, Anne Tolley about the latest condemnatory report into Child, Youth and Family was very dissatisfying. There was no discussion about getting to the real core of the problem.

Dr Muriel Newman

Feminism Damages Children

No matter what structural changes to the child protection agency are introduced, nor what new processes are brought in, the problems of abused and damaged children will continue until the government stops paying women who are not in loving and stable relationships to have babies.

Lindsay Mitchell

Welfare: Violence made viable

Lots of people survive courtesy of a benefit. They do so because they are too sick to work, can't find a job, have children who need feeding with no other source of income, and so on. There are a myriad of reasons why people receive welfare. Most of these people - 300,000 or thereabouts - are not violent. The same can be said of the general population.

Dr Muriel Newman

Whanau Ora

Whanau Ora is the birthchild of MMP. It is the Maori Party’s policy for tribal self determination. It has been designed to direct hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into empowering tribal groups for self-rule - independent from the state but funded by it.